A man recently suffered an accidental gunshot wound in Arcade.

The Arcade Police Department was called to Piedmont Regional Medical Center for the incident, which had occurred on Hightower Trail.

A man was moving a box that contained a .22 rifle inside. He reportedly dropped the rifle and it discharged, striking the man in the groin.


Other recent incidents reported to the Arcade PD were:

•suspicious incident on Williamson St. where a woman reported a child yelled at her and said she had been mean to his grandmother.

•suspicious incident on Rock Forge Rd. where a truck was abandoned in front of a shop. The vehicle was locked and was missing a tailgate and tag. It's VIN plate also appeared to have been removed.

•animal complaint on Swann Rd. where a juvenile bull was loose.

•suspicious incident on Carlton Way where a woman reported a door was partially open at her house.

•welfare check on Nathaniel Dr. where officers checked on a juvenile who was OK.

•suspicious incident on Rock Forge Rd. where someone reported a man was possibly intoxicated and in the road.

•agency assist on Trotters Trace where a man was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center during a med call.

•verbal dispute and terroristic threats and acts on Hickory Trail where a woman said a family member threatened her.

•suspicious incident on Rock Forge Court where someone reported a prowler.

•public indecency on Athens Hwy. where an intoxicated man urinated in a sink at a store. He was given a criminal trespass notice.


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