Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to a dispute between a husband and wife on Maysville Rd. where the husband threatened to cut their property in half with a chainsaw.

The couple was intoxicated and had been arguing about their dog having been hit by a vehicle the previous day. During their argument, they discussed separating and the husband grabbed a chainsaw and threatened to cut all of their property in half. He turned the saw on and slightly damaged their couch. Both said he stopped when he realized he was acting “stupid.”

No charges were made and the husband agreed to stay somewhere else that night.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•complaints of a man walking and talking to himself on Hillside Way.

•complaints of a vehicle laying drags on Plainview Rd.

•complaints of a vehicle parking in front of a residence on Marlow Cir. The driver said he was the resident's son and he parked on the street to keep dogs from barking. The resident confirmed he was her son, but she didn’t want him on the property.

•a woman on Maysville Rd. said she felt unsafe around her stepfather, but that he hadn’t done anything to her.

•dispute between a divorcing couple on Maysville Rd. The wife claimed her husband hit her in the leg, but he denied the assault and she didn’t have a mark on her leg.

•a man on Old Miller Rd. said his teenage children were scared about going to their mother’s residence in Alabama. The mother has primary custody and the father said he plans on following the court order. The children said their mother has been snorting pills and the mother allegedly pinned one of them against a wall.

•dispute over the possession of a motorcycle on Old Miller Rd.

•a man allegedly took his daughter from her residence on Pleasant Acres Dr. The mother told deputies he was legitimized as the father. She also claimed he had sent her threatening text messages and he was on methamphetamine.

•two neighbors disputed on Horseshoe Bend. A woman claimed her neighbor poisoned her dog, but he denied it.


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