A man reportedly told a gas station worker he would put a hit out on her after being told he couldn’t return a hair brush he’d purchased from the business.

The employee told Commerce police that the man, described as a truck driver, attempted to return the hair brush to the Maysville Rd. location recently but told him he couldn’t do so without presenting the receipt.

He left the brush on the counter and reportedly called the employee later and told her “I hope you die, b-----“ and “I am going to put a hit out on you.”

Other recent incidents reported to the Commerce Police Department were:

•simple assault on Waterworks Rd. where a woman said the father of her child tried fight her male friend. The woman’s friend said he was ready to fight the man, but said he appeared to have something in his hand to use as a weapon.

•lost or mislaid property on Ridgeway Rd. where a woman said she thought that someone took a book of checks, several pension checks and two phones. There were no signs of forced entry at the residence, according to the incident report.

•fraud on Lemarr Dr. where a woman said she submitted her bank account information and $100 to apply for a pandemic relief grant she saw posted on Facebook.

•domestic dispute on Crossing Place where a woman said her boyfriend attempted to push her during an argument.

•failure to notify owner upon striking an object on Pine Ave. where a woman said a man backed into her fence and didn’t attempt to contact her about the damage.

•mental health transport on Crossing Place where a man, who reportedly said he wanted to hurt himself, was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. The man tried to flee the officer at the hospital, according to the incident report.

•theft by taking on Steve Reynolds Blvd. where a welder was reported stolen.

•terroristic threats and acts on South Elm St. where a man said another man called and told him he would “shoot him between the eyes” and “make him choke on the barrel of his gun.” The man gave the other man a Spencer Park address to see if was serious about the alleged threats. The responding officer drove to Spencer Park but found no one there. The man reported received another threatening text from the person after having met with the officer, saying he was “wanted dead or alive.”


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