A man allegedly threatened to throw horse feces in a woman’s face and kill the woman’s horse during a heated argument recently between neighbors on Hurbert Pittman Rd. in northern Jackson County.

The argument began over yard debris allegedly being dumped on the woman’s property by the neighbor. When the two began arguing about the debris, the man contended that the debris was not being dumped on her property, saying, “Can’t you see the property marker, you stupid b——?,” according to the incident report.

The man then complained that her horse had been defecating on his property. He first threaten to throw the feces on her porch in retaliation the next time it occurred, before threatening to direct the excrement at her, according to the woman.

“Forget the porch, I’ll throw it in your face,” the man said, according to the woman.

She then said he threatened to kill the horse if the animal got out again.

The woman said she would have the property surveyed to address the issue of debris dumping.


An apparent racial comment was made at a North Jackson business about a delivery driver.

A man making a delivery said a truck swerved twice toward him while he was walking down the driveway to make a delivery. When he went inside the business, he overheard a white male refer to him as 3/4 of a man. The man told officers that was an apparent historical reference about slaves. (Editor's note: The original language in the U.S. Constitution was that slaves were to be counted as 3/5 of a man.)


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•welfare check on White Hill School Rd. where a woman said she had a handgun and would kill herself. The woman appeared intoxicated, but denied wanting to hurt herself and also declined medical attention, according to the incident report.

•information on Charleston Ave. where a woman said her juvenile daughter sent photos of herself to unknown person in San Diego who said he is a photographer.

•unruly juvenile on Waterworks Rd. where a juvenile was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center for a mental health evaluation after she made suicidal statements.

•suspicious activity on Bolton Gordon Rd. where a woman said her mother-in-law and father-in-law changed the locks to her residence and entered it without her permission.

•theft by taking on Old Harden Orchard Rd. where a woman said her gold watch and her ex-fiancé’s engagement ring where taken after she asked a man to hold them for safekeeping. The man gave the items to a friend, who had a safe, but when he asked for the woman’s items, the friend said he didn’t have them.

•agency assist on Hwy. 82 Spur where a deputy helped the Suwanee Police Department search two residences for a missing juvenile.

•criminal damage to property on Dan Waters Rd. where a man and woman reported bullet holes in an unoccupied residence they own.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•agency assist on Maddox Hill Rd. where a man received a code violation warning for allowing chickens to roam free in his yard and onto other people’s property.

•dispute on Caleb Dr. where a man said a business refused to return his truck after he dropped it off for a paint job. He said the business wouldn’t release the vehicle until he signed paper work, but he said he’d already done so. A scuffle ensued when the man tried to drive away with the vehicle.

•information on Hwy. 82 South where a man said his daughter refused to turn over her phone to him following an argument. She handed the phone over to her father after talking with a deputy.

•damage to property on Sawtooth Oak Dr. where a woman said she found $45,000 worth of damage to the floors, walls, carpet and doors left by the previous tenant of a home into which she moved.

•information on I-85 where the driver of a motorcycle eluded a deputy during a chase, which reached speeds of 105 mph.

•criminal trespass and theft by taking on Brockton Loop where a woman said someone stole her outdoor grill and her above-ground swimming pool was destroyed. A witness said she saw the woman’s former boyfriend driving a truck into the woman’s backyard. She said the pool was smashed and an item was loaded onto the truck.

•agency assist on Windy Hill Ct. where a deputy joined the Arcade Police Department on a suicide threat call. The man who made the threat agreed to be transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

•theft by taking on Creek Nation Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend moved out and stole her pistol.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. where the complainant said a woman trespassed on her property and stole several gardening tools. The complainant said she had no proof the woman took the items but suspects her of the theft because she’s dating her ex-boyfriend.

•dispute on Whitney Rd. where a both a husband and wife said the other cussed at them due to a dispute over $50. She woman said she feared her husband will attack her, saying he has threatened her in the past. The man said the woman was the aggressor in the dispute, cussing at him and then busting a bedroom door open to continue the altercation.

•theft by taking on Legg Rd. where a truck was missing from a construction company.

•suspicious activity on Stan Evans Dr. where a man came to the sheriff’s office to report that his driver’s license had been changed to a Forsyth address. He said he did not change the address on his license to that location nor had he ever been to that address.

•criminal damage to property on Lyle Field Rd. where a venue entrance gate appeared to have been hit by a vehicle. The responding deputy noticed a small alcoholic beverage and two Marlboro cigarette packs left at the scene. The owner of the property met with the deputy and said if a wine bottle top and Marlboro cigarettes were left behind, then his soon-to-be ex-wife was responsible for the damage.

•suspicious activity on Ethridge Rd. at Ceddar Grove Church Rd. where a man said he has heard people under a bridge for the past few weeks who were “probably partying for fishing.” He called law enforcement after he said he heard a male and female arguing and the female asking for her key back.

•dispute on Hardin Terrace Cir. where a woman said people at her residence refused to leave.

•agency assist on I-85 where a deputy responded to a two-vehicle accident with a fatality.

•dispute on Athens Hwy. where a man said a woman “got in his face” during an argument, though the altercation never became physical.

•dispute on Thyatria-Brockton Rd. where a woman said her ex-husband and 17-year-old son refused to leave her residence. The woman added that she feels threatened by her son.

•suspicious activity on Athens Hwy. where a man said a vehicle, with no headlights on, pulled into his driveway and remained there for a few minutes before leaving.

•identity fraud on Gum Springs Rd. where a woman said two companies contacted her about credit card applications. The woman already has cards with those two companies. The woman said her name, social security number and address were used on the applications.

•cruelty to children on Plantation Dr. where four children ages 4-11 had no adult supervision for at least 30 minutes.

•harassing communications on Stan Evans Dr. where a woman said her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend have been calling from different phone numbers, threatening her.

•dispute on Terrell Ln. where neighbors were reportedly shouting at one another from their own property.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•dispute on Silver Dollar Rd. where a man wanted two men to leave his house. A woman at the residence said one of these men threatened to beat her up. Since the two men had established residence at the home, the complainant was told he must seek eviction.

•theft by taking on Plainview Rd. where an air compressor was reported stolen. The complainant said his son took it without his permission.

•theft by taking on Pleasant Acres Dr. where a vehicle was taken for an errand and never returned.

•dispute on Jackson Woods Rd. where a woman was recently released from jail and was reportedly acting irate. The woman, however, was said to be “doing fine” when a deputy arrived.

•suspicious activity on Old Miller Rd. where a woman said someone keeps knocking on her door but no one is there when she answers.

•suspicious activity on Hale Rd. where a woman said a female, who was recently arrested, continues to drive past her house slowly.

•suspicious activity on Old Miller Rd. where a vehicle was parked in front of a construction site.

•dispute on Jackson Woods Rd. where a woman said she bit a man and he “may have hit her,” according to the woman. The man, however, said the confrontation was not physical. The responding deputy said the woman possibly had “a developmental delay.” According to the incident report, adult protective services had visited the residence earlier and said the woman needed a doctor’s appointment scheduled.

•terroristic threats on Jackson Woods Rd. where a woman said a juvenile is making threats to her son. Her son reportedly owes money to the juvenile for a car battery and the juvenile reportedly threatened him via Facebook messenger. According to the incident report, the juvenile wrote in the message, “I’d hate to see your mom’s house shot to sh--.” The woman said the juvenile might be involved with a drug lord. The woman’s son said he later received a message from the juvenile saying he was going to shoot up his mother’s home.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•civil matter on Hunters Ridge Ln. where the complainant said a man has been slandering him. The complainant alleged that the man called him a rapist in messages. The man reportedly has a restraining order against the complainant, but he said he had not contacted the man’s family. The responding deputy told the complainant slander was a civil matter.

•reckless driving and fleeing an officer on Woodpecker Ln. where a driver of an ATV eluded a deputy who responded to a complaint about four-wheelers racing on the roadway.

•suicide threats on Ivey Creek where a juvenile got into an argument with a parent and made the threats. The parent transported the juvenile to a treatment center.

•information on Hawks Ct. where a mobile home was dropped in the roadway, blocking a lane of traffic.

•information on Jim David Rd. where an attempted dog theft was reported. According to the incident report, two females stopped at the residence and tried to call the dog from the yard to their vehicle. The complainant said was the second animal theft attempt by the two females. When contacted by a deputy, one of the women involved in the incident said they thought the dog was a lost puppy.

•terroristic threats and acts on Jim David Rd. where two people said a man walked past their residence, threatening to kill them and their dog while also yelling obscenities. The man acknowledged to a deputy that he made the threats but said he did so after hearing reports of attempted dog thefts from those residents.

•suspicious activity on Sanford Rd. where a woman said she was worried several different people were living on her property in campers ‘were up to no good.” The responding deputy said the woman seemed confused and had a hard time remember how long she’d lived at the residence.

•dispute on Jim David Rd. where a woman said her mother-in-law threatened to come to her residence and beat her up. She said the argument stemmed from her husband owing her mother-in-law money for a bond payment.

•violation of family violence order on Hawks Ridge Rd. where a woman said her husband has continued to contact her despite a temporary protective order being place against him.

•theft by shoplifting on Hwy. 441 where a store worker said a man came into the business and took a fan without paying for it.

•suspicious activity on G.W. Wilson Rd. where a woman said a shirtless man was riding a mini bike on her property. The woman said this has happened multiple times.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•theft by taking on Wayne Poultry Rd. where a woman said $640 and a debit card were stolen from her bag while at work.

•information on Whites Bottom Rd. where a man reported drug activity at a neighboring residence.

•dispute on John B. Brooks Rd. where a woman said a male contractor was exposing himself. The man said he was removing his belt to go pass through a metal detector when his pants fell.

•information on Independence Ave. where a man reportedly became hostile to deputies after they asked him to relocate a party on his property inside his residence.

•information on Hwy. 60 where a man wanted to place a criminal trespass order against his daughter’s boyfriend.

•aggravated battery on Lanier Rd. where a man said his intoxicated stepfather stuck him several times in the face and all over his body. The man, who said he did know why he was attacked, said this is the third time his stepfather has assaulted him.

•suspicious activity on Diamond Hill Rd. where a woman said someone followed her in her vehicle from Jackson Trail Rd. through Jefferson to Diamond Hill Rd. in Gillsville and turned around in her neighbor’s driveway as she pulled in.

•suspicious activity on I-85 where a woman said a burgundy Ford Crown Vic using blue strobe lights tried to pull her over near exit 137. The woman did not stop, continuing north on I-85 while the vehicle exited off the interstate.

•dispute where a man said a neighbor, with whom he had a previous dispute, rang his doorbell while placing his finger over his ring camera.

•agency assist on Sagebrook Ct. where deputy responded to a scene where a man was unresponsive and his wife was performing CPR. The man began to breathe slowly after being administered CPR. He was then taken to Northeast Medical Center in Gainesville.

•suspicious activity on Lipscomb Lake Rd. where a woman was seen walking down the road, taking her clothes off. The woman was fully clothed when a deputy arrived and denied taking her clothes off.

•dispute on Fountain Dr. where a woman said her husband locked her out of their house after an argument. The man said the couple’s daughter locked the door because she thought the woman was leaving the residence. Deputies responded to the residence on a another date for dispute in which the woman said the lock on the door was changed. The man said their daughter changed the lock on the door because she thought the woman was not coming back.

•agency assist on Wayne Poultry Rd. where a man accidentally cut himself while working. Emergency medical services transported him to the hospital.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in South Jackson were:

•theft by taking on Crooked Creek Village where a weed eater was reported stolen. It was later recovered in a ditch near the residence, still functional.

•agency assist on Wheelis Rd. where a man went into cardiac arrest after collapsing on his front porch. The man’s daughter said she started CPR and administered a single dose of narcan before an ambulance arrived.

•suicide threats on Cane Creek Rd. where a man said his brother threatened to take all the medication in his house and drown himself. The man’s brother said he was going to take the medication because his legs hurt. He agreed to be transported to the hospital by emergency medical services for an evaluation.

•dispute on Jefferson Rd. over a lottery ticket where a woman said her mother won $27 playing Keno, but the ticket was not accepted when scanned. She said she asked a store clerk to check the ticket, who said it was not a wining ticket. The clerk told the responding deputy that the ticket had already been cashed out.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 334 where several batteries worth a total of $1,260 were reported stolen from heavy equipment on a construction site.

•dispute on Jefferson Rd. at Brock Rd. where a man said a female followed him in her vehicle from I-85 down Hwy. 129 to southern Jackson County. He said the driver pulled in front of him several times and then applied the brakes. He said she also threw garbage at his vehicle.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•damage to property on Chester Way where a woman sent her grandson to a family member's house a few houses up to get some milk. On the way back, the milk spilled and the juvenile reached to get it. In the process, the grandson struck a parked vehicle.

•welfare check on Stoneview Dr. where officers checked on a woman, who they said was staggering around and looked like she was in pain. She said she had Huntington's disorder, but also admitted to consuming multiple drugs.

•agency assist on Wallace Falls Dr. where officers assisted the Braselton Police Department with a domestic dispute. Someone heard gunshots and a woman screaming. A resident was detained by the BPD.

•suspicious activity on Stoneview Dr. where several people knocked on the door of a residence, complaining about a man speeding through the neighborhood. They reportedly told the man, "if you want to meet your maker, we can speed that along."

•suspicious activity on New St. where a man reported a truck pulled around the back of his residence.

•harassing communications on Washington Rose Ave. where a man reported an unknown person texted him, stating they knew his address and where he worked. They also reportedly sent pictures of dead bodies to the man and told him he needed to "resolve the issue now or they would resolve it with bullets." The victim didn't know what they were referring to. The suspect also claimed they had the contact numbers for the victim's family members.

•information on Duck Rd. where a woman said she wanted to leave a residence, claiming her boyfriend was verbally abusive, but she felt she couldn't leave.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where officers checked on a couple that was reportedly in an altercation. They denied fighting and said they had been "fooling around."

•civil matter on Hwy. 53 where a homeowners association representative reported a family was banned from a neighborhood pool because they wouldn't abide by social distancing standards, but they showed up anyways.

•dispute on Jackson Trail Rd. where a husband and wife argued because the man had another woman at the residence. The man said his wife taunted him and threw objects at him. The wife said the man kicked her and shoved her. Officers said she didn't have any marks on her, but she was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton after requesting to go to the hospital.

•information on Blind Brook Cir. where camping equipment was reported missing.

•damage to property on Meadow Vista Lane where a woman found a bumper was damaged.

•suspicious activity on Blackberry Ct. where officers approached a parked vehicle in an undeveloped subdivision. The occupants said they were "making out."

•agency assist on Peachtree Rd. where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck that resulted in injuries.

•dispute on Duck Rd. where a man reported his fiance had left his house in disarray. The woman ultimately returned to the residence and was gathering her belongings.

•damage to property and violation of duty to report an accident with property damage on Bill Watkins Rd. A woman found tire marks in her yard and a damaged mailbox and trash can. A fire hydrant was also damaged.

•dispute on Brighton Park Cir. where a man wanted his pregnant girlfriend removed from his residence. The woman told officers the man gets upset when he drinks and that she had tried to talk to him about his alcohol consumption, which caused an argument.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where two people had a heated discussion.

•civil matter on Hwy. 124 where a man reported his ex-wife didn't follow a custody agreement.

•information on Hwy. 124 where a vehicle rolled into another in a drive-thru.

•dispute on Davis St. where a man and woman argued after the man asked her to leave.

•theft by deception on Charlie Cooper Rd. where a man paid someone $500 via Google Play card to do work on a computer, but the work wasn't completed.

•criminal trespass on Maple Leaf Ct. where a man reported someone took his solar lights. He found pieces of the lights throughout the neighborhood.

•theft by deception on Wilbur Dr. where a woman suspected she paid a water bill to a fraudulent company.


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