Multiple people at East Jackson Comprehensive High School complained about a masked man acting strange at a school function. The man left the campus, but was caught by Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies off campus.

Deputies smelled alcohol when meeting Charles Talmadge Stamey, 48, 7525 Neese Commerce Rd., Hull. Inside Stamey’s vehicle were multiple bottles of alcohol and a pistol. Another handgun was found in his pocket.

Stamey is charged with carrying a weapon in a school zone, driving under the influence of alcohol, disruption of a lawful meeting and concealing his identity.


JCSO deputies were recently called to Galilee Church Rd. by a woman who said a man pushed her into a wooden cabinet during an argument.

Ernest Ryan Overstreet, 30, 3118 Galilee Church Rd., Jefferson, allegedly struggled with the woman over possession of her cell phone and shoved her into the cabinet causing injuries to the back of her arms. Overstreet is charged with simple battery.

Two other people at the residence broke up the dispute. They claimed Overstreet was being verbally abusive towards the woman and confirmed that he pushed her down.


JCSO deputies recently arrested a man who allegedly assaulted a woman and her dog, and made death threats towards her.

Boyd Harness, 49, 3142 Brockton Rd., Jefferson, allegedly pushed a woman to the ground and pulled her by her hair during an argument over the woman’s alleged treatment of Harness’s brother. Harness allegedly hit her dog with a broom and threatened to send the woman where her parents are. The woman said she took this as a death threat because her parents are deceased.

Harness admitted to pushing the woman down during an argument, but he claimed she was trying to leave the residence while intoxicated. Harness is charged with simple battery.


A JCSO deputy attempt to stop a motorcycle without a license plate led to a chase in the Hwy. 124 area in Jefferson.

James Wilson Smith Jr., 29, 567 Skelton Rd., Hoschton, initially eluded the deputy, but he was later caught and charged with attempting to elude officers, reckless driving and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

Smith ran several stop signs, failed to stay in the right lane and reached speeds near 100 mph in attempts to elude the deputy. The engine of the motorcycle malfunctioned and Smith left it in the middle of Mark Dodd Rd. Smith yelled to the deputy that he “didn’t do anything” before running away. The deputy ended the search, but another deputy found him on Skelton Rd. and arrested him.


A woman on White Hill School Rd. recently told JCSO deputies a man pushed her out of her residence and down the front porch stairs.

Dennis Lee Vannetta, 75, 500 White Hill School Rd., Commerce, claimed he was told by the property owner to not let the woman inside the residence. The woman was a resident and the property owner reportedly wanted her gone because she is dependent on everyone else there. Vannetta admitted to pushing the woman down the stairs and was arrested on charges of simple battery.


A man on Rock Hill Rd. recently complained to JCSO deputies about a woman slapping him in the face at his residence.

Elisebeth Dawn Patin, 24, 65 Rockhill Rd., Athens, allegedly slapped the man and knocked his food out of his hands during an argument. The man said the two were arguing about a phone call the woman was making and she tried to walk away from him, but he followed her into a different room where she slapped him. The man said he is going to have her evicted because she is dependent on alcohol.

Patin was intoxicated when deputies spoke to her. She denied hitting him, and claimed he must have ran into the door when she closed it. But the evidence from the spilled food confirmed the man’s account. She was arrested and charged with simple battery.


Other arrests recently made by the JCSO were:

•Bobby Joe Cook, 53, 4627 Waverly Way, Oakwood – probation violation.

•Dean Allen Gettis, 59, 602 Stations Dr., Woodstock – hold for other agency.

•Timothy Wayne Harris, 37, 570 Anderson Rd., Chesney, S.C. – burglary.

•Travis Lamar Parks, 35, 261 Hillwood Dr., Danielsville – probation violation.

•Benjamin Maxham McEver, 46, 55 Diamond Ridge Rd., Nicholson – hold for other agency.

•Xavier Malik Wellons, 23, 155 Kings Cir., Athens – burglary.

•Timothy Allen Dooley, 32, 121 Pitts Chapel Rd., Newborn – failure to appear.

•Morrell Grier, 30, 586 Ivey Creek Dr., Nicholson – driving without a license, hold for other agency and possession of marijuana.

•Russell Joseph Holsetn, 33, 1053 Davenport Rd., Braselton – probation violation.

•William Cole McCleskey, 21, 214 Hunters Ridge Rd., Nicholson – probation violation.

•Justin Spencer Miller, 18, 401 Queen Rd., Gainesville – loitering or prowling, pedestrian under the influence of alcohol and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Charles David Peason Jr., 43, no address given – failure to appear.

•Harold Demetrice Poole, 36, 45 Maria Ct., Jefferson – probation violation.

•James Vanus Braswell Jr., 60, 367 J.S. Williamson Ct., Nicholson – possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug-related objects.

•Edward Lawrence McGee III, 18, 189 Summit Chase Dr., Jefferson – disorderly conduct and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Michael Anthony Rush, 36, 2591 Doc Hughes Rd., Buford – probation violation.

•James David Wilkins, 41, 916 Ridgewood Dr., Pendergrass – driving without a license, giving a false name, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug-related objects.

•Angela Scruggs Hudgins, 51, 361 Tanglewood Rd., Auburn – hold for other agency and probation violation.

•Robert Joshua Teague, 30, 2360 West Broad St., Athens – driving under the influence of drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

•Lukeshia Roshunda Bailey, 31, 458 Holiday Cemetery Rd., Jefferson – probation violation.

•Ryan Christopher Baxter, 27, 10 Timberlane Dr., Danielsville – driving with a suspended license and hold for other agency.

•Robert Zimmerman Simmons, 44, 460 Horseshoe Bend, Maysville – probation violation.

•Jeffrey Wade Williams, 34, 4144 New Kings Bridge Rd., Nicholson – probation violation.

•Shiloh Shane Walker, 39, 2655 Barkley Manor Ct., Lawrenceville – failure to appear.


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