The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a fight between a man and woman in Maysville recently, leading to the arrest of a man who started the fight. Two children also witnessed the incident.

Deputies arrested Daniel Clark Heath, 33, 711 Hillside Way, Maysville, because he allegedly threw the first punch in the fight and caused the most injuries.

The woman he fought with told deputies they argued at first before he hit her. She admitted to retaliating and said Heath pushed her off his back porch. Deputies noticed scrapes and blood, and a large knot on her foot possibly caused by her fall off the porch. Heath also allegedly damaged several items around his residence, including a television.

Heath claimed the woman was antagonizing him, but his account of the physical altercation did not differ from the woman’s. Two children witnessed the event and one was reportedly hyperventilating when deputies were on the scene. Heath was arrested and charged with battery and cruelty to children.


A Jefferson man allegedly tackled a woman inside his residence recently. The man fled the scene but later returned and was arrested by JCSO deputies.

Avery Allen Womack, 21, 590 McCreery Rd., Jefferson, allegedly “football” tackled a woman after she woke him up and threatened to take away his window air conditioning unit if he didn’t clean his room and get a job.

Womack drove into the woods behind the residence on a four-wheeler and returned when the deputy finished talking to the woman. He admitted the incident to a deputy, was arrested and charged with battery.


JCSO deputies recently arrested a teen for aggressive and destructive behavior towards his caregivers and their young children.

Caleb Drake Parkey, 17, 66 Fairview Loop, Crossville, Tenn., was sent to live with family members in Jefferson. Parkey is reportedly “out of control” according to a family member and they are unable to discipline him.

Another family member says Parkey is prone to fits of aggression where he yells obscenities and challenges him to a fight in public and at home. A recent incident which prompted a 911 call happened in front of two juveniles and one younger teen.

Both family members said they were fearful of Parkey and one mentioned a recent incident where Parkey possibly gave the younger teen alcohol and the child was hospitalized.

Parkey has a criminal record and is on probation in Tennessee, and the Tennessee probation allowed temporary guardianship to the family members when Parkey was no longer welcomed at his parents' residences. The father refused to come to Georgia to pick up Parkey claiming he was fearful of the influence he would have on his three daughters. He also told deputies if he “wished to act like a thug, then he could go to jail and be with other thugs.”

Deputies arrested Parkey, charging him with disorderly conduct.


A woman contacted the JCSO with concerns of an abandoned residence on Hog Mountain Rd. possibly being used by people abusing drugs.

A deputy arrived and located Rachel Rena Munday, 47, 36 Scenic Dr., Hoschton; Michelle Jennifer Munger, 42, 60 Piedmont St., Commerce; and Bryant Douglas Phillips, 48, 209 State St., Commerce. They were each arrested for loitering and prowling, and possession of methamphetamine.

When the deputy arrived, Munger initially ran off but returned to the vehicle in the carport occupied by Munday and Phillips. A search of the vehicle yielded lighters and glass pipes with crystal meth. Further searches of the indiviuals at the Jackson County Jail resulted in finding two counterfeit $100 bills belonging to Phillips adding a forgery charge.

Phillips and Munday were also charged with possession of drug-related objects and probation violations.


A woman was recently assaulted at a residence on Richmond Way while she was breastfeeding her child.

Quartisha Carruth, 26, 169 Northside Dr., Commerce was arrested for the assault by JCSO deputies. Carruth said she came to the residence and found the woman lying on the couch. She admitted to pulling the woman off the couch and jumping on top of her. She also admitted to hitting the man who broke up the tussle.


Other arrests made recently by the JCSO were:

•Dorothy Elizabeth Adenuga, 31, 3450 Brecking Ridge, Duluth – possession of methamphetamine and crossing guard lines with weapons or drugs.

•Sean Leslie Baker, 34, 8337 Hwy. 53, Braselton – aggravated assault.

•Michael Thomas Bentley, 33, 292 Railroad Ave., Lula – probation violation.

•Christopher Lee Green, 36, 5374 Mount Olive Rd., Commerce – probation violation.

•Matthew Thomas Gregory, 34, 2928 Hwy. 326, Commerce – forged checks.

•Brandon Keith Lance, 33, 346 Martin Rd., Talmo – probation violation.

•Michael Dwayne Roland, 37, 219 Kimberly Ln., Pendergrass – probation violation.

•Katina Brooke Sims, 33, 5425 Mountain Lake Terr., Gainesville – probation violation.

•Kevin Dale Voyles, 30, 173 East Pine Crest, Clayton – probation violation.

•Rashawn Deangelo Watson, 26, 176 Pine St., Jefferson – failure to appear.

•Taftene Elizabeth Burson, 54, 316 Diamond Hill Church Rd., Maysville – bad checks.

•James Edward Jennings, 25, 490 Village Broad St., Dacula – entering auto.

•Victor Montes-Garcia, 27, 2964 Gillsville Hwy., Gainesville – driving without a license.

•Angel Marie Rimer, 46, 509 Freeman Dr., Maysville – theft by taking.

•Quiana Lashun Simmons, 25, 2205 Highland Ave., Augusta – hold for other agency.

•Joseph Russell Angel Jr., 41, 1031 Seymour Rd., Lavonia – probation violation.

•Steven Christopher Baxter, 57, 1521 Crossing Place., Commerce – possession of methamphetamine.

•Montavious Rashaud Glasper, 23, 854 Davis St., Gainesville – failure to appear.

•Gerald Randal Guilliams, 49, 310 Old Ridge Rd., Commerce – theft by receiving stolen property.

•Adrian Treman Harbin-Smith, 28, 115 South Ridge Dr., Athens – driving with a suspended license.

•Tiffany Renee Powers, 23, 8030 Hwy. 53, Braselton – battery.

•Johnny Thomas Colley, 53, 234 Quail Ridge Dr., Nicholson – warrant service.

•Justin Kyle Nixon, 26, 5320 Holly Springs Rd., Pendergrass – warrant service.

•Efren Castillo-Sesmas, 50, 3719 Price Rd., Gainesville – driving with a suspended license.

•Sabrina Pritchard Freeman, 56, 112 Will Clark Rd., Jefferson – pedestrian under the influence.

•Philip Maloch, 32, 534 Richard Bridges Rd., Commerce – warrant service.

•Tiffany Rose Bowden, 30, 206 Eugene Hardman Rd., Danielsville – loitering and prowling and possession of a controlled substance.

•James Michael Bowden, 32, 566 Glenn Abbey Ln., Pendergrass – loitering and prowling.

•Charles Victor Crowe, 36, 699 Queen Rd., Gillsville – probation violation.

•Justin Michael Grose, 25, 5623 Serenity St., Braselton – damage to property.

•James Kirby Haley Jr., 32, 85 Marry Ln., Colbert – probation violation.

•Jeremy Duane Head, 42, 2754 Squires Rd., Gainesville – probation violation, hold for other agency, giving false name to law enforcement officers and failure to appear.

•Elizabeth Eileen Huggins, 40, 4877 Airline Goldmine Rd., Canon – identity theft.

•Cody Keith Lee, 20, 4881 Brockton Rd., Jefferson – statutory rape.

•Charles David Peacock, 47, 1395 Unity Church Cir., Maysville – false report of a crime.

•Jenny Denise Seeley, 36, 1368 B. Wilson Rd., Commerce – theft by receiving stolen property and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Nicholas Tom Seeley, 39, 2040 Commerce Rd., Athens – probation violation, theft by receiving stolen property, obstruction of law enforcement officers, using license plate to conceal identity of vehicle and selling vehicle or vehicle parts with altered serial numbers.

•William Nathan Blackmon, 26, 169 Northside Dr., Commerce – reckless conduct and simple battery.


Arrests made recently by the Georgia State Patrol were:

•Donna Long Garner, 53, 1751 Tugaloo Dr., Jefferson – driving under the influence of alcohol.

•Francisco-Javier Hernandez-Casas, 25, 315 Buick St., Winston-Salem, N.C. – driving without a license and no insurance.


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