A search for a man making suicidal threats recently led to Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies finding six stolen vehicles at a property on Nathaniel Dr.

The man was reportedly making the threats to a woman in South Jackson. He told her he was going to kick in her front door if she did not let him inside and later threatened to harm himself and that his harm would be “on her hands.”

After not finding the man on her property, deputies pinged his phone and found his location on Nathaniel Dr. When they arrived, the man fled into the woods.

Deputies found an all-terrain vehicle on the property that was stolen. Deputies received consent to search the rest of the property where they confirmed five other vehicles and a shotgun on the property were all stolen.


A woman on Hardin Terrace Cir. told JCSO she was in her bed when an unknown man came into her bedroom.

The man then spoke to another person in the living room before closing her door and running out of the residence. Deputies placed extra patrol around the neighborhood.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•a woman complained at the sheriff’s office about a wedding photographer not repaying her for failing to send the photos the woman paid for. A judge reportedly ordered the photographer to repay $26,000, but the photographer hasn’t repaid any money.

•a woman on Raven Ridge said she paid a man $5,000 to make repairs at her residence, but the job was not performed correctly.

•a vehicle was damaged after running over a pothole on I-85.

•a JCSO vehicle received damage after striking a racoon on Hwy. 129.

•a man on Hwy. 124 complained about a roofer and his fiance harassing him after he fired the roofer for abandoning the job and causing water damage.

•a woman on Galilee Church Rd. complained about a $200 fraudulent purchase on her checking account.

•a man on Honey Suckle Ct. believes his estranged wife tried to open a credit card under his name.

•a tractor trailer struck a guardrail on I-85 when another tractor trailer failed to maintain its lane.

•complaints of road rage on Billie Dean Rd. Both complainants said the other attempted to hit them.

•a man on Ethridge Rd. complained about a vehicle doing donuts on his property.

•a woman returned to her Winder Hwy. residence to find her brother inside. The brother was not allowed at the residence and had assaulted the woman in the past.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Athens St.

•two brothers on Whitney Rd. got into a fight over a set of keys.

•a man on Tyler Way said his checking account was fraudulently used in an attempt to make a purchase.

•a man on Winder Hwy. thought someone broke into his shed. The shed was opened, but undisturbed inside.

•a man on Duncans Mill Rd. returned home and found his side door open. Nothing was found missing or damaged inside.

•verbal dispute between a woman and her parents on Andrew Ridge Dr.

•verbal dispute between siblings on Galilee Church Rd.

•a man on Harrison Johnson Way thought someone was inside the residence. No one else was found inside. An animal may have been in the crawlspace and an outdoor water faucet was left on.

•complaints of trash dumped on the side of Geiger Rd.

•checked on a man on Dillon Dr. who was reportedly making suicidal threats on Facebook. The man denied the threats and said he closed his Facebook account. The man believes his ex-girlfriend reopened the account and made the threats.

•an elderly woman on Doster Rd. complained about her granddaughter arriving at her residence to start an argument.

•a man on Clover Ridge Rd. complained about a sub-contractor threatening to sue him for not paying for work the sub-contractor did. The man said he was refusing to pay the full amount because the job was done poorly.

•verbal dispute between a man and his ex-wife on Elrod Ave. over the man’s past infidelity. The ex-wife wanted the man to tell their children about the affair and when he didn't, the wife reportedly started an argument.

•a husband and wife on Lark Trl. got into an argument over money. The wife said the husband took $37,000 from a safe in their residence after he closed their debit card.

•dispute between a husband and wife over money on Harris Ln.

•a woman on Washington St. complained about her ex-boyfriend threatening to share intimate photos of her.

•a woman and her landlord on Carruth Rd. reported a rent check stolen from the landlord’s mailbox.

•a man said his vehicle received damage after driving over multiple potholes on Dry Pond Rd.

•a woman on Jackson Trail Rd. said her husband’s business partner forged two of his checks for a total of $400.

•a man reported his shed broken into on Hwy. 82. $1,200 worth of items were stolen including an air compressor.

•a man reported his son’s cell phone stolen from Wingate Cir.

•a man on W.H. Hayes Rd. reported $1,700 worth of tools and power tools stolen from a barn in his backyard.

•a woman who is a foster parent on Flagstone Ave. complained about her foster child’s mother using her name in a Facebook post about kidnapping.

•a man reported his logging truck damaged on Galilee Church Rd.

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Shade Storey Rd.

•an elderly woman possibly overdosed on her medications on Riley Rd. The woman was unresponsive, but breathing when deputies arrived.

•a woman on Lebanon Church Rd. complained about a man stealing four hubcaps and selling them. The man said the hubcaps came from a vehicle belonging to him.

•a man allegedly pushed a woman down to enter her residence on Lebanon Church Rd. The man fled the area when 911 was called.

•vehicle accident with a cow on Hwy. 82.

•a man on Hunter Rd. complained about his son-in-law eating all his food.

•a man at the Jackson County Jail complained about his wife taking all the money from his 401K account.

•a woman on Hayden Ln. complained about a man sending her a nude photo of himself.

•a woman and her ex-son-in-law disputed over a cell phone on Sandy Rd.


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