A Nicholson woman recently reported a man walking naked in his pasture near her residence on Old Kings Bridge Rd., saying the nude man was “doing everything he could to mess up the sale of her house.”

The woman also told Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies that the man burned his property recently, causing the ground on her property to wash out.

The responding officer said he would try to talk with the man.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Commerce:

•harassing communications on Woods Bridge Rd. where a juvenile said she received a text that read “give me the pics today or I’m going to ruin your life.” Law enforcement was contacted a day earlier about the juvenile receiving threats through text and Instagram messages. The juvenile’s email, Instagram and Facebook accounts had all been hacked as well.

•dispute on Maysville Rd. where a vehicle was blocking the driveway to a man’s business.

•simple battery on W.L. Willams Rd. where a woman said a man got a gun during an argument with her, aimed it at the ceiling and said, “I’m gonna show you.” She said the man was upset because he thought she reported him to DFCS. The man, who said the woman shoved him prior to him getting the gun, denied making threats toward the woman.

•battery and interfering with calls for emergency assistance on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man said his partner hit him with a broom on the wrist, causing a laceration. The man said his partner then took his iPad, cell phone and medical pendent from him to prevent him from calling 911.

•suicide threats on White Hill Rd. where a woman threatened to kill herself and requested a ride to the hospital. The responding officer transported her to Northeast Georgia Hospital in Gainesville.

•a temporary proactive order was served against a woman on Willow St.

•theft by deception on Northwood Dr. where a woman said she paid a man $999 through an app for installation of a backyard fence, but the man has not done the work and has stopped returning her messages.

•dispute on W.E. King Rd. where a woman said a man threatened to harm her if she didn’t leave his residence. The man denied making threats and alleged the woman was smoking crack in his home, which she denied. He also said she shoved him in the head.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Jefferson:

•criminal trespass on Ellis Banks Rd. where a woman said her mailbox continues to be damaged overnight.

•entering automobile on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a man said the driver side window of his truck was broken and the stereo from the vehicle was removed.

•welfare check on Adams Rd. where deputies responded to reports that a woman had taken pills and planned to harm herself. The woman’s husband, contacted by phone, told deputies that the woman was in the woods with a gun and wouldn’t come out until law enforcement left. The husband requested deputies leave so she would return to the home. Deputies later received confirmation that the woman returned to the residence. The woman’s therapist later called 911 after receiving text messages from the woman saying she intended to harm herself. Deputies then checked on the woman, who said she wasn’t going to harm herself or others.

•harassing communications on B. Whitfield Rd. where a woman said her ex-husband called her 19 times and left three voicemails in one day.

•theft by taking on Bill Wright Rd. where a gate lock was cut and items were taken from a trailer, including power tools and a suitcase generator.

•agency assist on Old Pendergrass Rd. where a deputies assisted the Commerce Police Department on a search warrant at a residence where a woman suspected in the burglary of two hand guns was located. The woman was uncooperative, according to the report, refusing to come out of a bathroom.

•animal complaint on Maddox Hill Rd. where a man was bitten twice on the right calf by a dog.

•information where a woman called the JCSO to alert law enforcement that a person is using the JCSO’s name, trying to take payment over the phone for warrants.

•information on Riverbirch Loop where a juvenile was reported to be driving a motorcycle recklessly at night without lights.

•computer trespass on Honey Suckle Ct. where a man said his soon-to-be ex-wife hacked his emails.

•theft by taking on Winder Hwy. where a tag was reported stolen and replaced with another one.

•dispute on Grandview Dr. where a man said he was poisoned. He also said he’d recently taken cocaine, causing medical issues. The man was checked by emergency medical services.

•mental subject on Hwy. 124 where a man said a woman was outside his residence “acting crazy.” The woman had called moments earlier saying she had been in an accident and that her neck was broken. She later said that she had been attacked by a man and sustained a broken neck. The woman showed no signs of an injury. She was transported to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

•dispute and theft by taking on Rock Forge Ln. where a man said that a neighbor stole his pit bull puppy.

•deposit account fraud on Commerce Rd. where a business reported multiple instances of a bank returning checks that the business didn’t write. The checks totaled $9,616.

•aggravated assault and reckless conduct on M.L. King Dr. where a gun was reportedly fired into the air from a vehicle. Three males were inside the vehicle, according to the incident report. The gun shot came after an argument over money between the men in the vehicle and a man at residence on the street.

•aggravated assault on B. Whitfield Rd. where a man reported that his girlfriend attempted to stab him with two large kitchen knifes. The two had argued earlier in the evening, according to the incident report, and the man said he had to wrestle a knife away from her to prevent her from cutting herself.

•dispute on Lavender Rd. where people at the residence were reportedly shooting guns in the air and yelling profanities at neighbors.

•damage to vehicle on Elliot Smith and W.O. Smith Roads where a man said he lost control of his vehicle and struck a pasture fence, causing major damage to the automobile.

•dispute where an elderly man said he locked the door from the basement to the upper floor of his home after his son had been drinking in the basement. The man said also his son had been verbally abusing him.

•entering automobile on Y.Z. Sailors Rd. where a man said a firearm was missing from his truck.

•entering automobile and theft by taking on Y.Z. Sailors Rd. where a man reported that a handgun was missing from his truck.

•theft by deception on Holiday Cemetery Rd. where a woman who purchased a camper through eBay said the camper had not arrived and that eBay had no record of the transaction.

•burglary on Jefferson River Rd. where a man said his mist blower was missing. The man also said he noticed his power drill missing several days earlier.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Maysville:

•dispute on Pleasant Ct. where law enforcement responded to reports of a man and woman being high on drugs and “allegedly talking to demons.” The woman was discovered naked on the front porch of the residence “having an unborn spiritual baby,” according to her boyfriend. She would not answer a deputy’s questions. The woman’s boyfriend appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine, according to the incident report. He said the two used methamphetamine an hour earlier. An ambulance was called to the scene and transported the woman to Northeast Georgia Hospital in Gainesville.

•suspicious activity on Panhandle Cir. where vehicles have been reportedly stopping on the road for long periods of time. The complainant believes drugs are being exchanged.

•theft of services on Hale Ct. where power was being stolen through a wire attached to a power line. A man at the residence said his son had attached the line to a battery “to run the house.”

•agency assist on Upland Dr. where a man “was bitten on the back side” after encountering a group of dogs.

•reckless driving on Pinetree Cir. and Plainview Rd. where a deputy pursued a motorcycle that was traveling at 102 mph. When the officer could no longer see the vehicle, he discontinued the pursuit. He was unable to identify the tag or the driver.

•theft by taking and damage to property on Maysville Rd. where gasoline, a rake, shovel, pick axe, bicycle, racchet strap, air filter and an off-road light bar were stolen and the wiring and headlight of a vehicle damaged due to the removal of the off road light bar.

•theft of services on Pine Tree Cir. where a Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority employee reported water being stolen by a man at a residence. The man said he hooked onto the JCWSA since wasn’t installing water due to the coronavirus pandemic. The line was unhooked by the JCWSA employee.

•dispute on Hillside Way where a juvenile left his father’s residence and ended up at his mother’s residence. The man believes his son was told by the juvenile’s mother to leave so he could be picked up and taken to her residence. The juvenile said he didn’t not want to return home with his father, accusing him of being abusive. The man denied those claims.

•dispute on Green Hill Ct. where a woman said a man grabbed her by the hair during an altercation. The man said the woman struck him in the face several times. The woman was asked to leave the property. Law enforcement had been called out to the residence earlier that day after the woman said the man’s daughter had locked her out of the residence. The man involved in the incident said he’s been trying to evict the woman but was “unable to at this time due to the COVID-19.” Two days prior, law enforcement responded to another dispute between the woman and the man’s daughter. The woman claimed the man’s daughter nearly hit her with a rock and then struck her with a cane.

•animal complaint on Magnum Bridge Rd. where a woman said she was bitten in the face by a dog belonging to her husband. He was not at the scene. The woman was transported to the hospital.

•criminal trespass on Diamond Church Hill Rd. where a man discovered two people fishing on his property.

•information on Pleasant Acres Dr. where a woman said a man has been stalking her for two years. She also said she saw him spreading poison over her property and the road.

•theft by taking on Dixon Bridge Rd. where four surveillance cameras were reported stolen off a tree at a worksite.

•recovered stolen property on Donahoo Rd. where a man reported a septic tank truck sitting in the driveway to his chicken houses. The responding officer ran the tag, which revealed that the truck was stolen from Jefferson.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Nicholson:

•harassing communications on Raco Parkway where a man was reportedly threatening his ex-fiancé, via text, to post nude photos of her.

•dispute on Hawks Ct. where a woman said a vehicle almost hit her daughter. The woman signaled for the driver to return and the two got into an argument.

•recovered stolen property on Fletcher Dr. where a truck, reported stolen in Jackson County, was located.

•suspicious activity on Sumer Ln. where a woman found a clear plastic bag of feces left on the hood of her vehicle.

•information on Hunters Ridge Rd. where a woman said a man was at her house and told her he stole a truck and dumped it up the road. A deputy patrolled the area but was unable to locate a vehicle.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 441 where a woman reportedly smoked meth and placed something into a store dumpster.

•information on Jim David Rd. where a man reported gun shots and speculated those responsible for the gun fire were shooting deer.

•damage to property on J.S. Williamson Ct. where a man said a moving truck struck his $400 mailbox. The man said he wanted to be compensated monetarily.

•dispute on Church St. where a man said the person from whom he rents a room began banging on his door, “yelling racial things,” according to the incident report. The landlord said he was angry because the man flooded the bathroom and never locks the door the residence. Each said the other threatened physical violence.

•terroristic threats and acts on Jim David Rd. where a man allegedly sent a threatening text message, referencing a gun, after being told to move out.

•animal complaint on Pace Dr. where a man said his neighbor’s dogs repeatedly get loose and attack his dogs. During the most recent incident, the man said the dogs entered his porch, attacked his dogs and then attempted to attack him. The man said he struck one of the dogs with a wooden board in defense.

•harassing communications on Hawks Ct. where a woman reported that she received two consecutive calls from a person claiming to be collection agency seek money to keep her from being arrested on a warrant.

•information on Hunters Ridge Rd. where a pair of syringes were found on a man’s property. He said he believed they were related to drug use in the area.

•information on Cooper Farm Rd. where a man complained that a service worker from a business came to his home without wearing a mask over his nose and face. He said the thought this was a violation of safety precautions being taken against the spread of COVID-19.

•dispute on Chandler Bridge Rd. where a man, just released from jail, went to a man’s house and made several threats, saying, “I am going to kick your a—,” according to witness. Deputies contacted the man who made the reported threats. He said he confronted the man because the man had said he wanted to “touch his wife in inappropriate places.” The man who reported the threats denied that accusation.

•dispute on Hwy. 334 where a woman said a man who lives behind her house was firing a gun. The man said he fired the gun to scare off the woman’s pit bull from his cats. She man said he was unsure if the shot hit the dog.

•dispute on Chandler Bridge Rd. where a man said he brought a woman to a residence and the woman locked herself in a bathroom and refused to leave. According to the report, the responding officer believed the woman to be under the influence of a drug.

•agency assist on Tall Timber Trail where a man was unresponsive. The man was awake by the time law enforcement arrived but not alert. He was treated by emergency medical services.

•simple battery on Ivy Creek Dr. where the complainant his said girlfriend pushed him into a door.

•information on Stapler Rd. where a woman said her husband is threatening her. She said he has inherited several firearms, which are unlawful for him to possess as a convicted felon. She said she fears for her safety. The woman was told she could obtain a restraining order through the court system. The woman contacted the sheriff’s office a day earlier with the same complaints.

•theft by taking on Chandler Bridge Rd. where a woman said that a handgun was taken from her vehicle.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in North Jackson:

•financial transaction card fraud on Ridgewood Dr. where a man reported that a purchase of $831 and an ATM withdrawal of $302 were made against his account.

•recovered stolen property on Hwy. 60 in Pendergrass where a car, taken from Hall County, was found unattended in the back of a subdivision.

•animal complaint on A.J. Irvin Rd. in Talmo where a man said that his neighbor’s pit bulls are running loose.

•information on Jarrett Lane in Gillsville were a 2-year-old male boy wandered approximately a half of a mile from his home to a neighbor’s yard on Unity Church Rd. The neighbor called 911, and the boy was returned to his mother. The mother said she was working from home and discovered the child missing after she laid him down for a nap. After the child was returned, an officer attempted to speak with DFCS while at the residence. During this time the child walked outside the roadway, unattended. An officer returned the child to his mother.

•theft by taking on Old State Rd. in Talmo where a woman said two glass yard balls were stolen from her yard and later recovered.

•agency assist on Hwy. 129 in Talmo where a feed truck caught fire. The driver noticed smoke coming from the engine and pulled over.

•dispute on Belmont Hwy. in Talmo where an intoxicated woman was found walking down the road with bruises and cuts. The woman said her husband caused the injuries. The husband, when contacted, denied the accusation. He said the woman fell a few weeks ago, and that the other injuries were likely the result of a fall while she was walking that evening.

•simple battery on Stockton Farm Rd. In Pendergrass where a man said his girlfriend threw a hair brush at him, hitting him, and then struck him in the left eye.

•theft by taking on Lanier Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman reported that her vehicle was stolen while she slept. She believes her boyfriend’s cousin took the automobile because he was staying at her residence and was gone the following morning, along with the vehicle.

•dispute on Nichols Rd. in Pendergrass where a man wanted his live-in girlfriend to leave his residence because she continues to invite her kids to the home. The woman said the man threatened to fight her son earlier that evening.

•agency assist on Bravo Dr. in Pendergrass where a deputy responded to a fire in a camper. The camper was engulfed in flames when the deputy arrived. One person was burned badly, according to the incident report, and transported to Northeast Georgia Hospital in Gainesville. The injured person appeared to be “highly under the influence of some kind of drug,” according to the report.

•animal complaint on Triple Lakes Ln. in Pendergrass where a woman said her husband shot at a pit bull who was attacking the couple’s pig.

•harassing communications and threats of bodily harm on Nichols Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman reported threats from her juvenile’s son father, who who wanted to see him. The woman told police that the man said, “I’m going to see my kid or I’m going to beat the hell out of him.” She also reported that she believes a cartel is looking for the juvenile and fears for his safety as well as that of the family.

•theft by taking on Nichols Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman’s purse was reported stolen.

•harassing communications and threats of bodily harm on John B. Brooks Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman reported text message threats from a co-worker.

•theft by deception on Hwy. 60 in Pendergrass where a woman said a relative made several purchases in her name from 2011-2017. She said she discovered the purchases during a recent credit review report. One of the purchases totaled $1,100 for cellular phones. The woman’s niece is considered a suspect, according to the report. The niece had previously used the woman’s computer or credit card account to purchase items in the woman’s name while the woman was hospitalized.

•identity fraud on Trilium Trail where a woman said someone made fraudulent charges on her and her husband’s credit card.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in South Jackson:

•welfare check on Providence Rd. in Statham where a man asked a deputy to take him to jail so he could receive medication for bipolar disorder. The man declined evaluation from a medical unit. The deputy gave the man contact information for the Department of Behavioral Health’s crisis hotline. The man’s wife said she would transport him to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

•dispute on Commerce Rd. in Athens were a woman said her boyfriend came up from behind her and began “hunching” on her while she worked in the yard. The woman said the man later that night attempted to enter her residence, using a card to try to pick the lock. She also said he told her to come outside and talk with him or he was going to “fix her.” The man denied all accusations.

•dispute on Old Savage Rd. where a woman said that her ex-boyfriend continues to come onto her property and gather items.

•theft by taking in Crooked Creek Village in Athens where a bicycle was reported stolen.

•information on Bear Paw Rd. In Athens where a woman said her Cashapp account had been hacked but no money was taken.

•agency assist on Hwy. 82 at the Barrow County line where a man on a bridge threatened to jump. The man was transported to the hospital.

•suspicious activity on Kings Ridge Dr. in Athens were a man said people were knocking on his door and calling him on the phone, telling him “they are coming to get him.”

•dispute on Commerce Rd. in Athens where a woman said a man broke a door knob and then busted her roommate’s bedroom door. The roommate countered those claims, saying both the door knob and door were already broken. Both women said they did not want the man back at their residence, however.

•damage to property on Hwy. 330 where an attempted burglary was reported. A person had attempted to break the door handle on the building.

•suicide threats on Savage Rd. in Bogart. A juvenile’s ex-boyfriend reported the threats to the juvenile’s mother, but juvenile denied saying that she wanted harm herself.

•agency assist on Cane Creek Rd. in Athens. A deputy responded to a scene where a convicted felon accidentally shot himself. According to witnesses, the man went to pick up a rag and a handgun fell out and discharged. A bullet struck him in the upper right leg. The man was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital. According to the incident report, the man is felon in the state.

•theft by shoplifting on Jefferson Rd. in Athens where a store worker said a juvenile stole two bottles of wine.

•unruly juvenile on Savage Rd. in Bogart where a woman said her juvenile daughter was suicidal. The juvenile told the responding officer that she and her mother had an argument, and that she did not want to harm herself.

•property damage on Timber Ridge Dr. In Athens where a man said someone possibly tampered with his outside air conditioning unit, causing it to stop working.

•harassing communications on Lancer Lane where a woman said her ex-husband has repeatedly contacted her through phone calls, texts and multiple Facebook accounts. The woman placed a temporary protective order against him in late March.

•theft by conversion on Jefferson River Rd. In Athens where a man from a church said a check he sent to Jackson EMC was cashed by someone into into an unknown account.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in West Jackson:

•dispute on Brighton Park Cir. where a woman reported her juvenile neighbors rode their bikes too close to her children who were playing basketball. She was concerned they weren't following social distancing guidelines. The juveniles' parents said it was unintentional and that the complainant's children play basketball in the road.

•information on Hwy. 53 where someone reported a business was price gouging. The complainant said bought $78 worth of toilet paper and felt as though she paid too much, but the business wouldn't refund the money. She was referred to the Georgia Department of Law Consumer Protection Division.

•damage to property on William Freeman Rd. where a man reported his adult son punched a vehicle, causing damage. The incident occurred after the son's mother was sent home from the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. The man called the son on the way home, so he could make other living arrangements during the woman's 14-day quarantine. But the son later returned to the residence, so his father asked him to leave for his wife's safety and others. The son reportedly got into his face and punched the hood of a vehicle as he was leaving, causing a dent.

•dispute on Davenport Rd. where a man was upset that his son was not following the shelter-in-place order and putting him and children at the residence in danger.

•information on Maddox Rd. where school staff asked officers to check on a family after a student didn't log in for remote schooling.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted with a three-vehicle wreck. EMS transported one woman.

•information on Venture Ct. where school staff asked officers to check on a student since they hadn't had contact when them since school was closed.

•welfare check on Freedom Pkwy. where officers checked on a man who made threats online about harming himself. Officers spoke with him via phone and he denied wanting to harm himself.

•welfare check on Cambridge Farms Dr. where officers checked on a man who has cancer and hadn't been seen by his neighbors. He was OK, but hadn't felt well.

•theft by taking on Pocket Rd. where someone reported a family member took a vehicle without permission. One of the complainants had warrants, but the man said the warrants were for an uncle who uses his information with law enforcement when he gets in trouble.

•dispute on New Liberty Church Rd. where a cat was shot in the leg and taken to the veterinarian. The complainant suspected the neighbor was a suspect.

•dispute on Meadow Vista Ln. where neighbors got into an argument, cursing and screaming at one another.

•welfare check on Moons Bridge Rd. where officers called Adult Protective Services after checking on a wheelchair-bound man in poor living conditions.

•theft by taking on Berry Hill Ln. where someone took a tag off a trailer.

•alarm on Jefferson Ave. where a security company saw a forklift being driven at an apartment complex that is under construction, but there wasn't supposed to be anyone working.

•agency assist on I-85 South where officers assisted with a semi-trailer fire.

•suspicious activity on Kerby Cir. where someone saw three people at their neighbor's residence during the night. They were reportedly wearing black masks and knocked, but left when no one answered.

•harassing communications on Lamar Ln. where someone texted a woman saying she'd better get the money she and her friend owed for drugs and said they were coming to her residence. The complainant said she doesn't use drugs, but said her friend does.

•theft by taking on West Jackson Rd. where someone took four windchimes.

•dispute on West Jefferson St. where someone heard their neighbors arguing and a woman say, "You just busted my jaw." The woman said it was a verbal argument and the man wouldn't talk about the incident.

•theft by taking on Cardigan Dr. where someone tool shingles and roofing materials.

•identity fraud on Reece Dr. where a woman received a collection notice on Comcast debt, but she'd never used Comcast.

•damage to property on Hwy. 60 where a woman reported a vehicle that was following her too closely passed her and threw an object out of the window. The object struck her vehicle and the woman swerved off the road. The driver also passed three other vehicles, making them run off the road, too. She reported her taillight had been cracked during the incident.

•theft by taking on Garner Rd. where a woman reported a push-mower was missing.

•criminal trespass on Pearl Industrial Ave. where a man continued to stay at a location, despite being asked to leave. He was given a criminal trespass warning.

•agency assist on I-85 North where officers assisted with a wreck.

•suspicious activity on Bill Watkins Rd. where someone reported possible gunshots came from a passing vehicle. Officers found a vehicle in the area that backfired from the exhaust multiple times.

•suspicious activity on Davenport Rd. where a man heard gunshots.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted the Pendergrass Police Department with a pursuit on a motorcycle. The Pendergrass officer ultimately lost control of his vehicle and crashed, but was uninjured. The motorcycle was later spotted in the Hwy. 53 area and JCSO deputies found it abandoned in a store parking lot. The suspect entered the store and used the restroom, then left his pullover and backpack inside before leaving. Officers identified the suspect, who has a warrant and no license. Officers weren't able to find him.

•theft by taking on Skelton Rd. where someone took a battery from a van.

•terroristic threats and acts; cruelty to children; and battery on Stoneview Dr. where a woman reported her daughter called her, saying her husband had beaten her up and she needed her to come get her and the kids. When she arrived, the man was inside, but yelled that he was going to kill the woman and another family member. The man had reportedly punched and hit the woman multiple times in front of the children and changed the passwords on cell phones so they couldn't call anyone. He also reportedly told one of their children that he was going to kill her mother slowly.

•suspicious activity on Meadow Lake Terrace where officers attempted to make contact with someone who was shooting to make sure they were doing so safely.

•dispute on New Cut Rd. where a couple had a verbal argument.

•dispute on Eagles Bluff Way where officers were called after someone reported a man who was on drugs had pushed her. Officers had been called to the location previously for a physical dispute. They explained the homeowner could be charged for a disorderly house if they were called again.

•agency assist on Hwy. 332 where officers assisted with a wreck with injuries. One of the drivers also smelled of alcohol and denied drinking. The incident was turned over the the Georgia State Patrol.

•dispute on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a man reported he was supposed to pick his children up, but his ex-wife didn't show up. When he called the woman, someone claiming to be a police officer said they were applying for warrants against him for harassing communications.

•suicide threats on Buck Trail where a woman was taken to the hospital after having suicidal thoughts.

•welfare check on Marshall Clark Rd. where a man reported his mailbox was damaged and he planned to shoot someone if they were on his property. Officers said the mailbox was not damaged and officers warned him that he couldn't shoot someone for opening and closing the door on his mailbox.

•theft by taking on Hoyt Wood Rd. where someone took a tag decal.


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