A woman was reportedly called the n-word after she backed out of her driveway and avoided a collision with a man driving past on a golf cart.

According to a recent incident report, the near-collision occurred in the morning on Shamus Way in Jefferson. The man reportedly threw his hands up and said something, but didn’t allegedly use the racial slur until the afternoon as the woman and her daughter returned to their subdivision and drove past the man.

The woman said she did not hear the man use the slur, but that her daughter did, according to the report. The daughter said the man threw his hands up as they drove past and said, “What are you going to do, (n-word)?”


An unidentified man allegedly reportedly asked a juvenile female to send naked photos of herself, threatening to shut down her home’s wifi if she didn’t.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a south Jackson residence last week where the juvenile said the male asked her to send the nude photos through Snap Chat. She did not send him photos and said she didn’t take his threat to turn off wifi seriously until he sent her a photo of her family’s AT&T account and password, according to the incident report.

The juvenile said she does not know the person, though he sent her a photo of himself. She said the man appeared young but wasn’t sure if the image was actually of him.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce:

•battery on Homer Rd. where a man reportedly struck his wife in the back fo the head in the parking lot of business and then punched her in the head when the two were inside their vehicle.

•dispute on Windmill Ln. where a woman with bipolar disorder left a residence through her bedroom window. The woman was located and told the responding officer she planned to walk back home.

•dispute on Fair Oaks Ct. where a woman said two vehicles were speeding past her residence. The woman confronted the drivers of the vehicles when the responded deputy arrived at her home.

•theft by taking and criminal trespass on Hwy. 441 where an employee at a towing service said a man stole something “large and white” from a car on the lot.

•simple battery on B. Wilson Rd. where a woman said a man grabbed her by the throat, threw her to the ground and fled the residence with a revolver. The woman had a mark on her throat, according to the incident report. The responding deputy called a K9 unit to the scene to search for the man, but he was not located. The woman said the incident started after the man struck her daughter in the back of the head.

•criminal damage to property on Homer Rd. where a manager at a automobile dealership said that someone smashed the front bumper, headlight and driver side front fender of one of the cars on the lot overnight.

•information on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where a store employee said a customer’s cellular phone had been stolen. Video footage showed that a man took the phone after the woman placed it on one of the shelves.

•agency assist on White Hill School Rd. where a woman reported having suicidal thoughts and was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital.

•theft by taking and entering auto on Hwy. 82 where the complainant said a man, whom he believed to be under the influence of drugs, stole a key ring located in the center console of his vehicle. On the key ring were his house keys, along with keys to a safe and other vehicles, according to the incident report.

•suspicious activity on Pine Forrest Way where a man said he found three butcher knives and what he thought was a pistol under his granddaughter’s pillow. The pistol was actually a BB gun, according to the incident report. The man said his granddaughter is using methamphetamine, which he said he believes makes her paranoid.

•agency assist on Ridgeway Church Rd. at Steve Reynolds Pkwy. where a deputy responded to an automobile accident in which both drivers were injured and evaluated by emergency medical services.

•insurance requirements for operation of a motor vehicle on Hwy. 98 where a motorist was cited for the infraction after being pulled over for having no license plate on his vehicle.

•suspicious activity on Ruby Ln. where a woman said she saw a man lying in the back of a truck and then saw him at the wood line behind her neighbor’s residence.

•information on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man with a history of wandering off did so again. The man returned home while a deputy was checking the area.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson:

•unruly juvenile on Hwy. 82 South where a man said his son refused to put his cell phone on the charger.

•criminal trespass on Rock Forge Rd. where the complainant said a woman and her brother were beating on her doors and windows and cursing at her. The woman and her brother denied the accusations and said they were at the residence to collect the woman’s belongings.

•information on Blackjack Oak Dr. where gun fire was reported in the area.

•information on Tipperary Ct. at Shamus Way where a deputy responded to complaints of a dirt bike speeding up and down the roadways.

•operating a motor vehicle without registration, license plate or insurance on Hwy. 129 after a deputy cited a motorist for those infractions during a traffic stop.

•deposit account fraud on Commerce Rd. where four checks worth $11,950 that it did not issue were reportedly returned by a bank.

•suspicious activity on Y.Z. Sailors Rd. where a woman said a man had been riding a four-wheeler on her property. She said she questioned the man, who told her he got lost in the woods, that he lived on Jefferson River Rd. and that he was trying to find Brockton Loop Rd. Based on those locations and where her property was situated, she did not believe his story, according to the incident report.

•criminal trespass on Orrs School Rd. where a woman and her husband reported that five fence posts at their residence had been broken. The damage likely was due to a car running off the roadway at a curve, according to the incident report.

•agency assist on I-85 to an accident with multiple injuries. A driver of a van was reported to be “all over the road” and struck a car, according to a witness. The driver seemed to be “highly intoxicated,” according to the incident report, and was evaluated by emergency medical services and taken to the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton after complaining of a head injury. The other motorist involved in the accident screamed of excruciating pain in his legs. He was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville. The witness to the accident said the woman’s vehicle swerved in front of the man’s vehicle, causing the wreck.

•battery on Stan Evans Dr. where two inmates fought at the Jackson County jail.

•terroristic threats and acts on Storey Ln. where a woman said her husband threatened to kill her. She said her husband, who does not live with her, told her he could see deputies searching for him and would enter her residence and kill her when the deputies left.

•counterfeiting and forgery on Old Winder Hwy. where a woman reported that $2,500 was debited from her bank account without her authorization.

•counterfeiting and forgery on Commerce Rd. where a man provided paperwork that appeared to be fake for pre-approval of a vehicle purchase.

•theft by taking on Duncan’s Mill Ln. where an employee of the Jackson County Water and Sewer Authority said someone connected a water hose to county water line.

•information on Flintstone Dr. where a woman said a car followed her while she was walked in her neighborhood.

•criminal trespass on Traditions Way where someone unsuccessfully attempted to gain entry into a model home by damaging the backdoor.

•dispute on Oak Park Dr. where a woman said her two ex-boyfriends got into an argument over her, which turned into a shoving match.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where a truck was parked near a lake in the Traditions of Braselton subdivision over night.

•dispute on Double Bridges Rd. where a woman said three people at her residence — her son and two others — were “chopping up white lines of a powdered drug.” Only the son remained at the residence when a deputy arrived, and he denied his mother’s claims.

•information on Brockton Rd. where the complainant heard gunshots in the area.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville:

•information on Plainview Rd. where a man said his truck was taken from his brother’s residence back in March in Jefferson. The man said he’s already informed Jefferson police about the missing truck. He was told to follow-up with the Jefferson Police Department about the incident.

•agency assist on Hwy. 82 Spur to an accident with an injury which resulted in a man being transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•speeding on Jackson Woods Rd. where motorcycles are reportedly traveling at unsafe speeds on the street. The complainant is worried these drivers will hit his granddaughters who play in his driveway and along the side of the road.

•animal complaint on Old Miller Rd. where a woman complained that she and her family have been attacked by her neighbor’s dogs.

•criminal trespass on Jackson Woods Rd. where a man said someone beat on his backdoor and set off his daughter’s car alarm.

•theft of services on Pine Tree Cir. where a Jackson County Water and Sewer Authority employee reported seeing a home hooked into the water line without a meter.

•agency assist on Gillsville Rd. where a deputy performed chest compressions on a woman who was unresponsive. Emergency medical services transported the woman to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where she was later pronounced dead.

•harassing communications on Gaillard Dr. where a man said he was searching for an escort online and then began receiving threatening messages from people demanding he pay them “or they would send people for him.” The threats included photos of dead people and mutilated bodies, according to the incident report.

•suspicious activity on Pleasant Acres Dr. where a woman said she heard the voices of two people outside of her home, near her air conditioning unit. She said she believed they might be trying to steal or vandalize the unit. The responding deputy found no one at the scene.

•damage to property on Marlow Rd. where a woman said her ex-husband busted the lock of the gate to her property and entered.

•information on Jackson Woods Rd. where the complainant said a man smashed one of the windows of his vehicle and also threatened his father.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson:

•theft by taking on Ivy Creek Dr. where a woman said her license plate was stolen.

•terroristic threats and acts on Sawdust Trail where a woman said her father threatened to shoot her following a verbal altercation. The woman’s father denied making the threat.

•suspicious activity on Cabin Creek Dr. where a man reported hearing “a weird noise” coming from an abandoned storage building. The noise was later revealed to be animals.

•probation violation on Qualridge Dr. where a woman said a man convicted in a simple assault case came to her property despite being prohibited to do so.

•suspicious activity on Kesler Rd. where a man said his camper had been broken into earlier in the week and that he heard noises outside his residence.

•suspicious incident on Watkins Farm Rd. where a woman reported the death of a cow. She said found no no bite marks or bullet holes but suspected that someone killed it because the animal had been drug under the fence.

•civil matter and financial card transaction fraud where a man said his wife, whom he’s divorcing, took two fans and a riding mower from his business. He said she had originally purchased those items for the business. The man also said he believes his wife possibly applied for a loan under his name.

•suspicious activity at East Jackson Park where a woman was found sleeping in a car after having issues with her husband, according to the incident report.

•information on Church St. where woman said her juvenile daughter’s ex-boyfriend had threatened to burn down her house following a breakup.

•information on Hwy. 334 where a woman said she received information, via text message, that her roommate stole her jewelry.

•dispute on Hwy. 441 where a woman said she received multiple texts from her ex-boyfriend in which he threatened to “ruin her life” and take her child from her.

•identity fraud on Staplers Rd. where a woman said her granddaughter’s social media accounts and email accounts were being used by someone else. The woman said she believed two people the girl had been staying with were responsible for this in retaliation for a department of child and family services (DFACS) case brought against them.

•dispute on J.S. Williamson Ct. where the complainant said he bought a lawnmower from a man who would not turn the item over to him. When he asked for the mower, he said the man began to threaten him. He said the man also drove to his residence, sat in his truck on the roadway and cussed at him, telling him he would not give the complainant the mower. The deputy talked with the man with the mower, who said he sold the item to the complainant, but said that the complainant was under the influence of prescription medications and became hostile toward him. The man later filed a complaint of harassing communications after being contacted again about the lawnmower.

•dispute on Blackthorne Rd. where a man said a juvenile yelled at him his yard, challenging him to a fight. The man said he’d recently been arrested for stabbing the juvenile while they were “goofing off.” The man said he “didn’t want any problems” and wanted the incident documented prior to going to court for the stabbing charge.

•death investigation (non-murder) on J.S. Williamson Ct. where an elderly man was found deceased in his garage when a deputy conducted a welfare check. A neighbor requested the welfare check after not seeing the man for a week.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in North Jackson:

•information on Main Street in Talmo where a man said he crashed his bicycle after three dogs ran into the roadway while he was riding.

•dispute on Hwy. 60 at Walnut Creek Pkwy. in Pendergrass where a woman said another motorist, driving aggressively, ran her vehicle off the road, which led to a verbal altercation.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Pendergrass Farms Cir. in Pendergrass where a woman with a history of strokes and seizures died of natural causes, according to the county coroner in the incident report.

•welfare check on Hwy. 82 North where a woman was believed to have overdosed. The woman’s roommate said he was unsuccessful in trying to wake her. The woman was conscious but unaware of her surroundings when the medical unit and deputy arrived. The woman said she had taken one Xanax. Her condition improved, and she declined medical assistance.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 82 North in Gillsville where a man seen with a blanket draped over his head walking toward Hall County told a deputy he’d “taken a three-day journey to walk off a meth high.” The man did not appear intoxicated during the conversation, according to the incident report.

•suicidal tendencies and a missing person on Kinney Creek Ln. in Pendergrass where a woman reportedly left on foot after an argument with her sister and later sent a text message saying “she hopes she dies tonight.” The woman had threatened suicide in the past, according to family members in the incident report.

•financial transaction fraud on Allen Bridge Rd. in Talmo where a man said someone used his debit card humber to make $29 worth of purchases and attempted to use the card four times that day.

•dispute on Hope Baptist Church Rd. where a man wanted a former tenant to leave his residence. The former tenant said she was at the address to gather her belongings.

•dispute on Lanier Rd. In Pendergrass where a woman said her boyfriend would not leave her property.

•criminal trespass on Brumbalow Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman said a man, whom her son doesn’t want at his home, was at his residence while her son was out of town. The woman said the man uses drugs and has brought them to her son’s home in the past.

•terroristic threats and acts on John B. Brooks Rd. in Pendergrass where a male employee was told to leave the business after an argument with two female co-workers. One of the co-workers said the man threatened to slap her and pull her hair. The other said he began cussing at him and threatened to get a pistol. The man said he thought the women were “talking bad” about him, but said he never threatened to strike either of them or to retrieve a firearm. The man reportedly got into an argument with another female co-worker as well.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in South Jackson:

•theft by taking on Hwy. 441 where a woman said her keys, cell phone and debit card were taken off a table at a flea market.

•information on Rosewood Dr. where a woman said her employer has been receiving emails and photos of her from an anonymous sender. The woman believes her estranged wife is responsible.

•information on Commerce Rd. in Athens where a security guard at a warehouse heard voices inside the vacant building.

•information on Cane Creek Rd. in Athens were a man complained of a moped “flying up and down the road” with a loud muffler.

•agency assist on Old Commerce Rd. in Athens where a man was unresponsive, believed to have overdosed on drugs. Emergency medical services administered CPR and Narcan to the man before transporting him to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•animal complaint on Oak Grove Rd. in Athens where a deputy was attacked by a mixed pit bulldog while on a call for a welfare check. The dog bit the deputy on the back and on the right leg, according to the incident report. The bites caused bleeding and the officer drove himself to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for treatment, according to the report.

•agency assist on Jefferson River Rd. in Athens where a deputy responded to a single-vehicle accident with an injury. The driver was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional with head and arm injuries.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. in Athens where a store employee said a woman took items and placed them in her purse. No items were found on the woman when the responding deputy met with her.

•information on Crooked Creek Rd. in Athens where a man complained about his brother sleeping in a shed on his property.

•animal complaint on Cedar Grove Church Rd. in Athens where a woman said she had a gun and was prepared to shoot her neighbor’s dog if it returned to her property. The woman has had an on-going issue with the neighbor’s dogs, according to the incident report. She said the dogs killed her goats recently.

•dispute on Cane Creek Rd. in Athens where a man said his brother “hurt his feelings” by telling him he could not see his father until he took a bath.

•simple assault on Commerce Rd. in Athens where a man said his roommate approached him with a frying pan, telling him, “I’ll beat your (expletive) brains out.”


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton:

•suspicious activity on Skelton Rd. where someone walked onto someone's property and asked to borrow their trailer.

•dispute on Whitfield Rd. where a man reported another man came over, had too much too drink and was belligerent. He was ultimately placed in his vehicle (with the keys removed) to sleep.

•suspicious activity on Downing St. where a woman reported she was unable to find her friend, but later tried cancelling the call because she'd located him. When officers arrived, the woman said he'd gone to the store, but the man walked out of the residence. He refused to tell officers his birthday in front of the woman, since he'd convinced her he was 50 years old. When they went inside to get his license, he said he and the woman had been having sex all day and he passed out, so she called 911. When he came to his senses, she tried to cancel the 911 call. She was reportedly too embarrassed to tell the truth because her husband was coming to get her and she didn't want him to know.

•dispute on Skelton Rd. where officers were called for an ongoing dispute between neighbors. One of the neighbors found a handmade spear on his roof and suspected his neighbors had drugged his dogs with a stimulant. The neighbors had also been hostile towards one of the people in the residence when they were repairing a fence. They also reported "sinister behavior" and said they'd found a mutilated rabbit on the property that later disappeared.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a wreck between a pick-up truck and a motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville with bone fractures.

•suspicious activity on Lauren Marie Dr. where a woman reported seeing someone walk around their property, but officers didn't find anyone in the area.

•suspicious activity on Ednaville Rd. where someone reported two people were walking down the road with flashlights, but officers weren't able to find anyone.

•criminal trespass on Rebecca St. where a woman's ex-boyfriend showed up at her residence and refused to leave. He ultimately fled when he was notified that 911 had been called.

•suspicious activity and warrant service on Cedar Rock Rd. where a man reported at least 12 people were inside of his residence, burning his belongings. He said they'd broken out three windows. When officers arrived on scene, several people fled. Some of those who remained on the scene said they had permission to be there, but the homeowner denied that. Multiple people were given criminal trespass warnings.

•no insurance and failure to maintain lane on Hwy. 60 where officers stopped a vehicle for failing to maintain lane. They ultimately cited the driver after learning the vehicle didn't have valid insurance.

•theft by taking on Jackson Trail Rd. where a woman reported four letters were missing from a family member's gravestone.

•theft by deception on Emma Circle where a man paid over $50,000 on eBay to an online rental company for a Bobcat loader. The rental company's account had apparently been hacked and the "seller" didn't actually work for the company. eBay insurance planned to reimburse the complainant.

•dispute on Duck Rd. where a woman said a man was trying to kick her out, which the man denied.

•dispute on Duck Rd. where a man and woman argued over something on the man's phone. They agreed to separate for the night.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where officers woke a man who was slumped over in a vehicle. He said he'd stopped to get something to eat and had fallen asleep.

•harassing communications on McNeal Rd. where a woman reported someone she sold a dryer to texted her and asked her for his money back because the dryer didn't work. When she told him all sales were final, he reportedly said that if he didn't get his money, "it was not going to end well."

•information on Jackson Trail where officers responded to a single-vehicle wreck. The driver wasn't injured and the vehicle didn't have much damage, if any.

•harassing communications on Reece Dr. where a woman reported a family member sent an insulting, threatening text about her, saying she was going to knock her out and "beat her a**."

•dispute on Duck Rd. where a man and woman argued. The woman asked officers to tell the man that domestic violence was illegal, but no physical contact was made during the argument. A family member planned to pick up the man so he could separate from the woman for a few days.

•animal complaint on E. G. Barnett Rd. where a woman reported a dog attacked her dog and the woman was bit while trying to break it up.

•identity fraud on Jackson Park Dr. where a woman reported her deceased husband had opened several credit card accounts in her name.


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