A woman on Adams Hill Rd. recently told Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies her husband verbally and physically assaulted her. The husband left the scene before deputies arrived.

The woman said she is in the divorce process and the husband came home intoxicated and reportedly call her fat and ugly. The woman said she didn’t respond to him, so he slapped here across her face. The woman had redness on her face suggesting she was slapped.

While deputies were on the scene, the husband’s sister arrived to confront the deputy and the woman. The deputy told the woman to leave or risk going to jail for escalating the incident.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•a woman on Old Kings Bridge Rd. with luggage and household items complained about her mother kicking her out of her residence.

•a man on Wages Bridge Rd. complained about his windshield being damaged by gravel kicked up by another vehicle.

•welfare check on a juvenile on Lakeview Dr. The deputy met the juvenile’s mother who said her and the juvenile were asleep, and said the juvenile’s father calls for welfare checks often.

•welfare check on a woman on Winding Vine Ln. who reportedly sent a friend a Facebook message saying she was in fear for her life and in a toxic relationship. The woman told a deputy she was OK and just had an argument with her boyfriend.

•a man on Musket Ct. reported possible drug activity. The man says two vehicles come to a residence and he’s witnessed hand-to-hand transactions.

•JCSO vehicles were involved in accidents with deer on Brockton Rd. and Hwy. 334. Neither deputy was injured.

•complaints of a four-wheeler driving on Hunters Ridge Rd.

•complaints of gunshots near New Kings Bridge Rd.

•complaints of a suspicious vehicle on Hunters Ridge Rd.

•a man on Hwy. 441 complained about his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend taking his vehicle. He said his ex-girlfriend has permission to drive the vehicle, but not the boyfriend. The ex-girlfriend said the boyfriend took the vehicle after an argument.

•a woman on Foxfire Dr. complained about two dogs attacking a small dog. The owner of the dogs were cited for not having them contained and she complained about neighbors taking pictures of her dogs and yelling at her about them.

•complaints of a suspicious man knocking on windows and asking workers for rides at Dollar General.

•a man on Hwy. 334 said he found a bag with welding tools inside near his trailer.

•a man on Pine Ridge Pl. reported $30,000 in thefts and damages at a rental property. The man said he recently checked the residence and found power tools, sheetrock, cabinets and other home essentials missing. He also noticed windows shattered, a damaged bathtub and graffiti.

•a woman on Cooper Farm Rd. complained about a man refusing to give her back the keys to her vehicle.

•a woman on Little Valley Church Rd. complained about a man harassing her through comments on Facebook posts. In the comments, the man is calling her a thief and a liar.


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