Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies visited a residence on Slate Ave. and found a man and woman holding their daughter on the floor.

The daughter is a recovering addict and was caught with Xanax and alcohol. The woman confronted the daughter after overhearing a phone call where the daughter talked about taking money out of an account. The daughter allegedly shoved the woman as she tried to leave her bedroom.

The daughter claimed the man choked her with both hands, but she lacked any marks on her neck to prove she was assaulted. The daughter was allowed to leave the residence to visit a friend for the remainder of the day.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•dispute over the possession of a vehicle on Anglin Rd.

•a man on Holiday Cemetery Rd. reported his all-terrain vehicle stolen and his dog injured.

•a woman on J.T. Elrod Rd. complained about her vehicle’s windshield being broken. She suspects either the father of her child or his sister of the crime.

•a man on Double Bridges Rd. said someone tried to enter his garage.

•a man said someone entered his camper and his basement on Winder Hwy. The man did not report anything stolen.

•a West Jackson Middle School student reportedly brought marijuana to school.

•a woman on Meadow View Dr. said a driver of a work vehicle pulled a gun on her in December and she complained about the vehicle being back in the area. A deputy stopped the driver and found he was working for an insurance company at a nearby residence.

•a man on B. Whitfield Rd. complained about a drone flying above his residence.

•a man on Stephanie Ln. complained about his ex-wife constantly calling and texting him.

•a driver on Hwy. 129 said a vehicle in the other lane crossed into his lane and struck his vehicle before driving off.

•vehicle accidents with deer on Brockton Loop, Brockton Rd. and Hwy. 124.

•the Subway restaurant on Hwy. 124 was scammed out of $535 by a caller claiming to be with a company performing an audit on the restaurant.

•a woman said a man dressed in all black walked into a convenience store on Hwy. 124 yelling at the clerk. She said the incident scared her so she left the store. The clerk told deputies that no one came into the store causing issues.

•a man and woman on Anglin Rd. returned to their residence and found a video game console and medications missing.

•complaints of a vehicle laying drags on Bell Wood Rd.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident at the intersection of Hwy. 129 and Galilee Church Rd.

•welfare check on Hunter Rd. for a woman who had an anxiety attack. The woman said she took her anxiety medication and was OK.

•a woman on Lyle Field Rd. complained about her brother leaving the gate to her cow pasture open on purpose.

•a woman on Meadow Park Ct. complained about her adult son not doing chores and being disrespectful.

•a woman on MLK Jr. Dr. said she heard someone messing with a vehicle in her back yard.

•a woman on Indian River Dr. complained about a friend not returning her vehicle in time and making excuses for why he hasn’t returned it. The friend later disconnected the vehicle’s GPS system, keeping the woman from seeing where the vehicle was at. The woman reported the vehicle stolen after that.

•a woman on Azalea Dr. complained about smelling marijuana outside her residence.

•complaints of a woman being aggressive towards a tow truck driver on Harrison Johnson Way. The woman had pawned the title to a vehicle in her husband’s name and wasn’t making payments.

•a woman on Swann Ct. said she told her husband she was going to divorce him and he responded by saying she would “regret it” and he would “beat her to a pulp and kill her.”

•a woman on Tyler B. Ln. complained about a man claiming to be with the Department of Family and Childrens Services coming to her residence asking for the whereabouts of a nearby residence.

•a woman on Lake Point Ct. said her neighbor’s told her they heard a loud noise and saw a man standing outside her residence. The man ran off when the neighbor’s confronted him.


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