Jefferson Police Department officers responded to complaints of a suspicious man approaching a juvenile male on Jefferson Ter. The man left the scene in a vehicle with another man

The men were described as wearing just robes and pants. The first man approached the juvenile and reportedly asked him where Jackson EMC was. The man handed the boy a piece of paper and allegedly began rubbing the boy’s hands.

The boy's uncle was in the front yard and approached the man and offered to give him directions to Jackson EMC. Instead, the man entered the vehicle, a gold Toyota minivan, and left the scene,


A man at the Pine Street Apartments told JPD officers another man punched him in the face and threatened to kill him.

The complainant said the man had no reason to assault him. The man told officers the complainant was driving away from the complex in a vehicle without a license plate or insurance and he tried to take the keys from the complainant.

A witness did not mention a punch in the face, but she said the man grabbed the complainant by the neck and threw him on the ground. She didn’t hear any death threats.

Both men were criminally trespassed from the apartment complex since neither live at the complex. Neither was arrested since all three stories had conflicting information.


Arrests recently made by the Jefferson PD were:

•Martin Lee Buffington, 29, 73 Elberta Dr., Jefferson – Buffington allegedly started yelling and "cussing" at a woman at his residence while he was intoxicated. The woman hid in a bathroom and Buffington allegedly beat on the door causing pieces to break and strike the woman

•Dekelivus Rayshad Madison, 28, 2290 Britley Ter., Atlanta – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

• dispute between a man and the rest of a household on Lynn Ave.

•a woman on Peachtree Rd. reported her tires being slashed after a dispute with an ex-boyfriend.

•physical dispute between employees at a warehouse on Logistics Pkwy.

•a Jefferson Academy student was found with a knife on a school bus.

•a woman on Hwy. 129 complained about buying a dog she thought was a full-blooded pit bulldog and registered from the Pendergrass Flea Market, but finding that the paperwork didn’t match the information. The woman paid $500 for the dog.

•complaints of a suspicious man attempting to enter an apartment on Heritage Ave. The man is the son of an elderly woman at the residence and he told officers his mother asked him to wait outside until a hospice nurse left. The nurse verified that it was OK for the man to be there.

•complaints of people smoking marijuana on Danielsville St.

•a woman on Cobb St. reported her tires on her vehicle being slashed. She believes her husband’s ex-wife slashed her tires as she had slashed the husband’s tires in the past.

•a $900 check from the City of Jefferson was fraudulently cashed by someone in Valdosta.

•a woman reported to the JPD someone fraudulently stole $6,000 from her checking account.

•a student at Jefferson Academy claimed a teacher pushed them into the music class room from behind. The teacher denied the assault and video footage did not show the teacher touch the student.

•a man on South Holland Dr. complained about receiving images of people being beheaded.

•a man assigned to retrieve an abandoned tractor trailer on Hwy. 129 found the truck damaged. The key was broken in the ignition and fluids were poured into the wrong area.

•a woman on Kissam St. reported her purse stolen.

•a woman on Nelson Dr. complained about nearly going bankrupt sending money to inmates her son is locked up with at multiple prisons. The woman says the son has been moved to five different facilities and at each one he has requested she send money to inmates to keep himself from being attacked.

•a man said a hitchhiker stole his vehicle from Hwy. 129.

•complaints of three dogs killing a cat on Thornhill Cir.

•vehicle accident with a mailbox on Brakeman Cir.

•a vehicle possibly rear-ended a school bus on Winder Hwy.

•a vehicle side-swiped another vehicle as it attempted to pass in the grass outside a turning lane on Jett Roberts Rd.

•rear-end accidents on Washington St. and Hwy. 129.

•multiple separate rear-end accidents in a turning lane on Hwy. 129.

•rear-end accident involving three vehicles on Athens St.

•a vehicle was side-swiped by a tractor trailer while both attempted to turn right from the I-85 off-ramp.

•vehicle accidents with deer on Old Swimming Pool Rd. and Hwy. 129.

•a vehicle failed to hold its lane and side-swiped a vehicle traveling the opposite direction on MLK Jr. Ave.

•a tractor trailer T-boned a vehicle at the intersection of Hwy. 129 and I-85. Both drivers claimed the other ran a red-light.


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