The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) and other agencies reported the following arrests in the county:


•Richard Lamar Wilson, 42, 146 Almond St., Toccoa — identity theft when using or possessing identification information concerning a person.

•Luis Gerado Guevara, 20, 3240 Roy Parks Rd., Gainesville — furnishing, purchasing and possession of alcoholic beverages by persons below the legal limit, public drunkenness.

•Christopher Paul Lunsford, 44, 2912 Parrott Ave., Atlanta — driving with a suspended license.

•Corazon Sepulveda, 24, 2542 Dana Dr., Gainesville — driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to stop for a stop sign.

•Tydra Malik Smith Sr., 23, 202 South Orion St., Kingston, N.C. — driving without a license, commercial vehicle hours of service violation, speeding.

•Kenneth James Eder, 31, 655 Independence Ave., Pendergrass — furnishing, purchasing and possession of alcoholic beverages for persons below the legal limit.

•Lukeshia Roshunda Bailey, 31, 458 Holiday Cemetery Rd., Jefferson – simple battery.

•Alejandro Palacios, 21, 1249 Park Ave., Tarrant, Ala. — possession of a firearm during the commission or attempt to commit a crime, two violations of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

•Charlotte Teresa Hamilton, 63, 240 Duck Rd., Braselton — three counts of simple assault.

•Cindy Sheree Pardue, 35, 1371 West Drive, Gainesville — disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, public indecency.

•Linda Sue Parsons, 62, 549 Danielsville St., Jefferson — driving with a suspended license.

•Katherine Abigail Stephens, 25, 67 Berkley Ln. — simple battery.

•Jeffrey Wade Williams, 34, 4144 New Kings Bridge Rd., Nicholson — driving with a suspended license.

•Casondra Frances Gosnell, 33, 221 Crystal Wood Dr., Clarkesville — probation violation.

•Cobby Antonio Hancock, 47, 2455 Floyd Rd., Gainesville — probation violation.

•Michael Anthony Maxwell, 46, 4626 Turning Leaf Dr., Gillesville — held for court.

•Jessica Alene Cox, 34, 111 Hawks Ct., Nicholson – affray

•Arton Lecalic, 26, 1869 Appaloosa Apt. 2113, Buford — simple battery.

•Eva Letisha Ryder, 42, 248 Hawks Ct., Nicholson — affray.

•Kenneth Edward Greer, 45, 210 Hope Dr., Comer — criminal trespass.

•Daniel Clark Heath, 34, 711 Hillside Way, Maysville — criminal damage to property, simple battery, violation of family violence order.

•Kenneth Colby Reed, 38, 2425 Gravel Springs Rd., Buford — simple assault.


•Joshua Earl Wilson, 35, 432 Blueberry Ln., Winder — possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of drug-related objects, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime, failure to maintain lane, possession of marijuana (less than one ounce).

•Nicholas Owen Reynolds, 22, 131 Belmont Apt 2C, Brooklyn, N.Y. — giving false name and date of birth.

•Brandon Keith Lance, 34, 346 Martin Rd., Talmo — possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of a controlled substance (diazepam, Schedule IV), possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of a controlled substance (morphine), possession of a controlled substance (oxycodone), possession of drug-related objects, drugs not in original container, probation violation.


•Delilah Gabrielle Bolton, 19, 359 Pine Forest Way, Commerce — theft by taking.

•Cristal Leeann Bingham, 35, 515 Carruth Rd., Jefferson — disorderly conduct.

•Colby James Bohannan, 37, 197 Lexington Rd., Carlton — driving under the influence of alcohol, driving on roadways laned for traffic, required position and methods of turning at intersections.

•Ethan Jacob Epps, 17, 278 Millwood Dr., Commerce — criminal trespass.

•Andrea Ann Neubert, 39, 9038 Jefferson St., Commerce — disorderly conduct.

•Dana Ray Rice, 51, 330 Wyntercreek Way, Commerce — two counts of obstructing an officer, harassing phone calls, terroristic threats.

•Hassan Ali Isong, 25, 124 Franklin Dr., Central, S.C. — driving with a suspended license, headlight violation.

•Xavier Rashad Clark, 20, 284 Arlington Ln., Commerce — criminal trespass, disorderly conduct.

•Susan Kay Collins, 37, 4619 Hudson River Church Rd., Danielsville — possession of methamphetamine, possession of hydrocodone, possession and use of drug-related objects, forgery, registration and license requirement penalties, stop sign and yield sign violations.

•Jordan Caurdale Brock, 20, 21 Reggie Ingram Rd., Commerce – held for another agency.

•John Michael Reed, 46, 773 Ila Rd., Commerce – driving with a suspended license.

•Lisa Marie Bagwell, 54, 2810 Hwy. 98, Maysville — criminal trespass.


•Christy Renee Gibson, 28, 5509 White Hall Rd., Lula — driving on the wrong side of the road, driving with a suspended license, failure to maintain lane.


•Landun Cale Brock, 19, 20 Reggie Ingram Rd., Commerce — held for another agency.

•Keara Michelle Trammell, 18, 229 Spring Brooks Ct., Jefferson — financial transaction card fraud.

•Samuel Kavon Epps, 22, 1561 Annapolis Way, Grayson — possession of marijuana (less than one ounce), possession of drug-related objects, driving with a suspended license, tag light requirement violation.


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