The following incidents were recently reported by the Arcade Police Department:

  • agency assist on Hwy. 129 where officers assisted with Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Georgia State Patrol with a multi-vehicle crash with an injury.
  • civil matter on Trotters Trace where a woman said she wanted a roommate to leave.
  • 911 hangup and animal control-nuisance on Rock Forge Rd. where animal control was called for dogs running at-large.
  • debris on roadway on Hwy. 129 where a log was found in the road.
  • harassing communications on Nathaniel Dr. where a woman reported a man was harassing her.
  • welfare check on Hwy. 82 where officers checked on two people who were OK.
  • disorderly conduct on Rock Forge Ln. where siblings had an argument and a window was broken during the dispute.
  • theft by taking on Double Bridges Rd. where a man reported someone stole his credit cards.
  • noise violation on Grace Dr. where someone reported loud music.
  • damage to property on Jefferson River Rd. where a vehicle was damaged by an object that came off another vehicle.
  • harassing communications on Nathaniel Dr. where a woman reported another woman continuously called her residence asking about her son.
  • driving while license is suspended or revoked and unregistered vehicle on Hwy. 129 where a man was arrested during a traffic stop.
  • verbal dispute on Rock Forge Ln. where family members had an argument.


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