The following incidents were recently reported by the Arcade Police Department:

  • suspicious incident on Sandy Lane Ct. where an anonymous caller wanted officers to remove their boyfriend's son from a location.
  • suspicious incident on Hightower Ct. where a cable line had been severed.
  • agency assist on Woodland Hills Dr. where someone reported hanging power or cable lines.
  • agency assist on Stan Evans Dr. where officers administered an alcohol breath test.
  • sexual exploitation of children and harassing communications on Rock Forge Rd. The incident was turned over to investigators.
  • theft by taking and criminal trespass on Hwy. 82. No additional information was given.
  • burglary on Trotters Ridge Rd. where a man said someone broke into his residence and took a semi-automatic pistol.
  • agency assist on Sandy Lane Ct. where officers received an email from an Adult Protective Services case manager about a man's welfare and possible exploitation. The man said he was fine and had no concerns. 
  • damage to property on I-85 where a patrol car was damaged.
  • suspicious incident on Athens Hwy. where a man found wooden stakes and ribbons in his driveway and yard.
  • criminal trespass on Hwy. 82. No additional details were given.
  • agency assist on White Oak Trail where officers responded to a med call.
  • driving under the influence (DUI)-less safe; driving without a license; and failure to maintain lane on Hwy. 129 where a person was arrested during a traffic stop.
  • agency assist on N. Trotters Way where an elderly man fell, but was not injured.
  • suspicious incident on Athens Hwy. where officers found a vehicle possibly linked to recent thefts.


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