The following incidents were recently reported to the Arcade Police Department:

•assist Georgia State Patrol trooper with an accident scene on Hwy. 129 North.

•abandoned vehicle on Poppy Ln.

•cruelty to animals on Stone Rd., where a woman reported horses, dogs and chickens on the property not being fed or watered.

•harassing communications at a Rock Forge Ln. residence, where a woman reported receiving a call from a “Chinese sounding” man advising an iPhone 11 had been purchased on her Amazon account.

•damage to property at Chapman Fence Company, Athens Hwy., where an Arcade Police Department patrol officer reported he backed into a billboard sign pole causing minor damage to his patrol vehicle.

•assist Georgia State Patrol trooper with an accident scene on the Major Damon Gause Bypass at Hwy. 82 South.

•assist motorist with a flat tire on the Major Damon Gause Bypass at Hwy. 82 South.

•assist medical unit at an Athens Hwy. residence, where an intoxicated man fell in his kitchen and cut his nose and hit his eye.

•disorderly conduct at a residence where a domestic dispute was reported between a woman and her son.

•suspicious incident on B. Whitfield Rd., where the complainant reported hearing screaming and yelling through the woods in the area of Hidden Oaks Ln. and Hidden Oaks Trl.

•no insurance, operating an unregistered vehicle and warrant served on Rock Forge Rd. at Stone Rd., where a traffic stop was conducted.

•verbal dispute between a man and woman at a Rock Forge Ln. residence.

•assist motorist with a disabled vehicle on Hwy. 129 South.

•animal complaint on Hwy. 129 South where a cow was running loose.

•suspicious incident on Sandy Lane Ct., where a man reported receiving a phone call from a foreign speaking person telling him he had won $5 million and they were going to send a car to pick him up and take him and his check to the bank.

•abandoned vehicle on Hwy. 129 at Terry Farm Rd.

•welfare check on an eight-year-old juvenile at a Hickory Trl. residence.

•suicide threats/attempt at a Davis Rd. residence.

•verbal dispute between a tenant and landlord at a White Oak Trl. residence.

•assist motorist who ran out of gas on Jefferson River Rd.

•ungovernable child at a Rock Forge Rd. residence.

•abandoned vehicle on Jefferson River Rd.

•suspicious incident at the Depot Tavern, Peppers St., where an intoxicated person was reportedly attempting to get in a vehicle and leave.

•assist motorist with a disabled vehicle on the Major Damon Gause Bypass at Arcade Park St.


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