Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to a residence on Pleasant Acres Dr. that was broken into. The residence was ransacked and some items were stolen.

The resident said his bank alerted him about a check that someone attempted to cash for $3,800. He called his neighbor who checked on the residence and discovered the burglary.

The burglars entered the residence by prying open a back door. Two handguns, a laptop and 21 checks were found stolen from the living room. In a bedroom, a safe was found opened and ripped from a wall. Two rifles were stolen from the safe. The total value of all the items stolen was estimated at $2,100.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•dispute between a mother and her son on Nichols Rd. over the son inviting his friends inside their residence for food.

•a man on Silver Dollar Rd. complained about a neighbor’s two dogs chasing him. The man said he had to jump his fence to elude the dogs and he injured the right side of his body.

•complaints of people shooting guns towards a residence on Plainview Rd. The people shooting were determined to be shooting in a safe manner on their own property but the complainant disagreed with deputies.

•complaints of two dogs biting a child on Hillside Way.

•a woman on Latty Ln. complained about a man beating on her door and windows asking her to let him inside. He left when she called 911.

•a woman on Yarbrough Ridgeway Rd. complained about a dog coming on her property and killing two of her cats.

•a woman on Edwin Reynolds Rd. complained about a woman threatening her through social media. She says she blocked the woman, but she makes fake accounts to continue harassing her.

•a woman on Owens Rd. complained about two men arguing at her residence.


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