An Arcade man reported a break-in and burglary last week when a shotgun, tools and other items were stolen at his White Oak Trail residence.

The man said his home was entered through a rear window and that his bedroom door was kicked in.

Other incidents recently reported to the Arcade Police Department were:

•theft on Athens Hwy. where a woman said a bottle of Percocet was stolen from her purse.

•criminal trespass on Rock Forge Rd. where a woman said a man entered her property and beat on the windows of her home. The man said he went to the residence to retrieve a dog, but denied beating on the windows.

•agency assist on Lebanon Church Rd. where an officer helped the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrest a man who fled on foot after being served a warrant.

•city ordinance violation on Hightower Trail where a man living in a motor-home was cited by a code enforcement officer for disposal of human waste on his property. The man reportedly tore up his copy of the citation. The law enforcement officer who responded to the scene contacted Georgia Power about the man possibly stealing power, but Georgia Power did not report theft of services.

•disorderly conduct on Rock Forge Rd. where a woman said a neighbor made loud, derogatory remarks toward her.

•suspicious incident on Meadow Lane where a man, claiming to be a sergeant from the Chicago Police Department, said a man and woman were using illegal drugs and had scales in his brother’s home.

•suspicious incident on Hightower Trail where gun fire was reported in the area.

•agency assist on Meadow Lane where a man reported that he was having trouble breathing and that someone was trying to stab him. Officers responding to the scene determined there was no stabbing attempt.

•runaway juvenile reported on Hwy. 82 South where a woman found a child alongside the road. The child said she was running away to her father’s house. The child was returned to her mother.

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