A man, who had several arrest warrants and said he wanted to die, was recently apprehended by law enforcement after trying to flee an Ila Rd. residence in Commerce.

Commerce police officers and Jackson County deputies were called to the address twice on the same date. The man eluded officers the first time, running into the woods, before being apprehend during their second response.

After being caught, the man told police he had taken 30 Xanax earlier in an attempt to kill himself.

The man then began hitting his head against a partition in a Jackson County patrol car, causing a cut. Due to the man’s mental state and injuries, he was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center instead of being taken to the Jackson County jail.

Other recent incidents reported to the Commerce Police Department were:

•theft by taking on Oconee Ln. where a man reported wood stolen from a home construction site.

•driving without a license, safety belt violation and windshield wiper violation on I-85 where a motorist was cited for those violations after a traffic stop.

•driving with a suspended license on Mt. Olive Rd. and failure to maintain lane where a motorist was cited for those violations following a traffic stop. The driver also had a warrant for his arrest out of Spalding County, which stipulated a range of 75 miles for a pick-up. Since the traffic stop occurred outside of that range, the man was not arrested.

•harassment on South Elm St. where the complainant made multiple accusations against a woman. She said the woman stood in front of her vehicle to block her path, then chased her in her vehicle on North Elm St. before beating on the complainant’s vehicle at a four-way stop and then threatening to come to her residence and beat her up.

•criminal trespass on Sam Brown Blvd. where a woman said she saw a vehicle strike and break her mailbox when pulling into her driveway.

•fraud on South Elm St. where a man said he believes his financial information was stolen after using his cards to buy gas at a local station. After using his debit card, he noticed a fraudulent charge of $1,180 that night out of Red Wood, Calif. on his bank statement. He later bought fuel at the station using another card and saw a fraudulent charge of $283 on his statement also out of Red Wood, Calif.

•terroristic threats and acts on Wildcat Ln. where a woman complained of problems with a neighbor’s dogs, saying this is a common occurrence. A witness at the residence heard an unidentified male at a neighboring property say he was “tired of that old hag,” referring to the complainant, and then said, “I should go put a bullet through their head.”


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