Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an assault on Stillwater Ln. where a teenage girl allegedly attacked her father and grandfather before threatening to murder them and her grandmother.

The teen attempted to run away when the grandfather saw her near the road with a suitcase. The grandfather told the father, who convinced the teen to come back inside. An argument ensued and the grandfather said he saw the teen hit the father in the face. He said he tried to detain the teen and she bit him in the arm causing him to bleed. The teen walked out of the residence after allegedly stating “I will murder all of you.” The father and grandmother confirmed the threats.

The teen claimed the father and grandfather tried to pin her down in her room. She admitted to threatening her family. She said she wanted to run away to the Department of Family and Children Services claiming she doesn’t think she’s in a good home.

Department of Juvenile Justice officers transported the teen to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Dalton.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•assisted EMS with a transport from Rock Forge Rd.

•a tree fell onto a vehicle on Swann Ct.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a two-vehicle accident on Hwy. 129.

•a man on Lebanon Church Rd. accidentally cut his finger with a knife.

•a woman on Winder Hwy. says a neighbor’s dogs are malnourished.

•assisted the GSP with a vehicle fire on Hwy. 82.

•a man on Lebanon Church Rd. said another driver tried to run him off the road.

•a woman on Galilee Church Rd. said her juvenile daughter spotted a juvenile boy behind the Cantrell Forest Products building.

•a man on Harris Ln. complained about his brother threatening his wife. On a later date, the man complained about the brother sending a child to his residence in the rain to gain contact with his mother.

•a woman on Hightower Trl. complained about her estranged wife kicking her out of their bedroom and calling her vulgar names.

•a woman on Windy Hill Rd. complained about her daughter’s landlord harassing her daughter while she’s in the hospital.

•a man on Wexford Ct. reported the license plate stolen off his vehicle.

•complaints of a vehicle doing donuts in the Gum Springs Elementary School parking lot.

•a vehicle was abandoned on Johnson Mill Rd. after striking a tree.

•assisted the GSP with a single-vehicle accident on Brockton Rd.

•complaints of a vehicle at a vacant residence on McMullan Rd. where a man was recently evicted. The man was at the residence gathering belongings and claimed he had a deal with his landlord to retrieve the items.

•a man on Hunter Rd. complained about a woman trying to enter his residence.

•a woman on Andrew Ridge Rd. complained about getting into an argument with her mother.

•a woman on Wingate Cir. complained about an argument she had with her mother and brother over them not letting her take her children to a babysitter.

•a woman on Fairways Ln. complained about fraudulent charges made to her company account. The charges totalled $1,700.

•a woman reported her gun stolen on Clover Ridge Rd.

•a man on Hunter Rd. reported antiques and trash bags stolen from his residence.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Brockton Rd.

•a woman on Old Pendergrass Rd. complained about her teenage brother instigating a fight with her. The woman had injuries to her face as a result of the fight. The brother had left the scene and the woman said the brother has similar injuries.

•a man on Lavender Rd. reported two ladders stolen from his property.

•vehicle accident with a tree on Ethridge Rd.


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