Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies were recently called to a residence on Ivy Creek Dr. because of a dispute between a mother and her son.

The mother and another man downplayed the incident because they didn’t want to split the family up, however, because it was a family violence incident, the son was taken to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Gainesville.

When the deputy entered the residence, he saw the teen walking towards his mother yelling “slap me.” The woman was backing away from the teen and appeared to be scared. The deputy handcuffed the teen, but he continued yelling at the mother. The mother claimed the teen bit her on her finger.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•attempted a welfare check on a woman on Stapler Dr. The complainant said the woman’s boyfriend threatened to shoot them and she hasn't heard from the woman since.

•complaints of suspicious activity on Hunters Ridge Rd. The complainant said he saw people pushing a motorcycle.

•a woman on Hawks Ct, complained about finding her boyfriend cheating on her. The boyfriend left walking and she was unable to leave in her vehicle because a gate was closed.

•complaints of two suspicious vehicles on Sandy Creek Rd. being on the property of a man in the hospital. The owners of the vehicle were family members of the man and were allowed to be on the property.

•a man on James Maxwell Rd. complained about a woman accusing him of stealing her identity and taking nude photos of her.

•a woman on Ivy Creek Dr. complained about her boyfriend taking her house key and refusing to give it back. The boyfriend reportedly told her to have him evicted if she wanted him gone.

•a woman on Hunters Ridge Rd. complained about hearing gunshots and seeing someone driving a four-wheeler.

•dispute between a man and his aunt inside a vehicle on Old Kings Bridge Rd.

•a woman on Wilson Cemetery Rd. complained about a woman leaving her residence with a child before the child was properly placed in a car seat.

•a man on Pace Dr. complained about his vehicle being keyed.

•complaints of people shooting towards the roadway on Staplers Bridge Rd. A father and son were shooting towards a hill, but were facing the road.

•dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend on Kesler Rd. The boyfriend said they argued over the woman’s behavior and how it might get her children taken away.


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