The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple incidents recently where automobiles were entered and items were taken.

Six incidents were reported in northern Jackson County with four incidents occurring on the same road in Pendergrass and two on the same road in Maysville.

In Pendergrass, four incidents were reported on Emily Forest Way where:

•a man said his truck was broken into and his amplifier was stolen.

•a man said a bottle of cologne and “maybe some CDs” where taken from his vehicle.

•a man said someone entered his unlocked car and stole a dash camera, some CDs and a gift card.

•a man said someone entered both of his vehicles. A fire department service jacket was taken from one of the vehicles.

In Maysville, two occurred on Marlow Rd. In Maysville where:

•a man said a pair of hunting knives were stolen from his personal truck and a combo kit, including a drill, and other tools were stolen from his work truck.

•a woman said someone stole a black hard hat from her husband’s truck.

Jackson County sheriff Janice Magnum recently took to Facebook to address issue of items being stolen from vehicles saying, “Please remove all valuables from your vehicles … Don’t make it easy for these people who choose to steal instead of work for what they get.”


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Commerce:

•suspicious activity on Ila Rd. where a black truck was spotted parked in the lot of the USDA’s office. A person was seen to be walking around in the woods.

•suspicious activity on Ruby Ln. where a complainant reported hearing a noise outside their residence and possibly seeing a shadow.

•theft by taking on Jefferson Rd. where a man said a skid steer owned by a cemetery was stolen.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Maysville:

•dispute on Bob Mann Rd. where a woman said her husband began throwing things in their home, including the dining room table, and then left with their son in reaction to her waking him up. The man said his wife awoke him aggressively and admitted acting aggressively in return. He said “he never put his hands on her,” however, according to the incident report.

•suspicious activity on Adams Rd. where a man said another man came to his residence and requested to use his phone. The asked the man for his ID, but the man couldn’t produce one and said he needed to call his boss. The complainant told the man he was calling 911 and said the man then ran off into the woods.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Jefferson:

•suspicious activity on Thyatira-Brockton Rd. where a man reported hearing knocking sounds on his window.

•enticing a child for indecent purposes and harassing communications on Holiday Cemetery Rd. where a woman said her juvenile son had been receiving inappropriate messages and photos of an adult male via social media and game chat. The woman said this man was sending her son images of him dressed as a woman in intimate clothing. She also said the man, who she believes lives in Florida, is sending messages to her son about being together and using marijuana.

•DFACS referral on Waterside Ct. where a man who was to adopt a juvenile learn that the juvenile has had past charges of child molestation. The man said he has children at the residence and could no longer allow the juvenile to stay there.

•burglary on Galilee Church Rd. where a woman returned home and found her residence ransacked. A wallet, makeup bag and inactive cell phones were missing from her bedroom, while a man reported that a backpack with $100 in it, as well as a pair shoes, were gone.

•temporary protective order (TPO) on Lake Vista Dr. where the man being served the TPO was not at the address.

•information on Jackson’s Walk where a man said he received an email threat from someone who would sent videos to all of his contacts showing him viewing pornographic websites if he did not pay $2,000 in Bitcoin. The man said he believed it was a scam. He was instructed to delete the email.

•information at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. A man reported that his business partner used $5,000 worth of funds for roofing material and hasn’t repaid the money.

•theft by taking on P.J. Roberts Rd. where a man said someone stole a trailer from the property.

•motor vehicle theft on Hwy. 124 where a woman said one of her son’s friends took her car and never returned.

•burglary on Hunter Rd. where a number of tools and equipment were missing from a shop at a residence.

•financial transaction card theft on Hwy. 129 where a man said he made purchases at a fast-food restaurant and noticed debit card transactions the next day that he didn’t make. The man believes the cashier at the restaurant kept his debit card and made fraudulent transactions.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Nicholson:

•information on Cabin Creek Rd. where gun shots were reported.

•animal complaint on Pace Dr. where a man said one of his neighbor’s dogs tried to bite him.

•dispute on Jefferson Rd. and Hwy. 441 where a woman said “her friend with benefits” became irate with her during a debate in her vehicle. The woman said she was afraid this man, who had guns in the vehicle, might harm her due to past threats to her and her family. The man said nothing happened between him and that he had no firearms in the vehicle.

•financial card transaction theft on Jim David Rd. where a woman said she thinks another woman at her residence took her Turbo Tax debit card containing her tax return and stimulus package money. She also said that others at the residence could have taken the card as well.

•criminal trespass and theft by taking on Brockton Rd. where a man said someone tore down his real estate sign and threw it to the wood line.

•terroristic threats and acts on Blackhore Trail where a woman said her husband threatened he would “blow her (expletive) brains out” if he had a gun. The husband allegedly made the threat multiple times. The woman said she was assaulted by her husband in January.

•information on Pine Ridge Place where a man reported gun shots very close to his house.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in North Jackson:

•dispute on Kimberly Rd. in Pendergrass where a juvenile was having an outburst over taking his medication.

•simple battery on Holly Springs Rd. in Pendergrass where a woman said her step mother pulled her down and struck her in the face three times after a disagreement over medication being given to her father.

•dispute on Valley Way in Pendergrass were a man said his neighbor threatened to kill his dogs. The neighbor said the dogs were disturbing his wife.

•suspicious activity on Lipscomb Lake Rd. in Pendergrass where a man said someone cut the lights off of their vehicle and shined a flashlight into his eyes. He said this has occurred multiple times.

•animal complaint on Silverwood Dr. in Gillsville where a woman said her neighbor’s pit bull entered her property and attacked and killed her chihuahua. The dog died at a veterinarians office due to injuries sustained during the attack. The neighbor agreed to pay the veterinary bill but later refused after seeing footage of the attack, saying it wasn’t her dog.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in South Jackson:

•harassing communications on Crystal Ln. in Bogart where a man said his sister’s phone had been hacked by her ex-husband.

•damage to property on Tallassee Rd. in Athens where a man said a cabinet from a truck trailer fell in the road way and struck his vehicle. The cabinet damaged the driver-side lower bumper and under carriage. It also left multiple scratches.

•suspicious activity on Commerce Rd. In Athens where a man and woman were discovered sleeping in a vehicle in a church parking lot. The man said he had been “kicked out” of his residence because he was not allowed to have the woman at the residence.

•agency assist on Archer Grove School Rd. in Athens where a deputy responded to a heroin overdose. A woman tried to take a man who had overdosed to the emergency room but called 911 en route and stopped at a church parking lot.

•theft by taking on Old Wages Rd. in Statham where a man reported buying a $450 purchase of an Nintendo Switch on Facebook Market to a seller who immediately deleted the Facebook ad and stopped communication between the two.

The JCSO recently responded to the following in West Jackson:

•theft by conversion on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported she left her vehicle at a convenience store and someone picked it up for her. She later got a call from someone, who claimed they'd purchased the vehicle and needed the title.

•burglary on Morris Creek Dr. where someone took a new gas range and microwave from a construction site.

•information on New Liberty Church Rd. where a man reported an Instagram user sent him private messages of his truck and told him to meet them at an address. The Instagram user said if he called the police, he wouldn't like the outcome.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted after a vehicle rear-ended another. EMS tended to one of the drivers, who didn't want to be transported.


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