A pair of thefts reported at approximately the same time in the same area last week in South Jackson resulted in a truck, pistol, phone and ham sandwich being stolen.

The thefts were both reported on April 1.

In one incident, a man said someone stole his truck, which had a pistol inside it, while he was making a delivery at Richmar Rd. and Commerce Rd. According to the man, the driver’s side window was busted out. The truck is valued at $25,000.

In the other incident, a man said someone took the sawblade from the back of his truck, broke the driver side window and stole a cellular phone from the truck cab and a ham sandwich from a cooler while the vehicle was parked on Commerce Rd.

The man was working and had left the truck to check on his crew, according to the incident report. He said he saw a white male with long curly hair sitting on Jarrett Rd. — which is in the vicinity of the other theft — before he left his truck.

The responding officer, who noted the other theft in his report, placed an extra patrol for trucks working in the area.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Commerce:

•criminal trespass and entering automobile on Woods Bridge Rd. where a man said $6,000 was taken from his vehicle after someone used a cinder block to break the driver side window of his automobile. Thousands of dollars worth of tools, however, were left in the vehicle, according to the incident report. The man said he saw someone resembling his niece's boyfriend standing near the vehicle that day. He said this person had attempted to steal the vehicle several weeks ago. 

•Information on I-85 where a man, doing surveying work, said he found a pistol with 12 rounds of ammunition laying in the grass.

•agency assist on Ila Rd. where an officer responded to an automobile accident where both motorists were taken to St. Mary’s hospital in Athens with injuries.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Jefferson:

•animal complaint on Arcade Park St. where a man said a dog killed one of his chickens.

•simple battery on Feldspar Dr. where a woman said one juvenile struck another juvenile multiple times.

•dispute on McCreery Dr. over tree service trucks driving down a man’s driveway. A man from the tree service said his crew was under contract from Jackson EMC and was checking for powerlines needing brush cleared from them. The property owner said the trucks drove down his driveway “for no reason,” noting that his power lines are underground. He used his vehicle to block the trucks from leaving his driveway. The man told the responding officer that he believed the men were inspecting his property for items to steal. The man was told he could not “restrict the movement of another individual without authority.”

•damage to Holiday Cemetery Rd. where a woman alleged that a dog entered her property and bit two of her boyfriend’s vehicles, causing a reported $3,000 damage to the automobiles.

•animal complaint on Winder Hwy. where a man said a neighbor’s pit bull came into his yard charged at him.

•information from the Brunswick County (N.C.) Sheriff’s Office which contacted the JCSO about recovering a Glock 22 that had “Jackson County Sheriff’s Office” and a Georgia seal stamped on it. The weapon was not listed as stolen.

•dispute on Riley Rd. where a man said his neighbor shot a firearm in the air three times and told him to turn down the music in his vehicle. The neighbor denied firing shots and complained of noise coming from the complainant’s residence regularly. The neighbor also said the complainant has threatened him and his wife.

•dispute on Cypress Place where a woman said her husband head-butted her during an argument. The man denied doing so.

•four incidents of deposit account fraud from fictitious checks on Commerce Rd. A business reported a total of $16,230 worth of checks returned from the bank that it did not write.

•harassing communications on Hardeman Way where a woman said a man continues to contact her on the phone for the past two months despite being told to stop. The woman said the man also posted a nude photo of her on social media.

•damage to property on Jefferson Rd. where a telephone poll was struck by a Jackson County Department of Corrections tractor. The driver of the tractor said he lost control of the vehicle, which went off the roadway and struck the pole.

•suspicious activity on Winder Hwy. where a man was reportedly shouting and cursing while riding a bicycle. When located by an officer, the man said he was rapping while riding the bike. The man had a warrant for his arrest in Illinois “with an in-state pick-up only and they would not extradite,” according to the report.

•found property on Jefferson River Rd. at River Meadows Rd. where drug items were discovered. A blade scale and used syringe were both found at the entrance of a subdivision.

•burglary on Brockton Rd. where a television and antique churn were stolen from a residence. The front door window of the home was broken, while an outside window was opened and the screen was cut out.

•a stalking order and temporary protective order were issued against a man on Washington St.

•information on Commerce Rd. where a man claimed to have been shot. The man said he heard voices coming from behind his shed, then heard a loud bang. He said he later felt a pain in his shoulder. The responding officer didn’t see any evidence of a bullet wound. The man reportedly takes medication for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and has had issues with “hearing things” in the past.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Maysville:

•terroristic threats and simple assault on Hillside Way where a juvenile threatened to kill his mother and broke a window at the residence. The juvenile denied breaking the window or threatening to kill his mother when talking to an officer. The woman’s husband said he witnessed the threats being made. The Department of Juvenile Justice, as well as the juvenile’s probation officer, were contacted and the juvenile was turned over to the region youth detention center in Gainesville.

•suspicious activity on Pine Tree Cir. where a man said he feared “someone was after him,” according to the incident report. According to the report, the man was “talking pretty random, at times not really making sense.”

•suspicious activity on Hillside Way where a man reported that two vehicles were “burning tires” and speeding past his residence daily.

•agency assist on Silver Dollar Rd. where officers responded to a possible suicide attempt. A woman reportedly took over 30 Prozac and 20 Meloxicam and was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

•information on Unity Church Rd. where a man reported that a truck without a tag parked on the roadside beside his home for 15 minutes. The man made the report because his four-wheeler had been stolen the previous week.

•dispute on Gillsville Rd. where a man said three people accused him of riding a stolen dirt bike. The man said the group followed him to a church parking lot to confront him. Law enforcement ran a check on the dirt bike and found there were no reports of it being stolen.

•simple battery on Hickory Way where a woman said a man came into a trailer, threw a hammer at her and another person and grabbed her by the back of the neck and “threw her around.” She said the man then bear-hugged her and they eventually fell out of the camper. Officers were unable to locate the man when responding to the scene.

•agency assist on Deadwyler Rd. where a man had taken several tramadol, fluoxetine and hydroxyzine. He was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital for medication consumption and a mental evaluation.

•theft by taking on Hale Rd. where a woman said a truck was stolen from the residence.

•suspicious activity on Chandler Cemetery Rd. where a man said the chain and padlock on the gate to his property had been cut with bolt cutters.

•aggravated assault on Slater Rd. where a man said his wife’s ex-husband hit him with a flashlight, causing a large cut on his head.

•information on Panhandle Cir. where a woman said she believes hand-to-hand drug transactions are occurring on the corner of Panhandle Cir. and Silver Dollar Rd. The woman said her husband saw a black male standing at the corner, where a SUV stopped and an exchange of “something” occurred. The woman said she is “now scared for her life, and she did not know black people lived in the area.”


The JCSO recently responded to the following in Nicholson:

•suspicious activity on Lakeview Dr. where a man reported a bullet embedded in the deck of his pontoon boat. The bullet could have been the result of people shooting firearms in the air, according to the incident report.

•dispute on Kesler Rd. where a man said his roommate slapped him in the face after he asked that a girl leave his bathroom so he could use it. The roommate said he did not strike the man.

•theft by taking on Old Kings Bridge Rd. where a couple reported that they allowed a man to use their trailer over a month ago and he hasn’t returned it.

•criminal trespass and vandalism on J.S. Williamson Ct. where a complainant reported damage to a swimming pool. Several cuts, possibly made with a knife, were discovered in the pool’s liner.

•harassment on Jennings Lane where a woman said her fiancé’s aunt showed up at her residence and tried to get inside the home and later sent multiple text messages to her fiancé before being told to stop.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in North Jackson:

•criminal damage and obstruction of officers on Old State Rd. in Pendergrass where a man said his brother went to take a shower at his residence and then began destroying the bathroom and threatened to kill him. The man’s brother, who was covered in blood, according to the incident report, also fought with law enforcement officers who responded to the scene, forcing them to Tase him. Emergency medical services attended to him and he was transported to the hospital. While awaiting medical transport, he “continued to talk out of his head,” and attempted to spit on everyone, according to the report. The incident report did not indicate an arrest.

•suicide threats on Holly Springs Rd. in Pendergrass. The Georgia Crisis Center was called to the scene, who performed an evaluation on a woman and ordered her to be transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for further evaluation.

•suspicious activity on Village Pkwy. in Pendergrass where two women said someone was shining a flashlight into their residence from the road.

•damage to property on Hwy. 129 in Talmo were a man said a guidewire came down across the roadway and struck the front of his truck.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in South Jackson:

•suspicious activity on Moore Rd. in Athens where a woman heard four shots fired in the area. A neighbor told the responding officer that he shot four times at a coyote.

•criminal trespass on Commerce Rd. in Athens where locks had been cut to the gate of the Louisiana-Pacific plant.

•dispute on Commerce Rd. in Athens where a man reportedly kicked and slapped his mother. The woman would not return to the residence to talk to an officer about the dispute and was uncooperative, according to the incident report.

•criminal trespass on Savage Rd. in Bogart where a man said someone cut the lock off his cable and replaced it with their lock.

•physical abuse was disclosed to a counselor during session on Old Commerce Rd. The counselor notified law enforcement.

•reckless activity on Moore Rd. where a woman said her neighbor struck her with a close fist, knocking her glasses off, after the woman complained about noise from the neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor and a witness both said the woman spat in the neighbor’s face, which the woman denied. The neighbor, who said she struck the woman after being spat upon, told the responding officer she feared that the woman has COVID-19.


The JCSO recently responded to the following in West Jackson:

•incident on Hwy. 124 where employees at a Hoschton supermarket recently reported customers were coughing on merchandise and placing it back on shelves. Employees reported seeing two younger females were picking up items near the deli section, coughing on them and placing them back. Officers spoke with two women and a juvenile female about the incident. One of the women reportedly got upset about having to give their information, but they ultimately gave the information to deputies. No arrest was made.

•dispute on Ward Rd. where a woman said her father came into her bedroom while she and her husband were sleeping and clapped his hands, waking a baby up. He also reportedly threw a crock-pot and broke it.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted with a wreck between a Nissan Juke and a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver had a visible head injury and was taken to the hospital. The driver of the Nissan said she didn't see the motorcycle when she tried to make her turn. The scene was turned over to the Georgia State Patrol.

•harassment on Davenport Rd. where a man reported a fired employee harassed him after he took money out of his paycheck for stealing a generator from the company. The suspect reportedly told the man, "I promise you will have more problems than you ever wanted," and told him "your heart pumps puppy p**s." The complainant believed he and his family were in danger.

•abandoned vehicle; hit and run; and failure to maintain lane where someone left a vehicle that was found resting against a tree. Officers said there were multiple opened alcohol beverages inside.

•agency assist on I-85 where officers assisted with a wreck. One of the drivers had a significant laceration on his head and was taken to the hospital. He also reportedly had slurred speech, was unsteady and smelled of alcohol. Officers said it appeared the driver had veered off the roadway and struck parked vehicles. The GSP was called to the scene.

•theft by taking on Jackson Trail Rd. where someone stole mail. The complainant said she'd been expecting a tax refund check and a computer docking port.

•suspicious activity on Blind Brook Cir. where a woman reported a truck pulled into her driveway and a man got out and tried to enter her residence, but wasn't able to and left.

•information on Gold Crest Dr. where a woman received letters in the mail, possibly from an employment office, indicating she was eligible for something, but she never requested it. The mail had the last four digits of her Social Security Number on it.

•suspicious activity on Hemlock Ct. where a woman accidentally stabbed herself in the stomach with a knife while she was putting up the dishes. She had several steak knives in her hand and tapped her stomach with them, not realizing that one was turned in the opposite direction. Officers said the single blade was sticking through her abdomen and a small amount of blood was visible through the incision. She was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville.

•agency assist on Hwy. 53 where officers assisted GSP with a three-vehicle wreck. One woman was taken to the hospital by EMS.

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