A truck valued at $70,000 was recently reported stolen from a dealership lot on South Elm St. in Commerce.

Video footage showed the suspect enter the vehicle at night and drive a Chevrolet 2500 off the grass through the parking lot toward South Elm St.

Two other vehicles, seen in earlier video footage, joined the truck and all three turned left onto Hwy. 441 toward Banks County.

The suspect reportedly stopped by the dealership earlier that day to look at the vehicle. According to the incident report, while looking at the vehicle, the man apparently switched out the key fobs with a vehicle registered as stolen out of Tennessee.

Other recent incidents reported to the Commerce Police Department were:

•suicide attempt on Hospital Rd. where a woman said her brother told her he had a knife and planned to lock himself in a room and hang himself. Police responded to an address, which was methadone clinic with no one on the premises. A dispatcher was eventually able to make contact with the man, who said he was fine and had not called anyone. Police found an address for the man which was out of city jurisdiction. County law enforcement was then notified. The Banks County Sheriff’s Office eventually made contact with the man, who agreed to seek medical treatment.

•terroristic threats and acts on South Elm St. where a man said he received multiple text messages from different numbers saying he and his fianceé were "snitches" and “were going to die.” He said he also received other texts with vulgarity and threats.

•criminal damage to property on Belmont Park Dr. where a woman said she believes her ex-boyfriend damaged a rear bedroom window and window screen at her home, though she did not see him at the residence. The ex-boyfriend reportedly returned to the residence and drove his vehicle into the woman’s cousin’s vehicle, who came to the residence to repair the damage.

•damage to property on Jefferson St. where a woman said she believes a towing service hooked her vehicle to move it and gain access to her husband’s vehicle. The woman reported scratches to the under carriage, trunk and rear bumper of her vehicle.

•theft by deception on Hwy. 334 where a man said he paid $200 as a down payment for a car he did not receive. The man was to pick up the vehicle at a Kannapolis, N.C. address, but no one showed up with the vehicle. After the man’s failed attempts to contact the seller, a friend made contact and was told the vehicle was in New York, confirming the man’s suspicious the he’d been scammed.

•theft by deception on Smallwood Dr. where a man, who said he was trying to settle an overcharged by Amazon, was reportedly scammed by a person claiming to work for the company.

•animal at large on Medical Center Dr. where a man reported being bit on his right hand and left thigh by a dog.

•criminal trespass on Heather Ln. where a woman said her daughter’s ex-partner has been coming onto her property at night. She said the man has been a drug user in the past.

•theft by shoplifting on B. Wilson Rd. where a store manager said a woman placed make-up products in her purse, ate a bag of potato chips and then left the store without paying for those items.

•criminal trespass on Hospital Rd. where a woman said she wanted people waiting in a truck for her daughter to leave her driveway. The woman said her daughter was packing her belongings to leave with them.

•obstruction of law enforcement officers, failure to maintain lane, passing in a no passing zone and failure to stop at a stop sign on Sam Brown Blvd. and Clayton St. where a driver ran three stop signs while being pursued by an officer, who eventually ended the pursuit.

•deposit fraud and theft by taking on South Broad St. where a woman said she believes her roommate stole her mail, which induced an unemployment card. According to the woman, the unemployment office said the card was delivered and multiple charges had been made on it.

•theft by taking on Jefferson St. were a man said his car was stolen after dropping it off for maintenance. A handgun was inside the vehicle, according to the incident report. The owner of the maintenance shop told the man he parked the vehicle in front of the building after the work was completed. A cell phone and key chain, believed to belong to whomever stole the vehicle, were found where the vehicle was last parked.

•information on Old Harden Orchard Rd. where a woman said a car key sent to her in the mail was stolen.

•recovered stolen motor vehicle on Central Ave. The vehicle was identified as stolen out of Stephens County and had been parked in front of a business for several days.

•theft by taking on Steve Reynolds Blvd. where a welder was reported stolen from a construction site.

•identity theft on South Elm St. where a man said someone attempted to use his identity to make a $304 purchase from Montgomery Ward and attempted to apply for a Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card.

•theft by taking on Homer Rd. where the complainant said he saw a man trying to take his lawn mower from his front porch. The complainant said the man had mowed his lawn previously.

•damage to property on Maysville Rd. where a trailer was reportedly damaged after a tower pulled a tractor off the trailer.

•damage to property on Willow St. where a woman said an arrow struck the back siding of her home. The woman said the cost for repairs would cost approximately $5,000 and wanted to prosecute. A woman at a neighboring residence told police her nephews were shooting crossbows earlier in the day.


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