Signs in support of president Donald Trump were reportedly set on fire and destroyed last week near Commerce.

The signs were seen burning on Blacks Creek Church Rd. by a woman from inside a residence. The signs were located near the road and a couple hundred feet from the residence.

It was unknown who burned the signs.

The woman did not wish to meet with the deputy, but the woman’s mother — to whom the signs belonged — relayed the information to law enforcement.

The woman said one sign, a larger one, was a gift to her. The other sign was a smaller one that she purchased.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•theft by taking on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where a cellular phone was reported stolen from a store.

•recovered stolen property on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office notified the JCSO of a stolen truck on the property.

•dispute on Sandy Creek Rd. where woman said her brother beat on her bedroom door, breaking it. The responding deputy said the door appeared to have been damaged “for some time,” with no signs of freshly broken wood.

•theft by taking on Woods Bridge Rd. where a man said someone stole his passport and social security card.

•dispute on Old Hoods Mill Rd. where a woman said a man was inside her residence looking for money he said that belonged to him. The woman said she believed the man to be on drugs. The man said he was looking for money he misplaced and did not accuse the woman of stealing it.

•information on Old Airport Rd. where a woman said she sent $1,110 through Cash App for a French Bulldog, plus a $70 delivery fee, and has not received a refund after asking for one. She requested a refund after being told she had to purchase a $900 crate for delivery.

•suspicious activity on Delia Dr. where a man complained that juveniles were riding four-wheelers up and down the road.

•agency assist on Blacks Creek Church Rd. where a man said he was having suicidal thoughts. He was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•dispute on Foxwood Trail where a woman said a man was on her property attempting to pickup his infant son and wanted him to leave. The man told a deputy that he has not yet been legitimized as a parent of the child.

•suspicious activity on Waterwheel Rd. where a woman said she was followed to her subdivision by a vehicle while driving back from a gas station. She said the driver stopped at the entrance of the subdivision and watched her go to her residence and then left.

•suspicious activity on Pine Forest Way where a man reported seeing his neighbor’s door open. There were no signs of forced entry, according to the incident report.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•deposit account fraud on Commerce Rd. where a bank returned a $1,950 check that a business did not issue.

•agency assist on Galilee Church Rd. where a man and a woman were seen fighting in a mobile home. The woman said she and her boyfriend were “just arguing.” The man had possible warrants out of Florida, according to the incident report. The scene was turned over to Jefferson police.

•dispute on Shamus Way where a man said he got into an argument with his wife about another man being around her on a recent trip. He reportedly grabbed his wife’s hand while she tried to walk away from the argument. The man had reportedly been drinking.

•simple battery where a woman came with her father to Jackson County jail to file a report against her 18-year-old boyfriend after a series of alleged incidents. She said her boyfriend was aggressive with her on two occasions, once grabbing her by the wrist and then around the throat. She said he later yelled obscenities and derogatory remarks to her during honors night at one fo the local high schools. The woman and her father said they do not want to prosecute the boyfriend, but want him to seek counseling.

•theft by taking on Winder Hwy. where a man said his concrete saw was stolen from a job site. One of the man’s co-workers said he witnessed two men take it from a vehicle.

•information on Robin Way where a 17-year-old male was reported missing. The juvenile’s mother said she believes he is headed to Miami where his father lives.

•suspicious activity on Athens Hwy. where a man said a four-wheeler he purchased had the vehicle identification number ground off of it.

•agency assist on I-85 where hit-and-run was reported.

•suspicious activity on Old Forge Ln. where a person heard a neighbor yelling from inside their residence. The responding deputy reported that woman had been crying because her husband recently passed away.

•information on Valley View Dr. where a woman reported receiving multiple packages from Amazon that she did not order.

•criminal trespass on Doster Rd. where a man said the lock on his door was picked.

•identity fraud on Hardin Terrace where a woman received an alert from her credit card company that her card was being used.

•information on Myles Circle where a man reported his father missing. He said his father did not return from work the previous night and did not show up for work that morning.

•financial transaction card fraud on High Meadow Dr. where a man reported that two purchases, totaling $179, that he didn’t authorize were charged to his account.

•dispute and damage to property where a woman said she believes a man removed the pin from the hitch of her trailer. The woman said she was hauling off junk for her grandmother and said the man became angry that items were being cleaned off the property.

•missing juvenile on Turning Leaf Rd. where a 14-year-old reportedly left his residence after taking out the trash. The teen’s mother said he has a history of running off “when he doesn’t get his way” and had his electronic devices taken away by his father the previous day.

•information on Worley Rd. where a man claimed his daughter-in-law damaged his property by removing three stocks from his corn stock. Asked by the deputy about the value of corn, the man said, “It’s just corn; it really doesn’t have value.”

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where two people were parked at a business late at night. According to the incident report, the business had been burglarized a few months ago when its front glass was shattered and an inside ATM was removed.

•agency assist on Jackson Trail Rd. where a two-vehicle accident resulted in injuries.

•damage to property on Cottonwood Rd. where a woman said the rear left glass on her vehicle had been broken. Nothing was reported stolen from the vehicle.

•information on Double Bridges Rd. where a man said his mother and sister have been removing his property, recycling some items and burning others.

•damage to property on Jefferson River Rd. where a woman said her 13-year-old daughter threw a rock and hit her truck during an argument. The juvenile was transported to the regional youth detention center in Gainesville.

•suspicious activity on Threatt Rd. where four wheelers were reportedly being driven up and down dirt roads in the area. The drivers, described as being in their mid-teens, were “doing doughnuts and being a nuisance,” according to the incident report.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 82 where a woman said she saw someone standing in her driveway with a flashlight. The woman said she went outside with a gun, fired one shot in the ground and told the man to leave.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where a man was reportedly passed out in his vehicle at a gas station. The man was found covered in sweat and said the be “very confused.” The responding deputy called for a medical unit to evaluate him. The man was eventually transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton.

•suspicious activity on Emmaline Way where a woman said a male driver stopped in front of her residence, let a dog out of the vehicle and then began chasing the dog around her yard. She said a similar incident happened a week earlier.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•suspicious activity on Marlow Rd. where a woman said a truck was parked at the end of her driveway.

•criminal trespass on Jackson Woods Rd. where a man was seen running into the wood line at a residence where a backdoor was reportedly damaged. Nothing was reported stolen.

•unlawful dumping on Bob Mann Rd. where a man said someone left the carcass of a calf in the middle of the roadway along with a plastic tube of blood.

•dispute on Hurricane Shoals Rd. where a woman said her boyfriend told her he would “beat her a—.” The woman said the man made the alleged threat after she told him she needed to go to the bathroom before they left Hurricane Shoals Park. She said her boyfriend claimed she was just trying to get away from him.

•information on Donahoo Rd. where remains of a hoofed animal were reportedly left in three coolers along the roadway.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•aggravated assault on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a woman said her husband hit her and attempted to choke her. The woman said she had her infant daughter in her arms when her husband committed the alleged assault. She said he also kicked and damaged her vehicle. Deputies were unable to locate the woman’s husband.

•agency assist on Ivy Creek Dr. where an automobile accident occurred with injuries. A man was lying in the roadway beside a wrecked motorcycle when a deputy arrived. The man was reportedly awake with multiple injuries and possibly internal injuries, according to the incident report. Emergency medical services transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•suspicious activity on Antioch Church Rd. where a woman said items in her home are missing or have been moved around since her husband passed away. She said a checkbook, investment statement and bottle of Oxycodone are missing. The woman said there has been no forced entry into the residence.

•hit-and-run on Hwy. 334 where a vehicle was found abounded with damage to the rear left side and the rear wheels broken off. A wooden power pole was also found broken. A passerby reported a power outage that morning. The registered owner of the vehicle said his cousin had been driving the car.

•suspicious activity on Cabin Creek Dr. where a woman said her dog was barking outside her residence as if someone was outside. The responding deputy found no one on the property.

•information on Howington Loop where some areas of dirt had been reportedly moved from a woman’s gravesite. The complainants said they believed the deceased woman’s son moved the dirt. They added that they have had “ongoing issues” with the woman’s son since Mother’s Day.

•agency assist on Line Creek Rd. where emergency medical services attended to a patient who was later transported to the hospital.

•dispute on Kesler Rd. where a man said his wife was “calling him names” as she gathered her belongings to move from the residence.

•dispute on Holliman Cir. where a woman and a couple — a male and juvenile female — got into an argument after the couple occupied the women’s bathroom at a pool. The woman said one of her children need to use the restroom while they were inside the facility. The couple said they were drying off with paper towels. Words and profanity were reportedly exchanged, according to the incident report. The woman’s husband later found the male at his girlfriend’s residence and reportedly got in his face, knocked his hat off and knocked food from his hand. The husband denied any physical contact.

•agency assist on Wilson Cemetery Rd. where a deputy administered CPR on a child, who was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•dispute on Chandler Bridge Rd. where a man said his brother’s ex-wife arrived at his residence to collect her property and began yelling and cussing. The man, who said he believes the woman is on drugs, said he did not want her to return to his property. In a separate incident, the woman reportedly went to an address on Sprinkles Rd. and was told not to return to the property.

•welfare check on Quail Ridge Dr. where a man said his father seemed to be in distress after receiving a call from him. A deputy made contact with the man’s father, who said he “just had too much to drink.”

•agency assist on Hwy. 334 where a woman was treated by a medical unit after consuming alcohol. She refused transport to the hospital.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•burglary on Pond Fork Church Rd. where a woman said she found her backdoor open and numerous items taken. The items included a new television, jewelry, a pistol and rifle.

•sexual battery on Lanier Rd. Spur where a juvenile said she has been molested by a man living at her home. According to the incident report, the man told the teenager’s parents that he had slapped her on the leg. The parents said the man has gotten into trouble in the past for “explicit acts with a minor,” according to the report. The responding deputy contacted Jackson County DFCS about the matter, which caused the juvenile’s mother to have “a heated outburst,” saying “she was going to hang herself,” according to the report.

•information on Hidden Trail where a man said an Amazon delivery truck struck his mailbox. He provided video evidence of the incident.

•dispute on Kimberly Ln. where a man with autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and a developmental disorder, wet himself, refused to be changed and threw items around a residence. In a separate incident, the man’s mother said the man refused to take his medication and became physical with her when she told him his sister would not be coming to their residence. The man was transported Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Braselton for a mental health evaluation.

•suspicious activity on Pettijohn Rd. where a homeless man was reportedly parked on the side of a dead end road.

•aggravated stalking on Thistlewood Ln. where a woman said her husband violated a temporary protective order (TPO) by texting her. According to the incident report, he sent her a text saying he didn’t believe in the TPO and that their children “deserve to know the truth.”

•theft by conversion on Historic Homer Hwy. where a man said another man owes him $1,960 for a truck but can’t find the man or the vehicle.

•dispute on Brooks Rd. where a woman said a man slammed her fingers in an RV door. She said the incident occurred when the man stopped by the RV unannounced while she was showering and the two began arguing when he attempted to enter the RV. The woman said she went to grab the door and the man slammed it on her fingers.

•suspicious activity on Old State Rd. where a man said his daughter received several packages from Amazon that she did not order.


Incidents reported to the JCSO in South Jackson were:

•suspicious activity on Jefferson River Rd. where a man said he found egg shells laying in his driveway, on his back deck and on his car windshield. No damage was reported.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton:

•civil matter on Pendergrass Rd. where a man said his girlfriend's mother closed a car door on him. The woman denied it and said the man had tried to crawl through the rear seat to take children out of the vehicle.

•agency assist on E. Lakeshore Dr. where officers were called for a report of a man screaming. They later heard a man singing and asked him to keep the noise down.

•information on Braselton Farms Dr. where officers made contact with juveniles who were driving a golf cart and informed them a licensed driver needed to be operating the vehicle.

•theft by taking on Thompson Mill Rd. where a woman reported her keys and medication were taken.

•hit and run on I-85 where a vehicle struck another and didn't stop.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 332 where a man knocked on doors, asking for money, after running out of gas.

•suspicious activity on Stoneview Dr. where a woman reported a man entered into the wood-line next to her residence, possibly to urinate.

•suspicious activity on Cotton Gin Row where a man reported four-wheelers were traveling in the roadway.

•agency assist on McNeal Rd. where officers assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle rollover that caught fire. The driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

•deposit account fraud on New St. where a woman reported someone fraudulently used her bank and credit cards accounts, as well as her email. She had previously been in contact with someone on social media, who demanded nude photos and $6,000 in gift cards.

•information on Hwy. 332 where a woman reported her boyfriend was missing after she hadn't heard from him. She later reported he'd been found.

•identity fraud on River Bluff where a couple received a notice about unemployment money, but they hadn't applied for unemployment.

•suspicious activity and information on Cooper Bridge Rd. where a man found a backpack containing a wallet, phone and other personal items. Another man reported hearing a man screaming in agony in the area and saw a truck parked in a cul-de-sac. Officers made contact with the backpack owner's mother, who had not seen him. She was concerned because the backpack was found, but her son's scooter wasn't.

•dispute on Hwy. 53 where a man said another man harassed him. The complainant had invited the man over to talk.

•civil matter on Hwy. 53 where a woman reported another woman called her a "b---h" and said she hoped her family dies.

•welfare check on Charlie Smith Rd. where a woman reported she couldn't find an elderly family member with dementia and Alzheimer's. The woman later returned after searching for dogs that had run away.

•information on Frost Cove where an intoxicated man was upset that a cat ran away.

•suspicious activity on Dumar Ln. where a woman said someone killed her family. The woman's son said she has dementia and that she gets confused.

•dispute on Wildflower Ln. where a man and woman argued and the woman pushed the man.

•criminal damage to property on Cecil Clark Rd. where a man allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend's father and got into an altercation with him, damaging the father's phone in the process. The man admitted to knocking the phone out of his hand, but said the ex-girlfriend's father had threatened him and pushed him first.

•welfare check on Rivermist Dr. where a woman wanted officers to check on her child because the child's father wouldn't let her talk to the child during his visitation time. The child and her father were fishing.

•burglary on Freedom Pkwy. where someone broke into a nail salon and stole a $400 nail file machine.

•information on Curk Roberts Rd. where someone found several children's bicycles on the shoulder of the road.

•information on Freedom Pkwy. where an intoxicated restaurant patron refused to pay his tab and leave.

•dispute on Clydes Way where a woman reported her husband was asking strange. He had reportedly told her that he "had the devil in him" before he began growling. The man refused to be transported and another family member agreed to stay and help.

•agency assist on River Pl. where a woman said she was raped while at a hospital.

•information on Meadow Vista Ln. where a woman reported a man threatened her husband online.

•theft by taking on Hwy. 53 where someone stole a trailer.

•civil matter on Hwy. 124 where a man reported his ex-wife refused to meet for a custody exchange.

•damage to property on Walnut Rd. where sand from a dump truck damaged another vehicle.

•information on Maddox Rd. where a man reported a fraudulent charge was made on his credit report.


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