A woman told Arcade police last week that two people took her daughter’s car without permission.

A juvenile witness to the incident told an officer that the alleged offenders were dropped off in a parking lot on Athens Hwy., where they ran up to the car “and took off,” according to the incident report.

One of the two people alleged to have taken the car, a 20-year-old male, had been living with the complainant’s daughter until he was asked to leave the residence.

The woman’s daughter said the vehicle was a back-up, has no insurance or tag and has very little gas. She said he never gave the man permission to drive the vehicle.

Other incidents recently reported to the Arcade Police Department were:

•harassment on Athens Hwy. where two women said a woman called them “b------s, tramps and wh---s,” according to the report. One of the complainants said she recorded the woman’s words. She said this is part of an ongoing dispute with the woman.

•dispute on Athens Hwy. between two motorists. A male motorist said a female motorist shoved him several times and cursed at him after the two stopped in a store parking lot. The male motorist recorded the incident on his phone camera. The officer on the scene determined the woman to be the aggressor after reviewing the phone camera footage and store video footage. The man declined to press charges. The dispute stemmed from the man driving around the woman while she waited to make a turn off Athens Hwy. She said he blew his horn at her and “shot her a bird.” The man said her drove around her after the driver of another vehicle blew his horn at her while going around.

•suspicious incident on Birch Ct. where a woman reported gunshots in the pasture behind her residence.

•suspicious incident on Hightower Trail where a woman complained of hearing gunfire at a nearby residence.

•criminal trespass on Athens Hwy. where a man reportedly sat down at a table at a gas station and wouldn’t leave after being told he couldn’t loiter at the store.

•burglary on Windy Hill Ct. where a man said someone cut the lock off his metal shipping container and stole his backpack leaf blower. The padlock to the container was also taken.

•terroristic threats and acts on Trotters Ridge where a woman said a man threatened to kill her during a dispute over her taking one of their children to the hospital. Witnesses reported that the dispute was only verbal. The accusation of terroristic threats were deemed unfounded by the responding officer.

•suspicious activity on Rock Forge Ln. where a man said a couple contacted him via the NextDoor website told him they were stealing his mail. The man said the couple also came to his residence and stole his television remote and were flying drones with cameras around his home and looking into his windows. He said people were still pushing trees over on his property as well. The responding officer said the complainant appeared pale and sweating and was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance. The officer also said he detected a strong odor of alcohol on the man’s breath.


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