Two people at a Maysville residence on Hickory Way recently reported that their vehicles were shot multiple times on the property.

One man said he awoke to the sound of gunfire at 3:30 a.m., estimating that he heard eight shots. He said he saw no one at the scene of the incident.

One of the vehicles, a Ford F-250, was struck in the back windshield and driver's side window. The other, a Ford F-150, was struck in the driver’s side door and the driver’s side rear window. One of the bullets traveled through the cab and struck the passenger side window. A bullet fragment was discovered in the passenger side window frame. The window of a camper was reportedly struck as well.

The front of the house was struck by a bullet, which did not travel through the wall.

The man who heard the shots listed four individuals possibly responsible for the gun fire.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•first-degree arson on Unity Church Circle where an officer responded to a fire at a residence under foreclosure. No one was in the home. According to the report, the state fire marshal said the fire started from multiple points of origin. “In his professional opinion, he said this was going to be a fire started intentionally,” the report said. A search of the home revealed what appeared to be forced entrance at the basement door. In the basement bathroom, multiple rags were stacked in a pile “with a strong kerosene-like odor coming from their general direction.” A stack of rags with a similar odor were found in an open room in the basement. Beside those rags were multiple cigarette butts. The main fire occurred in the kitchen.

•suicidal threats on Hale Road. A woman said her aunt made suicidal threats. The woman said her aunt left the residence in an automobile but was unsure of her destination. Law enforcement officers were unable to locate the woman’s aunt until she returned the following day to the residence. She voluntarily agreed to commit herself for a mental evaluation.

•information on Plainview Rd. where a woman claimed her father was throwing himself to the ground and hurting himself. The man provided camera footage inside the home during the time period in question disputing her claim.

•a child dislocated her shoulder on Old Miller Road. Her parents said the injury occurred while their daughter played with another child. Emergency medical services evaluated the child on the scene and “expressed concern as to the cause of the injury,” according to the incident report. No bruising or marks were seen on the child’s arm or body, according to the report. The Jackson County Department of Family and Child Services will follow-up with the family. The incident was listed possible child abuse by JCSO.

•simple battery and simple assault on Meadow Lark Way where a man said his 13-year-old daughter threw a frying pan at him and hit him with it. The teen said her father punched her in the mouth. The responding officer said the teen had no blood or marks present. The teen’s mother said the juvenile was struck when her father pushed her away after she struck him.

•dog bite on Hwy. 59 where a woman said her husband was bitten three times on the leg and once on the hand, with the bites penetrating the skin. The dog reportedly had its rabies shots and immunizations.

•agency assist on North Main Street where a woman attempted suicide.

•welfare check on Hickory Way where a child was believed to have accidentally consumed eight chewable Motrin tablets. According to the report, EMS said “the child would be fine.”


An officer recently administered Narcan to revive an unconscious woman on Waterwheel Drive who had been pulled out of a bathtub. According to the incident report, the female was unresponsive and had cut both of her wrists when the officer arrived. After the woman awoke, she was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Gainesville.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•suicidal threats on Smallwood Drive where a woman reported that her brother was intoxicated, had knives and said he planned to kill himself. The woman’s brother told the responding officer he “just had a bad day.” He was asked multiple times by the officer if he intended to commit suicide or hurt himself. The man said he did not.

•suspicious activity on Leechman Rd. where a man was sitting on an old farm wagon with a handgun, machete and tire iron. According to the report, the man was cooperative but “delusional, talking out of his head about rattlesnakes, rattlesnakes eating people and how he had died when he was younger.” The officer called adult protective services for the man.

•theft by shoplifting on Steven Tanger Blvd. where $800 worth of clothes was reported stolen from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store. The store manager said a group of four females entered the store and one left with the clothing. In a separate incident, suspicious activity was reported at the store when a woman took three coats to the dressing room, walked out of the dressing room with the coats in the bag and went toward the door, dropping the bag on the floor just before exiting.

•battery on B. Wilson Rd. where a man suffered a head laceration during an altercation. A woman said the man might have struck his head on her coffee table while her boyfriend was removing him from her residence. The altercation stemmed from a dinner argument, during which the man slapped the woman and grabbed her arm, according to the woman’s statement.

•agency assist at the intersection of Hwy. 15 and B. Wilson Road where two people were transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center after an automobile accident.

•reckless conduct on Bond Loop where six gunshots were reported. The complainants saw two cars stopped at the intersection of Sandy Creek and Wheeler Road and then heard the gunfire.

•entering auto on Woods Bridge Rd. where a man came outside of his residence in response to noise and saw a man sitting inside his truck. The man got out of the truck and fled the scene. No items in the truck were reported missing.

•damage to property on Delia Dr. where a tractor trailer knocked down utility lines.


A Jefferson woman reported three rings worth a total of $8,500 were missing from her home on Winder Hwy., along with 25-30 necklaces and three different medications.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson were:

•hit-and-run on Athens Hwy. where a motorist’s truck was struck by another vehicle while leaving a parking lot.

•damage to a vehicle on I-85 where an object flew off a camper and the damaged the windshield of the car behind it.

•dispute on Akers Rd. where a juvenile and her mother got into a physical altercation. According to the incident report, the woman grabbed her daughter by the arm and the two “tossed around” the living room after the two argued about the juvenile not cleaning her room. The juvenile alleged that her mother slapped her, got on top of her and put her in a chokehold. There were no visible marks on the juvenile’s face or neck, according to the report.

•dispute on Whitney Rd. where a woman alleged that her husband went to his car for a gun during of an argument between the two. The man denied doing so.

•information where a woman came to the JCSO to report that her infant son had been abused. She said the incident took place in Hart County.

•dispute on Swann Circle where a man and woman got into an altercation after the man returned from eating and drinking at a nearby restaurant. Both claimed to have been choked by the other. The responding officer said the man and woman both appeared intoxicated.

•agency assist on Winder Hwy. at Jackson Trail Rd. where a female motorist sustained a head injury with bleeding following a three-vehicle wreck. She was transported to Northeast Georgia Hospital Barrow.

•dispute on Ramblers Inn Rd. where a man jumped out of a moving vehicle during an argument. The man refused medical treatment.

•theft by taking on Storey Ln. where two chainsaws worth a total of $1,150 were reported stolen from a residence.

•agency assist on Hwy. 82 South where a complainant said a tree limb fell from the bed of a Georgia Department of Transportation dump truck and struck his front windshield while he was traveling on Hwy. 15.

•information where a woman came to the JCSO to report a Fed Ex truck running her off the road while traveling north on I-85.

•agency assist on Standridge Rd. where a man threw up and his heart began beating rapidly after snorting methamphetamine. He was attended to by EMS but refused to go to the hospital.

•dispute on Feldspar Dr. where a woman said a juvenile and her husband got into an altercation. The juvenile said he was spanked and hit during the incident. The responding officer reported no marks where the juvenile said he was hit.

•damage to property and a dispute on I-85 when an Amazon truck driver said a large boulder came off a man’s trailer and cracked his windshield and tore off a piece of trim on the cab.

•counterfeiting and forgery on Commerce Rd. where a man wrote a bad check for over $1,000 at a business.

•fraud was reported to the JCSO as a woman said she sold her laptop for $850 on Let Go, but the money hasn’t shown up in her PayPal account.

•damage to property on April Lane where a woman said her back door was shot with a pellet gun.


A Nicholson woman recently reported a threatening phone call to her Cabin Creek Rd. residence from a person claiming to work for the Social Security office. The woman asked to be placed on a “do not call list” sensing the call was a scam. The caller then threatened to kill the woman’s children if she didn’t disclose her information. The woman said the caller knew her address, maiden name and could describe her neighbors’ houses.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•damage to property on Jim David Rd. where a man and a woman said a tire on their car had been flattened with a sharp instrument.

•suspicious activity on Woodpecker Ln. were a woman reported her dog missing. The woman said she believes her daughter’s neighbors took the dog.


A woman Pendergrass woman recently requested that her autistic son be transported to the hospital after he was having an incident, but changed her mind due to possible exposure to the coronavirus at the facility.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in North Jackson were:

•information on Old State Rd. and Pond Fork Rd. in Pendergrass where a law enforcement officer removed a cardboard sign advertising meth. The sign, which was taped to stop sign at the intersection, read “for all your meth needs” and listed a name and number to call.

•agency assist on Hwy. 82 in Pendergrass where a two-vehicle accident resulted in injuries. The incident was turned over to the Georgia State Patrol.

•damage to property on Main Street in Talmo where a woman said her vehicle was sideswiped by a utility vehicle.


A juvenile at an Athens address was recently run over by his father’s truck as the father left for work, according to reports. The boys was playing in a large mud puddle in front of his father’s truck. The father said the right front tire of his truck went completely over his son and the back right tire was on top of him when he realized what happened. The man rushed his son to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center, where the son was life-flighted to Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta for further treatment.

The child is reportedly doing well and was released from the hospital on March 17.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in South Jackson were:

•disorderly conduct on Bob Wages Rd. where a woman said her nephew refused to take his medication and became verbally aggressive.

•dispute on Moore Rd. over a disagreement between a woman and her adult daughter over going to church. During the incident, the daughter told the responding officer that she was shot at and poisoned by man while in Athens. The woman’s mother said she believed her daughter was under the influence of drugs and requested law enforcement transfer her to a hospital. She was transported her to St. Mary’s in Athens.

•suspicious activity on Athens Rd. where a person complained that someone was shining a green laser in their house.


A woman recently reported a kidnapping attempt in Hoschton.

Jackson County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to Montvale Dr. for the report.

The complainant said she and her juvenile cousin had gotten a ride from an acquaintance. After he dropped off the cousin, he went to the complainant's residence, but said they should go get a bottle of alcohol and wouldn't let her out of the car. He reportedly grabbed her by the arm, then drove to a Hwy. 332 store where the woman was able to climb out of the open window and run into the store.

She said she feared for her life while she was in the vehicle.

Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton were:

•suspicious activity on Gold Crest Dr. where a woman said she heard a voice say "hey" from an upstairs room and then she heard a door close, so she fled the residence. Nothing seemed out of place when she returned.

•information on Lewis Braselton Blvd. where a woman reported a vehicle followed her and drove aggressively. She later reported the same vehicle nearly ran her off the road on McNeal Rd. She said the suspect has also driven through the parking lot of a store where she works several times and came inside once.

•agency assist on Hwy. 124 where officers assisted with a wreck between two motorcycles. One of the drivers was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center Braselton.

•agency assist on Meadow Vista Ln. where a man reported his son took a full bottle of Welbrutin. The son denied it, but was taken to the hospital after the EMS found his heart rate was higher than normal.

•animal complaint on Ednaville Cir. where someone reported a horse and pony appeared to be underfed.

•suspicious activity on Quail Run where a woman reported someone claiming to be with the U.S. Marshall's office called and told her they had a warrant for her arrest. They also asked for her personal information.

•damage to property; hit and run; failure to report an accident with property damage; and failure to maintain lane on Hwy. 53 where someone reported a vehicle ran off the roadway and crashed into a ditch. The driver reportedly damaged signs and put construction workers in danger.

•suspicious activity where someone reported a man exposed himself at West Jackson Park.

•dispute on Reece Dr. where a juvenile wanted to stay with her boyfriend, fearing her parents had coronavirus. They weren't confirmed to have the virus and did not want their daughter to stay with the boyfriend.

•agency assist on Charlie Cooper Rd. where a man was taken to the hospital after injuries (broken leg and an ankle wound) sustained in a motorcycle accident. The driver had also reportedly moved the motorcycle behind a fence, but didn't give a reason why.

•damage to property on Amy Industrial Ln. where a vehicle struck another in a parking lot, causing damage.


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