A woman said a dispute over WiFi led to a man making terroristic threats last week.

Arcade police responded to a residence on Rock Forge Rd. where the woman said she and a man got into an argument over him turning off WiFi in the house so she couldn’t use her phone.

The woman alleged that the man then told his grandmother over the phone, “You need to get her out of here. You’re gonna make me kill that b----,” according to the incident report.

The man confirmed to police that he did want the woman gone from the residence but denied making threats.

Other recent incidents reported to the Arcade Police Department were:

•suspicious activity on Arcade Park St. where a horse was reportedly being pulled by a chain around its neck. The responding officer found that the person walking the horse was actually using a rope and reported no cruelty to the horse.

•harassment on Athens Hwy. where a woman said her neighbor across the street “flipped her off” and yelled at her. The women have an on-going dispute, according to the incident report.

•expired registration on Hwy. 129 South. The driver had no drivers’ license and two warrants in addition to her truck’s registration having lapsed. The counties from which she had warrants did not request placing a hold, however.

•agency assist on Hwy. 82 South to reports of a woman being run over in a vehicle by a man who had left the scene. The Georgia State Patrol arrived and took over the scene.

•suspicious incident on Athens Hwy. where a man fled into the woods when officers arrived at a residence to locate a woman. The man who fled had an outstanding warrant for family violence. Another man at the scene had a outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor but wasn’t picked up due to COVID-19 policies.

•animal complaint on White Oak Trail where a man said a stray dog attempted to kill one of his chickens.

•illegal dumping on Athens Hwy. where someone disposed of items in a gas station dumpster.

•simple assault and disorderly conduct on Meadow Ln. where a woman said an intoxicated man drove to her house and became verbally abusive. She also said the man drove his vehicle toward her “as if he was going to attempt to run her over,” according to the incident report.


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