Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to a domestic assault on Red Oak Rd. where they found a woman with bruises on her face and a bloody nose.

Before speaking to the woman, her grandmother told deputies the incident was the woman’s fault and she started the dispute. The grandmother and the woman’s brother claim the woman has anger issues and the man was trying to defend himself from her attacks. The man fled the area before deputies arrived.

When deputies spoke to the woman, she was reportedly hysterical and wasn’t making much sense. She did say the man hit her about 10 times and kicked her, but she couldn’t give a reason for the assault. The woman was transported to Northridge Medical Center.


JCSO deputies recently responded to Sagefield Cir. where a man allegedly threatened to kill his wife. His daughter was present and told deputies of the threats.

The daughter said the man came home drunk and was angry about the mother allowing their oldest son to live with them. The man told the wife she would “regret it,” and he would do things that “would hurt her the most.”

The daughter said she threatened to call 911 hoping he would calm down, but he reportedly told her she was dead to him. The man then said he would kill the wife if he had a gun and if he was in jail, he would have someone else kill her. When the wife called 911, the man left the residence on foot.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville were:

•a juvenile was bitten by a dog on Fountain Dr.

•a man on Golden Nugget Way said he heard a woman in the distance yelling for help.

•a man and woman on Plainview Rd. complained about two of their ponies leaving the woman’s property and entering a neighbor’s property. The neighbor refused to return the ponies and the man did not have paperwork proving they belonged to him.

•complaints of gunshots near Unity Church Rd. The complainant said the gunshots were upsetting two elderly women she takes care of.

•dispute between neighbors on Red Oak Rd. where both accused the other of making threats. One neighbor claimed the other was shooting a gun and was standing in their yard with a gun. The man didn’t have a gun when deputies arrived, and he said he was shooting firecrackers when his neighbors threatened him.

•a man on Gaillard Dr. found dents on his truck.


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