Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to New Kings Bridge Rd. after a Jackson County School System bus driver reported seeing a man and woman wrestling on the road. She believed the man was assaulting the woman.

A deputy met the woman who said that the man recently broke up with her. She admitted to sitting in the middle of the road because she thought he would stay with her if she did “something crazy.” The woman said the man wrestling with her was him trying to get her out of the road as the bus approached.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•a woman on Cabin Creek Dr. said she gave her Social Security number to a fraudulent caller.

•complaints of juveniles driving four-wheelers on Woodpecker Ln.

•a woman on Blackthorne Rd. said she bought a vehicle from a man but later learned he wasn’t the original owner.

•a woman on Sanford Dr. complained about her austistic daughter getting mad and tearing up the residence. But according to the daughter and the woman’s son, the woman makes the daughter upset on purpose and tells her she needs to go to a hospital claiming her medicine isn’t working. Deputies also spoke with the daughter’s grandparents who confirmed that the medication is working.

•assisted EMS with a respiratory distress call.

•complaints of a man using heavy machinery on Hunter’s Ridge Rd.

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Chandler Bridge Rd. The driver said an oncoming vehicle drove into his lane and he swerved to avoid it.

•a man on Kesler Rd. complained about two people coming to his residence trying to retrieve items belonging to his roommate who is currently in jail.

•complaints of a suspicious vehicle parked in a cul-de-sac on River Glen Dr.

•a man on Christian Rd. said his girlfriend fired a gun in a pasture after he broke up with her. He said after the breakup, she left the residence with one of his guns and fired it where he couldn’t see her. The girlfriend returned to the residence when deputies arrived.

•a woman on Kesler Rd. complained about her juvenile son having friends over without permission and them also hanging out at an abandoned residence.

•a woman on Hwy. 441 reported someone striking her vehicle and leaving the scene.

•complaints of four-wheelers driving in a church parking lot on Old Kings Bridge Rd.

•a woman on Hunters Ridge Rd. showed a deputy a video she took of two vehicles at a nearby intersection. The video depicts occupants of one vehicle running out and slapping the side of the other vehicle. Both vehicles went their separate ways afterwards.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a single-vehicle accident on Hwy. 334.

•dispute between a woman and her grandson on Howington Loop over a gravestone and funeral arrangements for the woman’s daughter (grandson’s mother).

•dispute between neighbors over the location of their property line on Old Kings Bridge Rd.

•complaints of juveniles riding four-wheelers on church property on Stapler Dr.

•complaints of dogs left outside on short leashes on Hunters Ridge Rd.


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