A woman on Lavista Rd. recently contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office claiming her boyfriend assaulted her.

The woman said her boyfriend kicked her in the back and dragged her out of the residence before leaving. She also said the boyfriend threw her belongings out onto the front yard.

The boyfriend later contacted the JCSO to deny touching the woman. He also said she woke up that morning and was “raising hell.” He also claimed she threw her own items out of the residence.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Athens/South Jackson were:

•a woman on Bear Paw Ct. got out of a vehicle in reverse and was pinned between the vehicle and another vehicle. The woman was knocked down and the vehicle rolled into a tree across the street.

•a woman said a man watched her use a gas station restroom on Hwy. 129. The woman said she went to the restroom and forgot to lock the door. When she was washing her hands, she heard the door close and she walked outside the restroom to see the man.

•a couple on Pleasant Acres Dr. complained about selling a vehicle to a man, but the vehicle was later towed for not having insurance and was still registered to the couple. Another man has been harassing the couple about taking back the vehicle recently.

•dispute between parents and a teenage son on Bear Paw Ct.

•a man on Savage Rd. said he was scammed by someone claiming to be with Apple Support System Tech. The caller said there was fraudulent activity on his credit card account and requested the man buy four gift cards to send to him. The man bought the gift cards and sent the caller the information, but the caller requested more gift cards and the man refused.

•a schizophrenic woman on Jefferson River Rd. claimed her mother had been assaulting her for several years, but the woman admitted she hadn’t been taking her medications and later admitted to ingesting methamphetamine.

•a man on New Kings Bridge Rd. reported a water pump well cable stolen from his property.


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