A woman on Stapler Dr. recently told Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies her husband pointed a gun at her head.

The woman said the gun belonged to her and her husband pointed the gun while saying he wanted to shoot her. The woman said her husband has been abusive mentally and physically in the past and disabled their vehicle to keep her from leaving.

The husband said he didn’t know what the woman was talking about. He claimed the woman had mental issues and didn’t know what gun she was referring to.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•a man on Jim David Rd. complained about a man whom he let borrow his chainsaw. The man returned the chainsaw, but recently took it back without permission. When the complainant confronted the man about taking the chainsaw, the man reportedly became irate at him and accused him of trying to start a relationship with a woman he was interested in.

•a couple residing in a camper on Pace Dr. complained about the property owner disconnecting the electricity leading to the camper.

•complaints of a motorcycle drag racing on Hwy. 334 led to deputies recovering a stolen motorcycle. A deputy spotted the bike driving at a high rate of speed and conduced a traffic stop. The driver was test driving the bike and had permission by the owner, who bought the bike in August. However, the bike was previously reported stolen out of White County and was seized by deputies.

•complaints of gunshots near Hwy. 441.

•dispute between neighbors on Jims Ln. that reportedly takes place daily. One man and his family claimed the neighbor has threatened to burn down their residence, however, they did not want to press charges. The neighbor denies the allegations and complained about the daughter of the family constantly sending him text messages.

•dispute between a man and woman on Hwy. 334 over a bowl of cereal.

•a woman on Pine Ridge Pl. said a neighbor’s dog attacked and severely injured her dog.

•men on Hwy. 334 reported damage to a lock on a shipping container on their property. The lock wasn’t damaged enough for someone to enter.

•dispute between an ex-couple on Mulberry St. over the ex-boyfriend repossessing a gun from the ex-girlfriend.

•assisted EMS on New Kings Bridge Rd. with a man who overdosed on methadone.

•four complainants on Hawks Ct. complained about a man messing with dogs on a property. One of the complainants admitted to shooting a gun at the ground to scare the man away.


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