Jefferson Police Department officers recently responded to the BP gas station on Sycamore St. where a woman claimed she was hit by a vehicle mirror.

The woman said her boyfriend was a passenger in the vehicle driven by another woman and she went to confront him when the vehicle parked. She claimed the driver put the vehicle in reverse and sped out of the spot, striking her with the mirror in the process.

The passenger denied being in a relationship with the woman and told officers that she is a stalker. He said the driver pulled out of the parking spot because the confrontation made her nervous. The driver claimed the woman grabbed the mirror when she tried to drive away.

Due to conflicting stories, and officers not determining an aggressor, no arrest was made for an assault.


Jefferson PD officers responded to complaints of an intoxicated man attempting to drive away from Beef O’Brady’s on Old Pendergrass Rd.

Patrons at the restaurant offered to give the man a ride home. An officer offered to help him get home safely, but the man was belligerent and made a fist towards him. The man reportedly refused to comply with commands and said he shouldn’t have to follow orders since he makes more money than the police officers.

The officers pressed him against a vehicle to handcuff him. The man then reportedly made a racial slur towards an African-American police officer. The man was cited and his wife sent her brother to pick him up and bring him home.


Arrests recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•Devon Edward Morrison, 26, 170 Almond Dr., Athens – driving with a suspended license.

•Jacqueline Ruth Eaton, 41, 5811 Mount Olive Rd., Commerce – driving with a suspended license and fraud.

•Anthony Craig Shook, 53, 1763 Old Mountain Rd., Statesville, N.C. – public drunkenness.

•Ashley Thomas, 27, 297215 Tiffany Mez Ct., Snellville – warrant service.

•Ariana Yareli Flores, 21, 56 Broadacres Ct., Athens – driving with a suspended license. And possession of marijuana.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•a driver on the I-85 off ramp complained about a vehicle following her too closely.

•a driver and two occupants were cited for marijuana possession on Hwy. 129.

•a woman on Vantage Dr. complained about an unknown credit card attached to her Facebook account.

•two people reportedly shoplifted from the Family Dollar on Washington St.

•two KFC employees complained about a former employee threatening to assault them.

•two students got into a fight at Jefferson High School.

•vehicle accident with a trash can on Lee St.

•a woman on Pine St. said a woman reached through a vehicle window to assault her.

•a woman on Washington St. complained about a woman at a residence she owns who is not supposed to be there.

•a woman on Rivermist Cir. complained about her daughter being drunk and belligerent.

•a man at the Pendergrass Flea Market complained about someone selling him a fake iPhone.

•a juvenile ran away from its residence on Camille Ct. A search party was assembled including a helicopter. The juvenile is instructed to wash cars and perform some community service to make up for the resources spent searching for him.

•a neighbor complained about a man hitting his head and yelling about wanting to harm himself on Jefferson Terrace.

•dispute between juvenile neighbors on Springbrook Ct.

•a man said his wallet and medications were stolen from his vehicle on Gordon St.

•a bird valued at $1,700 was stolen from the Pendergrass Flea Market. The thief later returned and his father paid for the bird.

•dispute between neighbors on Silver Bell Rd.

•a woman visited the police department to report the father of her teenage daughter being emotionally abusive to the teen. She played a recording of the father allegedly telling the daughter she ruined his life.

•complaints of a vehicle driving too quickly in the RaceTrac parking lot and almost hitting children.

•two men argued over a parking spot at Kroger on Old Pendergrass Rd.

•a man on Mountain View Dr. complained about a man and woman stealing from a residence he owns. The couple claimed their boss allows them to take items that are going to be trashed from residences they are renovating, but the homeowner said the group was fired and he wanted the couple criminally trespassed.

•rear-end accident on an I-85 off-ramp where one driver involved left the scene.

•vehicle accident with deer on Hwy. 129 and Washington St.

•a vehicle T-boned a tractor trailer at the intersection of Hwy. 129 and Concord Rd. The vehicle did slow down enough to prevent a serious accident. Both drivers claimed the other ran a red light.

•a driver on Hwy. 129 accepted fault for an accident at the intersection with John B. Brooks Rd. The driver said he was behind two vehicles set to turn right onto Hwy. 129, but the lead vehicle did not turn when traffic cleared. The man said he drove off-road around the vehicles in an attempt to turn right, but the lead vehicle turned at the same time causing a collision.

•multiple, separate rear-end accidents in turn lanes on Hog Mountain Rd. and Hwy. 129.

•collision between two tractor trailers on an I-85 off-ramp.


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