Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently met a woman at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center who may have been sexually assaulted.

The woman said she went on a date with a man in Athens and when the date ended, he called her an Uber to take her to a residence on Chandler Bridge Rd. The woman said she woke up two days later and her legs and abdomen were sore. The woman had bruises and scratches on her legs, abdomen and neck.

The deputy dropped the woman off at the Family Protection Center in Athens for an exam.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Athens/South Jackson were:

•dispute between neighbors on Rosewood Rd. One neighbor has free roaming chickens and has complained about some going missing or being killed by the other’s dog.

•complaints of a suspicious woman walking on Jefferson Rd. holding a knife. The woman claimed the knife was for protection because she was walking alone after leaving her residence because of an argument with her boyfriend.

•dispute between a woman and her landlord on New Kings Bridge Rd. The woman claimed the landlord touched her inappropriately and started an argument with her. The landlord denied the accusations and he claimed the woman has a drug problem.

•responded to Providence Rd. where a man reportedly wanted to harm himself. The man and his wife denied the reports and claimed the complainant was upset because they did not let her take their child home with her.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident on Hwy. 330.

•assisted the GSP with a two-vehicle accident on Hwy. 441.

•welfare check on a man on Crooked Creek Rd. who hadn’t responded to his son’s phone calls. The man was found living in a camper in disarray. He claimed he didn’t need help.


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