A woman on Allen Rd. recently contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office complaining about an assault.

The woman said a man punched her in the face at his residence and threatened to kill her with a baseball bat. However, the woman didn’t have any physical evidence to prove she was assaulted.

The man said he did not assault her, but did admit to pushing her when she was getting close to him.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•a woman on Hwy. 82 complained about her son bringing people to her residence.

•a woman on White Hill School Rd. said her father with dementia was naked in his vehicle. A deputy assisted the man back into his residence.

•vehicle accident into a ditch on Hwy. 82.

•made contact with a man on Erastus Church Rd. who was unresponsive, but breathing.

•complaints of a dog barking on Boogies Run.

•dispute between a couple on Traynham Rd. where a man broke up with his girlfriend and she reportedly became angry and began beating on his door and “cursing” at him.

•a man on White Hill School Rd. complained about finding vehicle tracks leading to the back of his property.

•a man reported his vehicle stolen from Sheep Pasture Rd. The vehicle was being repossessed, but a wrecker unaffiliated with the company repoing the vehicle took the vehicle.

•an elderly man was found lying on his back in the woods on Hwy. 82. A nearby resident assisted the man by giving him water until his caretakers arrived.

•a woman on Apple Valley Rd. said her autistic child attempted to open the vehicle door while she was driving.

•a woman on W.L. Williams Rd. reported her cousin missing from a residence she let him live at. The cousin was living with the complainant, but she made him leave after catching him using methamphetamine.

•a man on Brockton Loop complained about his estranged wife leaving the state with their two children and her child. The wife denied wanting to leave the state and was staying with another couple.


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