Jefferson Police Department officers met a woman in an emergency room at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville who said she “faked” a stroke so EMS would take her.

The officer noticed her eye was bleeding and she had bruises on her face and hands. She claimed her boyfriend had been beating her for several days. She said the boyfriend had broke her arm in the past and she needed plates in her arm. She claimed she didn’t report the assault because she was scared her boyfriend would kill her.

Before the ambulance arrived, the boyfriend allegedly told the woman he would “slit her throat” if she was lying about the stroke.

He arrived at the hospital while an officer was meeting with the woman. Dispatch requested Gainesville Police Department officers, but the boyfriend left before they arrived.


A Jefferson Middle School student recently brought a knife to school for “protection.”

Another student told their teacher that the female student had a knife. The teacher walked the child to the front office where administrators found a four-inch blade and three vape pens. The girl said another student threatened to beat her up on social media so she brought the knife for protection.

Because the student had never been in trouble, no charges were made and she was suspended for 10 days.


Arrests recently made by the Jefferson PD were:

•Jorge Alvarez, 18, 62 Julfton St., Houston, Tex. – driving without a license.

•James Harrison, 35, 4668 Jefferson River Rd., Jefferson – criminal trespass and obstruction of law enforcement officers.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•a woman on Cobb St. said she saw a man run past her residence on her outdoor cameras holding something. The woman didn't notice anything missing from her property.

•complaints of a man inside a woman’s restroom on Hwy. 129. The man was identified as an employee and the man admitted to taking methamphetamine recently.

•a woman on Borders St. said she paid a man upfront $40 to do yard work but the man never arrived.

•a tractor trailer got stuck under an overhang on Valentine Industrial Blvd.

•a woman on MLK Jr. Dr. said her vehicle was towed in 2013 and the company who towed the vehicle allegedly had her drivers license hanging on their wall since then. The woman’s friend found a Facebook post displaying the license.

•a woman on Pine St. complained about the father of her child coming to her apartment to harass her. The father was criminally trespassed from the Pine St. apartment complex.

•a woman on Holly Springs Rd. reported her vehicle was hit by another vehicle while parked.

•an employee at UHaul on Epps St. reported the recovery of two stolen trucks.

•an employee at Family Dollar on Washington St. caught a woman shoplifting and retrieved the stolen items.

•a woman on Manchester Ln. noticed fraudulent charges on her credit card before discovering the card was missing.

•a man on Peachtree Rd. said his toddler son ingested one of his medications.

•a man on North Holland Dr. complained about homeless people sleeping in tents in the woods on his property. One of them was criminally trespassed and the other wasn’t on the scene.

•an employee at Family Dollar on Washington St. said a man tried to pay for items with four counterfeit $20 bills.

•a man on Wood Duck Point said his son threatened to assault his daughter.

•rear-end accident at a red light on Hwy. 129.

•multiple rear-end accidents in a turning lane on the I-85 off ramp on Hwy. 129.

•rear-end accident at a red light at the intersection of Hwy. 129 and Old Pendergrass Rd.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Hwy. 15.

•a vehicle pulling away from Jett Roberts Rd. failed to yield and struck a vehicle on Dry Pond Rd.

•a vehicle backed up at an intersection on Hwy. 129 and struck the front of another vehicle.

•a vehicle merged onto I-85 without yielding and side-swiped another vehicle.

•a vehicle in the left lane on Hwy. 129 attempted to change lanes and struck the front of another vehicle.

•a vehicle failed to yield leaving the Circle K gas station and struck an oncoming vehicle on Dry Pond Rd.

•a vehicle on Hwy. 129 was unable to stop for traffic and side swiped another vehicle.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Jett Roberts Rd.


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