Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently responded to a dispute on Roquemore Rd. between a divorced couple. The ex-wife allegedly slapped her ex-husband, but because of her broken leg, the Jackson County Jail refused to accept her.

The argument reportedly was over the ex-husband’s infidelity. The ex-husband said the ex-wife slapped him in the face and on the chest several times. He had visible red marks on his chest. The ex-wife admitted to hitting him.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Athens/South Jackson were:

•a woman on Spencer Way said a caller posing as a representative from her bank scammed her into sharing account information. She learned of the scam after finding a fraudulent $70 purchase on her checking account.

•a driver on Hwy. 330 complained about another driver showing his middle finger to him.

•vehicle accident with a tree on Crooked Creek Rd. The driver was OK and the vehicle only received minor damage. The driver said he struck the tree when he thought another vehicle was going to hit him.

•a landlord on Old Commerce Rd. said she found green paint and vulgar writing inside one of her rental properties.

•an elderly man was found driving on the wrong side of Hwy. 129, but he pulled into a convenience store where he met deputies.

•a man on Hwy. 334 complained about a dog coming onto his property and he said he was scared of the dog possibly having Coronavirus.

•assisted EMS on Archer Grove Rd. with a man who was choking on water. The man later passed away at a hospital. A woman at the residence said the man complained about chest pains and decided to drink some water. A few moments later, the woman said she heard him choking and called 911.

•a neighbor complained about a couple arguing on Commerce Rd.

•a property manager on Fuller Rd. complained about a vehicle driving on the grass.

•a teen on Providence Rd. reported his gun stolen. The gun was later returned. He believes a friend took the gun because he found it after he told the friend he reported it stolen.

•a woman on Crooked Creek Rd. complained about her cousin threatening her. She said the cousin is of poor mental health.


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