Jefferson Police Department officers recently responded to complaints of an assault on Johnson St.

A woman was found bleeding from her head. She said she was assaulted by her son and his girlfriend during an argument. She said her son tased her while the girlfriend punched her in the head.

The couple was gone when police arrived. Another woman on the scene didn’t witness the incident, but said she was on the phone with the complainant and heard a struggle in the background.


Arrests made recently by the Jefferson PD were:

•Philip Appleby, 50, 220 Clay Dr., Jefferson – simple assault.

•Brandon Patron Robinson, 35, 39 Pipeline Dr., Athens – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•dispute between a man and his girlfriend’s son on Grand Oaks Dr.

•a man on Washington St. reported threats of assault by his roommate.

•dispute between roommates on Lynn Ave.

•a man noticed his vehicle damaged on Old Pendergrass Dr.

•a man reported his vehicle stolen from Horace Head Rd. Three firearms and a computer were in the vehicle.

•a woman was found dead at a residence.

•a woman at the Pendergrass Flea Market said a man touched her on her butt. The man claimed it was an accident and security footage proved his story.

•complaints of a woman screaming for help inside a vehicle on Lee St. The woman ran out of the vehicle and the driver chased her on foot.

•vehicle accident with a parked vehicle on Gordon St.

•rear-end accident in a turning lane on Old Pendergrass Rd.


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