Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputies recently went to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center to meet a woman who was allegedly assaulted by her step-brother at their residence on Chandler Bridge Rd.

The woman said she made a comment to the step-brother about him eating the last portion of a meal and that reportedly made him mad. The woman said he hit her in the head above her eye and she was knocked unconscious. She said she didn’t wake up until she got to the hospital.

The woman’s step-father took her to the hospital. He said he heard the argument, but didn’t witness an assault. Deputies went to the residence, but did not find the step-brother.


A woman on Cabin Creek Rd. complained to JCSO deputies about a suspicious neighbor claiming he was looking for a dog. Other neighbors had the same complaint as the woman.

The woman said the man came to her back door and asked if she had seen his dog. The woman told him no and said the man asked her if anyone else was in the house. When he asked, she said she closed and locked the door.

The woman said on an earlier date, a friend was house-sitting for her and the man came by asking about his dog. On that incident, the man reportedly demanded the friend let him inside. In another incident, the woman said she heard someone under her front porch when her children were walking to the school bus. When she went inside, she heard someone yell, “why did you go over there? Are you crazy.”

The man denied the allegations when he was served a criminal trespass warning.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson were:

•a man on Fletcher Dr. wanted another man to leave his residence.

•a woman on Little Valley Church Rd. complained about a man harassing her for money. She said she bought an item from him on Facebook marketplace and agreed to pay for the item later, now the man has been messaging her asking for payment.

•two men checked on a residence they own on New Kings Bridge Rd. and found a man behind the residence. They also found tools to make them believe the man was trying to strip wires.

•found damage inside the men’s and women’s restrooms at East Jackson Park. The soap and towel dispensers were found torn off the wall and thrown on the ground.

•assisted the fire department with a fire behind a residence on Samford Rd.

•complaints of suspicious vehicles at a vacant residence on Old Athens Dr. The vehicles belonged to a woman moving into the residence and friends helping her move in.

•a woman on Wages Bridge Rd. said a man pushed her into a puddle of mud. The man and two witnesses denied seeing the man push her.

•a woman on Christian Rd. complained about a man refusing to let her leave. The woman said the man was driving her to his residence where her vehicle was parked, but they were arguing and he allegedly ran stop signs and took a slower route home. When they arrived at the residence, she left in her vehicle. The man denied becoming angry at the woman and refusing to let her leave.

•recovered a stolen vehicle on Lakeview Dr.


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