Commerce Middle School recently honored its September Students of the Month. Recipients were selected by their teachers for this honor.

"They were chosen by each grade level subject area teacher for a wide variety of individualized reasons such as; being a highly engaged and enthusiastic learner, doing outstanding classwork, putting extra time and effort into computer program lessons, showing tenacity with difficult concepts, going out of their way to be respectful towards peers and staff, having a great attitude and enthusiasm for learning, and acting as positive role models throughout this past month," school leaders said.

Those honored were:

5th Grade

  • English Language Arts — Anaya Cook
  • Math — Erick Haro
  • Social Studies — Daniel Wood
  • Science — Eve Ferguson
  • Enrichment — Bryson Atkinson

6th Grade

  • English Language Arts — Christian Byrom
  • Math — Caleb Atkinson
  • Social Studies — Madelyn Shirley
  • Science — Finley Dudish
  • Enrichment — Tony Perlera

7th Grade

  • English Language Arts — Lanie Patrick
  • Math — Hayes Hutto
  • Social Studies — Annelise Bell
  • Science — Kimsey Lord
  • Enrichment — Maria Garland

8th Grade

  • English Language Arts — Saxton Cotrell
  • Math — Sarah English
  • Social Studies — Emily Anderson
  • Science — Frankie Robertson
  • Enrichment — Emily Dobra


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