Georgia State University recently announced the following were named to the president's list:

  • Alyssa Baker of Jefferson
  • Alexis Henderson of Hoschton
  • Constance Shelton of Jefferson
  • Derrick Villalba of Hoschton
  • Elaina Bristol of Braselton
  • Ella Simm of Braselton
  • Francine Ichim of Hoschton
  • Gloria Cudd of Braselton
  • Hakeeyia Green of Hoschton
  • Jerald Achaibar of Jefferson
  • Kaylee Baum of Maysville
  • Katie Burkholder of Braselton
  • Katherine French of Braselton
  • Kristen Brown of Hoschton
  • Madeline Alderman of Hoschton
  • Marissa Dutton of Braselton
  • Maritza Martinez of Hoschton
  • Molly Pass of Braselton
  • Micayla St.Aude of Hoschton
  • Noah Kitchens of Braselton
  • Narah Landress of Athens
  • Quinten Hansen of Jefferson
  • Savannah Martin of Hoschton
  • Valeria Diaz of Pendergrass

To be eligible for the president's Llst, degree-seeking students must have earned a GPA of at least 4.0 for a minimum of nine semester hours of academic credit taken at Georgia State during the fall or spring term with no incompletes for the semester. Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all classes taken at Georgia State.


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