Georgia State University has named outstanding students to the fall 2020 semester dean's list.

To be eligible for the dean's list, degree-seeking students must have earned a GPA of at least 3.5 for a minimum of nine semester hours of academic credit taken at Georgia State during the fall or spring term with no incompletes for the semester. Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all classes taken at Georgia State.

Students from your coverage area include:

  • Chelsea Martin of Braselton, studying English
  • Josette Sanchez of Jefferson, studying business economics
  • William Russell of Nicholson, studying exploratory
  • Ashtyn Vickers of Hoschton, studying pre-psychology
  • Alexis Henderson of Hoschton, studying political science
  • Caroline Youngblood of Hoschton, studying studio
  • Emmeline Bolling of Braselton, studying journalism
  • Katherine Dimassi of Braselton, studying biological science
  • Vanessa Silis of Athens, studying elementary education
  • Micayla St.Aude of Hoschton, studying film and media
  • Kate Dryden of Hoschton, studying German
  • Holly Hughes of Hoschton, studying managerial sciences
  • Constance Shelton of Jefferson, studying pre-computer science
  • Emily Perry of Hoschton, studying general studies
  • Jessica Martinez of Hoschton, studying exploratory
  • Valeria Diaz of Pendergrass, studying chemistry
  • Peter Ly of Jefferson, studying sports administration
  • Noah Kitchens of Braselton, studying film and media
  • Fabia Sanchez of Athens, studying public policy
  • Alyssa Baker of Jefferson, studying sociology
  • Kristen Blais of Hoschton, studying biological science
  • Nicole Arevalo of Braselton, studying psychology
  • Macy Banks of Homer, studying exploratory
  • Nicholas Mangino of Pendergrass, studying finance
  • Kyarelis Alvarado Ortiz of Hoschton, studying journalism
  • Tyler Moore of Braselton, studying biological science
  • Shaili Sanikapally of Hoschton, studying film and media
  • Kristen Brown of Hoschton, studying interdisciplinary studies
  • Quinten Hansen of jefferson, studying music
  • Jasmine Jimenez of Athens, studying psychology


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