The Jackson County Board of Education recently approved the following personnel actions:

New Hires

Eva Bagwell, Bus Driver, System

Tiesha Barnett, Bus Driver, System

Sherrard Brantley, Special Education Teacher, JCCHS

Carlie Brooks, 5th Grade Teacher, SJES

Michelle Jamison, Media Paraprofessional, EJES

Shelton Kendrix, Kindergarten Paraprofessional, GSES

James Osburn, Bus Driver, System

Ryleigh Palmer, Kindergarten Paraprofessional, SJES

Kelsey Stephens, Kindergarten Paraprofessional, SJES


Jackson Blankenship, Technology Specialist, WJMS to SJES (effective FY21)

Michelle Bowen, Department Secretary, System to Executive Secretary, System

Emily Davis, Kindergarten Teacher, WJES to EIP Teacher (50%) & ESOL Teacher (50%), WJES

Michael Conley, Teacher (75%), EJCHS to Teacher (49%), EJCHS (effective 9/2020)

Roger Edmonds, Social Studies Teacher (100%), EJCHS to Social Studies Teacher (49%), EJCHS (effective 9/2020)

Sheena Grizzle, Special Education Paraprofessional, SJES to Kindergarten Paraprofessional, SJES (FY21)

Tammy Looney, Technology Specialist,SJES to EJCHS (effective FY21)

Heather Mann, Custodian, EJCHS to EJES

Gary Mintier, Special Education Teacher, JCCHS to PE Teacher, JCCHS

Tomas Sitton, Social Studies Teacher (100%), EJCHS to Social Studies Teacher (49%), EJCHS (effective 9/2020)

Stacey Vandiver, Media Paraprofessional, EJES to Bookkeeper (220 days), EJES

Rita Worley, Special Education Paraprofessional, SJES to PE Paraprofessional, SJES (FY21)


Rodney Amburn, Bus Driver, System

Ty B aumgardner, PE Teacher, JCCHS

Jennifer Bogdanich, English Teacher, JCCHS

Rachel Ciavarro, Bus Driver, System

Lori Evans, EIP Teacher (49%), MES

Carol Ford, Special Education Paraprofessional, EJMS

Anthony Harris, Bus Driver, System

Joy McCollum, Bus Driver, System

Amanda West, Paraprofessional, GSES


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