JHS AFJROTC wins southeast region meet

The Jefferson High School AFJROTC Dragon group is shown after winning the Southeast Regional Drill Meet. Pictured are: (kneeling, L-R) Nathan Trulove, Malachi Fabre, Xavier Glasper, Landon Gilbert, Zayne Hiott, Jacob Johnston, Jillian Monjure, Clara Stump, Hannah Burch, Ashley Bradley, Brady Parham, Connor Harness, Connor Romines, Marianne Gagliano and Katia Cervantes; and (standing, L-R) Michael Ballman, Sara Free, Keegan Wilborn, Nicholas Farley, Jessie Nash, Stephen Claghorn, Bryson Mize, Matthew Johnston, Luke Her, Anna Free, Natalie Wortham, Ethan Rhea, Eli Spagnuolo, Marcos Santana, Ashton Waldrop, Kasey Garrison, Chloe Hood, Hannah Pruitt, Aubrey Meyer, Franchessca Walleen, Addison Blocker and Shelby Love.

The Jefferson High School Dragon Drill team recently brought home multiple trophies from the Southeast Regional Drill Meet in Tifton after competing against teams from Florida and Georgia.

Included in their winnings, the JHS AFJROTC won six of eight categories and earned four Outstanding Commander trophies. In order to do so, “The cadets had to maintain their snap and precision the entire day,” JHS’s Chief Budell Willis said.

The Dragons competed in the armed and unarmed divisions where they won three of the four categories and were awarded the division championship. The team placed in exhibition, regulation, inspection and color guard.

In the unarmed exhibition drill, JHS student, Hannah Pruitt, led her team to a first place finish and captured the top commander trophy in the category. In regulation drill and inspection, Jillian Monjure led her team to first place in both categories and received the top commander honor for her performance in regulation. The unarmed color guard team, led by Clara Stump, placed third out of 17 teams.

Mirroring their unarmed division wins, the Dragons also won three of four categories in the armed division and secured their title as division champions.

Brady Parham, JHS student and the cadet deputy group commander, led the inspection and regulation teams to first place and he was honored top commander in the armed regulation category. Landon Gilbert, who led his team to first place in exhibition, also received the title as top commander. In the armed color guard category, the Dragons took fifth place out of 17 teams.

“Practicing just as if it were a competition really helped our focus,” Parham said.

The Dragon Drill team, also named the 2018 Southeast Regional Drill Meet Champions, has ranked among the most elite teams for the past several years.


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