Kennesaw State University congratulates the more than 7,300 Owls named to the university's dean's list, which recognizes students for their academic achievement during the fall 2021 semester. Undergraduate students enrolled in at least nine credit hours and with a grade point average of at least 3.5 were named to the list.

The dean's list honorees include the following Kennesaw State students from the area:

  • Andrew Sewell of Commerce
  • Denny Mannakulathil of Athens
  • Nicholas Alford of Jefferson
  • Paige Terhune of Jefferson
  • Jesse Davis of Hoschton
  • Cady Hamby of Hoschton
  • Mark Hernandez of Hoschton
  • Brandon Damaska of Jefferson
  • Lily Bui of Braselton
  • Sabrina Escobar of Hoschton
  • Nicholas Chmiel of Jefferson
  • Madelyn Souther of Hoschton
  • Sarah Carter of Hoschton
  • Erynn Culbreath of Athens
  • Alexandra Williamson of Hoschton
  • Conner Woodham of Hoschton
  • Augusta Haughaboo of Jefferson
  • Gracie Kenerly of Hoschton
  • Eduardo Martinez of Jefferson
  • Noah Sollenberger of Hoschton
  • Joceline Zavala Diaz of Nicholson
  • Leah Marsh of Hoschton
  • Lillianna Blackstock of Jefferson
  • Brooks Beddow of Jefferson
  • Raegan Zaenglein of Hoschton
  • Kimberly Robinson of Nicholson
  • Zachary Gates of Braselton
  • Christopher Dennis of Braselton
  • Autumn Graham of Braselton
  • Nicholas Kline of Braselton
  • Destinie Martin of Commerce
  • Meghan Caldwell-Long of Braselton
  • Lauren Casheba of Hoschton
  • Camren Hardy of Jefferson
  • Nha Xiong of Hoschton
  • Emma Frechette of Hoschton
  • Quinton King of Hoschton
  • Shamiya Johnson of Jefferson
  • Jameson Wall of Jefferson
  • Claire McCarty of Hoschton
  • Jeanece Smith of Commerce
  • Juan Mora of Hoschton
  • Gerardo De Avila of Braselton
  • Wesley Rigdon of Jefferson
  • Joseph Umans of Hoschton
  • Jackson Fuller of Athens
  • Harsh Patel of Jefferson
  • Emily Parker of Jefferson
  • Naomi Sims of Hoschton
  • Elizabeth Deyette of Jefferson
  • Camille Castillo-Stickney of Athens
  • Kasey Martinez of Hoschton
  • Mateusz Rzepka of Commerce
  • Brantley Virgilio of Hoschton
  • Sarah Manahan of Hoschton
  • William Steele of Jefferson
  • Aaron Attipoe of Athens
  • Kyle Maxwell of Hoschton


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