Kennesaw State University recently named students to the president's list in recognition of their academic excellence for the fall 2020 semester. To achieve this honor, each undergraduate student must have completed at least 9 semester hours with a term grade point average of 4.0.

Locals named to the list were:

  • Emily Donnelly of Hoschton
  • Alexandra May of Hoschton
  • Ashlyn Standard of Jefferson
  • Jessica Vaca of Hoschton
  • Angelly Ojasmar of Athens
  • Shrey Patel of Commerce
  • Lucas Ferreira of Hoschton
  • Joel Bell of Braselton
  • Katelyn Buell of Commerce
  • Brenden Riser of Braselton
  • Shallom Alanemech of Hoschton
  • Albert Andersen of Braselton
  • Joshua Dodd of Maysville
  • Matthew Lingerfelt of Talmo
  • Michael Pressley of Commerce
  • Noah Sollenberger of Hoschton
  • Re'gine Cook of Hoschton
  • Kaitlyn Howell of Hoschton
  • Ayla Jones of Talmo
  • Gracie Kenerly of Hoschton
  • Alexandra Norman of Braselton
  • Owen Parker of Jefferson
  • Isabella Giordano of Hoschton
  • Andrew Sewell of Commerce
  • Hannah Coker of Jefferson
  • Samantha Floyd of Hoschton
  • Peter Gudz of Jefferson
  • Chandler Moore of Braselton
  • Payton Myers of Hoschton
  • Madeline Rooks of Hoschton
  • Laurel Swafford of Jefferson
  • Luke Yang of Commerce
  • Raegan Zaenglein of Hoschton


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