Kennesaw State University has named more than 5,100 students to the president's list in recognition of their academic excellence for the fall 2021 semester. To achieve this honor, each undergraduate student must have completed at least nine semester hours with a term grade point average of 4.0.

The president's list honorees include the following Kennesaw State students from the area:

  • Ross Dunsire of Braselton
  • Matthew Lingerfelt of Talmo
  • Roger Tate of Jefferson
  • Brianna Grubbs of Hoschton
  • Alexandra May of Hoschton
  • Ashlyn Standard of Jefferson
  • Madison Mitchell of Jefferson
  • Emily Donnelly of Hoschton
  • Rachel Hendrickson of Jefferson
  • Hannah Coker of Jefferson
  • Renae Sheldon of Commerce
  • Isabella Giordano of Hoschton
  • Ansley Favara of Hoschton
  • Mackenzie McDonald of Jefferson
  • Zharia Smith of Athens
  • Eric Zhu of Hoschton
  • Matthew McCrory of Hoschton
  • Shrey Patel of Commerce
  • Laurel Swafford of Jefferson
  • Katelyn Buell of Commerce
  • Thomas Diaconescu of Hoschton
  • Luke Yang of Commerce
  • Samantha Floyd of Hoschton
  • Isabella Webb of Hoschton
  • Jared Brand of Hoschton
  • Michela Patterson of Hoschton
  • Emily Davy of Jefferson
  • Madison Miller of Jefferson
  • Reagan Bewley of Jefferson
  • Emily Fancher of Jefferson
  • Lauren Henderson of Hoschton
  • Austin Bell of Pendergrass
  • Nicholas Bell of Pendergrass
  • Georgia McDuffie of Hoschton
  • Shivang Patel of Jefferson
  • Charles Kantz of Commerce


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