Kennesaw State University recently announced more than 6,300 students were named to the fall 2019 dean's list. Students enrolled in at least 9 credit hours and with a grade point average of at least 3.5 were named to the list.

Area students named to the list were:

  • Brianna Grubbs of Hoschton.
  • Andrew Sewell of Commerce.
  • Chloe Thayer of Braselton.
  • Noah Avrett of Hoschton.
  • Chandler Saine of Hoschton.
  • Savannah Glover of Hoschton.
  • Caroline Anthony of Hoschton.
  • Lillianna Blackstock of Jefferson.
  • Andrew Reichart of Hoschton.
  • Mark Hernandez of Hoschton.
  • Augusta Haughaboo of Jefferson.
  • Salina Shanks of Pendergrass.
  • Kaleigh Davidson of Hoschton.
  • Elora Rozon of Hoschton.
  • Kayla Fleming of Braselton.
  • Joel Bell of Braselton.
  • Jacob Poole of Hoschton.
  • Brendan Driscoll of Hoschton.
  • John Finkenbinder of Braselton.
  • Yuriy Onufriychuk of Hoschton.
  • Michael Pressley of Commerce.
  • Mauricio Castro of Hoschton.
  • Myles Plemmons of Braselton.
  • Connor Reynolds of Braselton.
  • Lawrence Cangelosi of Hoschton.
  • Jessica Bowler of Braselton.
  • Sarah Carter of Hoschton.
  • Gracie Kenerly of Hoschton.
  • Mackenzie McDonald of Jefferson.
  • Alexa Waldrep of Hoschton.
  • Kelsey Brooks of Hoschton.
  • Sabrina Escobar of Hoschton.
  • Landrie Benson of Pendergrass.
  • Alyssa Craig of Braselton.
  • Arrica Wynn of Hoschton.
  • Avery Johnson of Hoschton.
  • Shou Moua of Pendergrass.
  • Chiara Pate of Jefferson.
  • Jordan Scott of Commerce.
  • Elizabeth Brumley of Braselton.
  • Chloe Roney of Jefferson.
  • Caryn Achaibar of Hoschton.
  • Lauren Hahn of Hoschton.
  • Maci Thomas of Athens.
  • Audrey Elrod of Nicholson.


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