Donna Mayo

Donna Mayo

Donna Mayo, a junior softball player at Emmanual College, was recently accepted for an internship with  The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) Capital Semester Spring Program — Leadership and the American Presidency. Mayo is from Commerce.

Robert Fulton sends out an application for the program to all pre-law juniors and seniors at Emmanual each year. Mayo was the first student to apply.

"I applied because it wasn't something I could pass up at least trying for. Plus, for anyone that wants to be in government or law, Washington, D.C., is the place to be" said Mayo.

The program is a culmination of credit hours taken at George Mason University, briefings, and a government internship that will run the course of the spring semester, according to a school news release. According to Mayo, the internship options range from government agencies such as the CIA or Department of Education to nonprofit agencies that offer valuable experience.

"In my life, I see myself, at some point, getting into politics down the road. This program will help me not only later on if I do go into politics, but also with the beginning of my life as I want to go into the Navy or Air Force," she added.

As a softball player at Emmanuel, Mayo has spoken with and will be working with Coach Fagan in order to continue to be a participant on the team during her tenure in D.C.

The internship is competitive and features applicants from all around the nation and, in some cases, around the globe.

"Overall, I got invested in the program for multiple different factors that all fed into one another. It will definitely be an experience like no other," said Mayo.


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