Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) awarded four middle schools in Jackson County a total of $11,628 in Bright Ideas grants to fund seven innovative classroom projects.

Award winners included:

Commerce Middle School

  • Lydia Peterman - $2,000 grant to fund the “No Red Ink Writing” program for her English Language Arts students.

East Jackson Middle School

  • Michael Shawler - $1,600 grant to fund his “Robotics: Building for the Future” project that teaches coding and programming for real-world problem solving.

Jefferson Middle School

  • Sheila House - $2,000 grant to purchase a Lego Boost Creative Tool Box, which students will use for an engineering design program.

West Jackson Middle School

  • Meg Barber - $1,097 grant to fund her “Adaptive Printing for Special Ed Students” project where students will use CAD design technology to design and print assistive tools for students with special needs.
  • Ka Charand - $1,526 grant to fund “Who Killed Jumpy?” a murder mystery frog dissection project.
  • Dana Harrell - $1,995 grant to fund her “Music Makes the World Go Round” program that is country and culture-specific to each grade level social studies curriculum.
  • Laura Miller - $1,410 grant to fund “Podcasting Through Africa & Asia” that connects the seventh grade social studies standards to new media skills.

In 2021, Jackson EMC awarded a total of $61,161 in Bright Ideas grants to 39 teachers in 22 middle schools across its service area.

The grant program awards up to $2,000 annually to middle school teachers in Jackson EMC’s service area to fund innovative classroom projects that would go unfunded otherwise. Applications were evaluated on measurable goals and objectives, innovation, student involvement and implementation plans.

For more information on the Jackson EMC Bright Ideas grant program, visit jacksonemc.com/brightideas.com.


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